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Contracts in focus
Contracts access
End of contract

Planned tenders 2015
Reminder: IT Professional Services tender
Reminder: Recruitment Services tender
What’s been happening with LEAP?
MAV Procurement Training Program
SE Masters Conference
360 degree feedback: SACS Consulting

Energy efficient lighting rollouts
Best Practice Procurement Guides

Contracts in focus

Office and Workplace Supplies

MAV Procurement has recently concluded the evaluation of our new Office Supplies contract, available to councils in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. The new Office and Workplace Supplies contract (ST4412-2015) commences this month and will run for three years followed by two 12-month optional extensions.

The categories of products that are available through this contract include:

  • General Stationary & Consumables
  • Printer & IT Consumables
  • Copy Paper & Speciality Paper
  • Catering / Kitchen Consumables
  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies
  • Office Furniture.

Preferred suppliers to councils through this arrangement are as follows:

Multiple Category Providers:

  • Complete Office Supplies
  • Lyreco
  • Quick Corporate Australia
  • Staples Australia.

Specialty Providers:

  • Dezign Interiors (furniture only)
  • Gippsprint Office Choice (limited councils only)
  • Premier Paper Company (paper products only)

For further details regarding this arrangement, or to request a copy of the recommendation report, please email Paul Taylor.

Marketing and Associated Services

The current Marketing Services contract (MB8210-2015) will expire in November. The contract will be re-tendered in June, and will cover the scope of the previous contract (Advertising and Media Services) with the potential to increase the scope to include graphic design and printing services.

If your council would like to participate in the contract, please contact Rachel Ferretto.

Unaddressed Mail Services

The tender for unaddressed mail services (UM1603-2015) closed on 15 May and is currently under evaluation.

The services include the delivery of mail to residents and/or businesses in a particular geographical area without the need to include a delivery address (for example, newsletters and brochures). It is a cost effective way to deliver communication materials, without having to acquire name and address details.

For more information regarding the tender please contact Rachel Ferretto.

Call Handling and Associated Services

A preferred supplier has been selected by the tender evaluation panel for the Call Handling and Associated Services tender (CH8311-2015). If you would like a copy of the recommendation report please email Alison Hawkins.

Corporate Wardrobe

Corporate Wardrobe (NPN2.11-2) is currently in the process of tender evaluation. The existing contract expires in July, with the contract award due in June. If you have any questions regarding this contract please contact Alison Hawkins.

Contracts access

To gain access to MAV contracts please download our contracts access request form and return to

For a copy of our MAV Procurement Contract Overview Guide please contact us at

This document provides details of all current MAV Procurement contracts, including scope, contract term, suppliers, councils who participated in the tender process and the MAV contact.

End of contract

Motor Vehicles – Passenger and Light Commercial

MAV Procurement has deactivated the Motor Vehicles Passenger and Light Commercial (BUS233-1112) contract for Victorian councils. This decision was made due to the lack of value this contract provides to councils as a result of the key automotive manufacturers not participating in this tender process.

Since January 2013, the contract has only had eight RFQs raised through VendorPanel, a number of which did not receive a response from suppliers. You will no longer see this contract on your list of panels on VendorPanel.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this decision, please contact MAV Procurement.

Planned tenders 2015

MAV Procurement can confirm the following planned tenders for 2015 (please note this list is subject to change and additional tenders will be added):

  • Local Government Funding Vehicle (second issuance planned for July 2015)
  • Recruitment Services (contract to commence November 2015).

Reminder: IT Professional Services tender

This project aims to fill the gap left by the State Government's eServices panel, which no longer meets local government tendering requirements.

If you would like further information regarding this process, or have ideas or information you believe would benefit this process, please email Paul Taylor.

Reminder: Recruitment Services tender

The current MAV Procurement contract for Recruitment Services (RS8017) expires on 31 October.

MAV Procurement has commenced planning to replace this contract with a new tender RS8017-2015, to be conducted in the coming months. The steering group will come together shortly to commence work on the proposed scope.

If you would like to be updated on the development of this tender, please email Alison Hawkins.

What’s been happening with LEAP?

