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Home and Community Care (HACC) transition
MAV Technology November Forum
Building Social Cohesion in our Communities
MAV event: Resilient Urban Communities
Opportunity to support new or existing Indigenous HACC staff or trainees
Councillor Leadership Masterclass
Meeting the needs of LGBTI HACC clients: a year on
Understanding Violence Against Women with Disabilities
2015 Grants Network Victoria Conference
StormSafe Week

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Home and Community Care (HACC) transition

On 16 September, the Victorian and Commonwealth governments signed a bi-lateral agreement on transitioning responsibilities for aged care and disability services in Victoria. The agreement includes the transfer of funding and administration of HACC services for older people to the Commonwealth Department of Social Services from 1 July 2016.

A key feature of the agreement is the commitment of both governments to ensuring that the service system is stable for a minimum three-year period, with guaranteed funding, and there will be no re-tendering of services during this period. Following persistent advocacy by the State, strongly supported by the MAV, the three-year period is now confirmed as 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2019.

Components of the Victorian scheme will be retained within or alongside the national programme, reflecting the joint commitment to retaining the current strengths of the Victorian community care system. This includes recognition of the role of local government in Victoria, expressed as a schedule to the proposed agreement in a ‘Statement of Intent’.

The MAV will continue to negotiate on councils’ behalf, to see local government recognised and included in inter-government processes for implementing and managing the changes arising from the national aged and disability reforms. The Commonwealth has confirmed with us that a request for a senior level Joint Officials Committee will be established with the State and the MAV, to support ongoing input from local government. Australian government funding for HACC services will continue to be paid to service providers (including all councils) in block funds based on unit prices – without competitive tendering for the currently distributed base funding.

Fact sheets on the bilateral agreements for the NDIS and HACC will be sent to all councils by the MAV shortly. For further information, contact Clare Hargreaves.

MAV Technology November Forum

Registrations are now open for the MAV Technology November Forum. It will be held at the RACV Club in Torquay on 6 November.

As always, the forum is free for member councils. It is not restricted to ICT officers, so if your wider team is interested in attending, they are welcome to register.

These member forums are always a great opportunity for learning, networking and hearing about what's going on in different parts of the state.

The agenda will include presentations and discussions about the VLGEP (Victorian Local Government Enablement Platform), the Maternal and Child Health System Rollout, Open Data initiatives, e-Services and the Local Government Act review.

Building Social Cohesion in our Communities

A Building Social Cohesion in our Communities online resource tool developed by the Centre for Excellence in Local Government (ACELG), was launched last week, in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission as part of its National Anti-Racism Strategy.

It provides case-studies and information about how councils can build social cohesion by being effective enablers and facilitators of collaborative partnerships and networks to drive positive change in local communities.

We were particularly pleased that the Local Government Aboriginal Employment Framework, developed by the MAV, has been highlighted as an example of how councils can act to improve social cohesion.

For further information about Aboriginal employment in local government, please contact Lidia Thorpe.

MAV event: Resilient Urban Communities

The MAV, supported by the City of Melbourne, is convening a national conference called Resilient Urban Communities: The New Global Imperative on 1 – 2 December at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

Urban Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.

Join us for an exceptional opportunity to hear from leading international and Australian professionals in the fast-evolving practice of urban resilience. The conference will explore the multi-faceted dimensions of resilience and feature outstanding case studies. With 50 per cent of the world's population currently living in cities, expected to rise to 70 per cent by 2050, how we design and manage our cities has profound implications for the livelihoods of people everywhere.

Registrations can be made online. For further information, contact John Hennessy.

Opportunity to support new or existing Indigenous HACC staff or trainees

One-off funds are being provided to councils by the Federal Department of Health and Ageing through a very simple process on a first come, first served basis. With only $11,000 remaining, the MAV are likely to support just one more council for this initiative.

The grant can be used to cover the cost of recruiting and/or training new or existing staff or trainees who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and work in council’s Home and Community Care (HACC) team. So far, Ballarat, Moorabool, Whittlesea and Hume councils have received funds. Interested councils are encouraged to discuss their ideas with Bianca Nutt on 9667 5580.

For further information, or to arrange a visit to discuss your implementation and endorsement of the framework, please email Lidia Thorpe or call 9667 5561.

Councillor Leadership Masterclass

After several years of offering Don Clayton’s Leadershift program to councillors, the MAV now offers the equivalent of a leadership master class.

This program is designed to put leadership and the Leadershift program into action. It will enable you to come away with clearer priorities to work directly on what you are doing at your council. The master class is only available for experienced councillors who want to push themselves further in their understanding of leadership and who have either:

  • Ten years of service
  • Served three terms as mayor
  • Previously attended Don Clayton’s Leadershift Program at the MAV
  • Is a participant in the Diploma of Local Government Program at the MAV.

Two sessions will be held on 30 and 31 October from 10am-4pm. Registrations can be made online.

Meeting the needs of LGBTI HACC clients: a year on

Places are filling up fast for our LGBTI Home and Community Care (HACC) Forum on 1 October.

The LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) forum is now open to HACC diversity advisers, and access and support workers, along with council HACC staff.

In the last year, significant progress has been made in councils’ capacity to support HACC clients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI).

The forum will give attendees an opportunity to reflect on their achievements, hear about other councils’ successes and challenges, share ideas and concerns, and identify priorities for the future.

It will be held from 10am-1.30pm, at the MAV office, Level 11, 60 Collins St, Melbourne. Registrations can be made online. For further information, please contact Bianca Nutt on 9667 5580.

Understanding Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Interested council staff are invited to participate in a free webinar called Understanding Violence Against Women with Disabilities on 1 October.

The webinar will include an overview of the scope and prevalence of violence against women with disability, violence against women with disability in a human rights framework, barriers to addressing violence for women with disability, and how we can best address the issues around gendered disability violence.

Presenter Samantha Connor is a woman with a disability and a passionate advocate for the rights of women with disability.

Registrations can be made online.

2015 Grants Network Victoria Conference

The 2015 Grants Network Victoria Conference will be held on 27 October from 9am-4.30pm, with the theme Working Together to Build Communities.

It provides an opportunity for local government grant seekers to learn about strategies for councils to partner with philanthropic organisations, and participate in personal and professional development sessions.

Registrations can be made online before 27 September to be eligible for an early-bird discount. For further information, contact Joel Kimber.

StormSafe Week

This year during StormSafe Week (14 – 20 September), Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is urging Victorians to get ready and make sure they know what to do to protect their property, possessions, livelihood and their lives during a storm.

In the past year, VICSES responded to almost 18,000 calls from Victorians who have suffered damage due to storms. Much of the damage was the result of leaking roofs, fallen tree limbs or loose items such as roof tiles and garden furniture becoming flying projectiles. This damage is preventable.

A recent study conducted by VICSES found that 80 per cent of Victorians believe they could be impacted by a storm in the near future however only 44 per cent believe they are adequately prepared. That is why this year, VICSES is asking: Do you know what to do?

Councils are encouraged to share information with communities.

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Upcoming MAV events...

1 October

Meeting the needs of LGBTI HACC clients - a year on

10 October

Demystifying Local Government Finance & the new Reporting Framework

16 October

Maternal and child health nurses conference


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