Hi Tina, it’s not true for everyone… but it’s true for A LOT of women...

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Hi Tina, 

What I’m about to share with you makes me unpopular with folks. I expect some of you might even send me an angry reply…

And that’s OK. Because what matters most to me isn’t that you like me (or that you like everything I say). 

What matters is you discover what’s holding you back… you find out how to bust through a weight loss plateau… and you get to a place where your body feels AWESOME.

Because when you start a keto diet, you expect to lose weight. Or at least you expect NOT to gain unwanted weight…

So when you’re happily rolling along droppin’ pounds and suddenly you hit a brick wall…

And the number on the scale stalls…

And the too-tight jeans stay too tight…

At first you might feel OK about it. Then a week goes by and there’s still no change. 

Now you’re frustrated and uneasy….

Another week and you’re throwing your hands up... making angry faces at the scale… changing the battery just to be sure that stupid thing is working… stripping down to your skivvies… all to try and get that needle to move…

 ...but it won’t budge. 

How long before you throw in the towel? How much time before you say ‘screw it, I’m havin’ a doughnut (or three)?

That’s why I have to tell you the truth - even though you might not like it.

The culprit behind that “weight loss brick wall” might very well be something you know and love and trust. Something that most keto-ers will tell you is a staple - an essential must-have for a keto diet.

I’m talking about dairy. Heavy cream, cream cheese, cheese sticks, fat head pizza, buttery bulletproof coffee…the list goes on.

Before you start typing out that ALL CAPS email defending your favorite keto treat, hear me out.

This isn’t just my opinion, based on my own experience. 

According to FoodIntol.com…

Three in four of all people - 75% - are intolerant to dairy foods like milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream. The vast majority [of dairy-intolerant people] are unaware. 

A dairy sensitivity can easily fly under the radar. 

It doesn’t always show up as cramping and GI distress or nausea or any of the other ways we expect a food allergy to rear its head. 

Sometimes you don’t know until you cut it out and discover how much better you feel.  

Or how much faster the weight drops.

So, if you’re worried about a weight loss stall, but you’re afraid to cut out dairy... 

Or you’re wondering ‘how can anyone can hope to be keto without dairy’...

Watch this quick video. 

I’ll give you the low-down on dairy sensitivity, help you decide if you can benefit from a dairy-free keto life, and show you easy ways to replace dairy in your fave recipes without skipping a beat. Seriously. You won’t even miss it.  

Not everyone has to be dairy-free. You might find out you’re one o’ the lucky few. But you’re committed to your health and you owe it to yourself to find out.

There’s nothing to lose one way or the other (except those stubborn extra pounds) and a whole lot to gain - like total peace of mind and a happier body.

So check out the video

Comin’ your way next time -  a grab bag of tried and true recipes guaranteed to keep you motivated!

Until then…

High-fat fanatic
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