There are now 13 councils participating in the LEAP Program. The Procurement dashboards for seven of these councils are now ready. The MAV and ArcBlue will be running intensive LEAP workshops throughout June with Moreland, Stonnington, Bayside and Yarra councils, where their spend analysis data and capability assessment is transformed into an implementation plan for continuous improvement.

If you would like additional details regarding the program, or to arrange a demonstration at your council, contact Rachel Ferretto.

MAV Procurement Training Program

The next Procurement Contract Management Training course to run at the MAV office is our Managing Contractor OHS Course.

The course focuses on providing specific guidance to contract managers regarding their responsibilities to manage contract OHS. Aligning with all the courses in the series, Contractor OHS Management is designed to highlight the importance of OHS considerations throughout every stage of the procurement cycle.

Registrations can be made online.

With the success of our recently held Spend Analysis Essentials for Savings, Efficiencies, Compliance & Collaboration course, we are registering interest to hold another session in the next financial year. If you would like to be notified of when this course will run, please contact Zara Ahmed.

SE Masters Conference

Presented by Social Traders, the SE Masters Conference 2015 provides a unique opportunity for people interested in operating, or supporting social enterprises to benefit from sessions with Australian social enterprise award winners, and local and international guest speakers.

The program features international guest speaker Jonathan Bland, a key figure in the transformation of the social enterprise movement in the UK. The program also includes leading Australian social enterprise researchers and practitioners Professor Jo Barraket, Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University; Ingrid Burkett, Knode Consulting; and Mark Daniels, Social Traders.

As the only national conference of its type, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the collective experience and expertise of the sector, gain insights into the successes and challenges facing social enterprises, and help build the capacity of the social enterprise community in Australia.

It will be held on 3 June, 9am-4.30pm at the Melbourne Town Hall. Registrations can be made online.

360 degree feedback: SACS Consulting

Local government faces many challenges related to productivity, flexibility and community expectations. All of these challenges place increasing demands on leaders to provide effective leadership.

Increasingly, organisations are turning to tools such as 360 degree feedback to effectively measure leadership. This feedback is best practice leadership development but it needs to be managed effectively with a number of components worked out:

  • Choice of instrument: What kind of questionnaire will you use?
  • Who will see the results?
  • Who will choose the raters?
  • What happens after we get the results?

The strength of any performance development approach can be assessed by the degree to which it brings about change. Good 360 brings about big change.

SACS Consulting is launching SACS 360 software that is simpler, more flexible and more intuitive. For more information, or to trial the software, please contact Andrew Marty or Rosalyn Reed on (03) 8622 8500, or contact them via email.

Energy efficient lighting rollouts

For what seems an eternity, we’ve been reminded of the need to eliminate inefficient street lighting, in particular the old 80W mercury vapour lamp - not so long ago, there were over 350,000 in Victoria alone.

Many Victorian councils have responded by running energy efficient lighting rollout programmes, taking advantage of recent government grants and approval by Energy Distribution networks of LEDs for standard luminaires and Compact Fluorescent (CFL) technology for both standard and decorative luminaires. The focus has so far been on ‘standard’ light fittings however, there is now a push for councils to retro fit decorative street lights.

Vicpole are currently the only supplier of a decorative energy efficient street light which is approved across all Victorian Energy Distribution networks. Recently VicPole obtained Powercor approval of the Toorak 32W CFL, and a 32W retro-kit which can convert an 80W Toorak to 32W – a 60 per cent energy reduction - without compromising on the Pedestrian Lighting Standard.

Aside from obvious energy savings by switching over to efficient technologies, there are other benefits - the big one being reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and in the case of LEDs, substantially reduced maintenance costs.

The Vicpole CFL is available through the MAV Procurement Street Lighting Hardware contract (SL9311).

Best Practice Procurement Guides

MAV Procurement has established a number of informative guides and resources, including:

  • The Local Government Procurement Strategy
  • The Victorian Local Government Best Practice Guidelines
  • Model Procurement Policy
  • Templates for Contract Management Guidelines
  • Suppliers guide to doing business with local government.

Visit our website to access these documents today.

Upcoming MAV events...

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22 June

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25-26 June

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