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Procurement training
What’s happening with LEAP?
Fuel & Lubricants
ICT Professional Services & Leasing
Park and Playground Equipment
Web Content Management System (CMS)
Permanent Recruitment: stage two
Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy & Environmental Audit Services
Contract extension
Contract pricing and product update

Procurement training

The MAV Procurement Contract Management and Excellence Series has been running with great success.

Our next course is Advanced Contract Management on 7-8 June. It is designed for people managing high-risk, complex contracts, and individuals who have an intermediate level of knowledge in this area.

A large proportion of value is extracted (or lost) after the contract is awarded. Through advanced contract management you can manage risk, increase innovation, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Registrations can be made online. For further information, contact Zara Ahmed on 9667 5524.

We will be scheduling more training for the second half of the year soon. Your feedback via a survey about courses you would like delivered would be much appreciated.

What’s happening with LEAP?

There are now 24 councils involved in the LEAP Program, with Cardinia joining in April.

On 22 April the first Gippsland Regional LEAP workshop was successfully held at the Traralgon Service Centre. The workshop was attended by 21 representatives from six councils in the Gippsland region, representing a diverse background across various major spend categories of councils.

The aim of the workshop was to identify potential collaborative opportunities at a regional level, supporting the region’s strategic objectives.

As a result of the session, a LEAP Regional Plan will be developed outlining the region's specific objectives for the next 12 months, plus longer-term strategies. Ongoing support will be provided by the LEAP team in rolling out the Regional Plan; working with the Gippsland region to maintain momentum throughout the program, and ensuring continuous improvement objectives are being met.

Benefits for councils and regions participating in the MAV LEAP Program include:

  • Visibility of category and contract savings opportunities
  • Inform regional collaborative procurement projects
  • Drive shared services delivery of procurement and other core services
  • Delivery of targeted support to each council and regions to continuously improve
  • Ability to monitor compliance with policy and probity performance.

If you would like more information on the LEAP program, or to arrange an information session/demonstration at your council, contact Rachel Ferretto.

Fuel & Lubricants

A decision has been made by the National Procurement Network (NPN) members to take up the last available extension on the Fuel & Lubricants (C031-12) panel. This extension will take the expiry date to 30 September 2017.

A tender refresh was recently run and, as a result, new suppliers listed below will be made available for councils to access shortly:

  • Bulk Fuel Australia
  • Logicoil
  • Lowes Petroleum Service
  • Park Fuels
  • Wex Australia (Motorpass)

These new suppliers will be added to VendorPanel upon receipt of executed agreements.

Valvoline, who were appointed to the NPN panel as part of the initial tender but chose not to supply to Victoria, have also been added as a supply option of lubricants and are currently available in VendorPanel.

If you would like further information regarding any of the above, contact Paul Taylor.


MAV Procurement’s VMware project (VM4323-2016) is progressing with councils' indicative bundle selections now received and price acceptance forms now due.

Please ensure your price acceptance forms are returned to Paul Taylor on or before 27 May.

A request for tender will be released during the first week of June to select our administration partner for the 2016 VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA).

For further information, contact Paul Taylor.

ICT Professional Services & Leasing

The ICT Professional Services and Leasing (ES8111) panel is up and running with 16 suppliers currently available to councils. Agreements are still pending for a further four suppliers and negotiations are also ongoing with a number of others.

MAV Procurement is working to have all suppliers available to councils as soon as possible and will provide regular updates via this bulletin through to completion.

For further information, contact Paul Taylor.

Park and Playground Equipment

The Park and Playground Equipment contract (PP4924) for the provision of park, playground and fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, structures and signage, and related products/services, is expiring on 15 January 2017.

The contract will be re-tendered in June, with a view to increase the current scope. Therefore we are seeking expressions of interest for participants in the tender process and evaluation of the tender responses.

If you would like to be part of this process on behalf of Victorian councils, contact Rachel Ferretto.

Web Content Management System (CMS)

The contracts for the successful providers of a Web Content Management System (CMS) (CM4323-2015) are currently being signed. The contracts will be completed and available on VendorPanel by late-May.

If your council would like to access the contract, contact Rachel Ferretto.

Permanent Recruitment: stage two

The tender evaluation stage for Permanent Recruitment Classified (RS8017-2015PR) is currently underway.

A recommendation paper is due to be circulated by 27 May. For further information, contact Alison Hawkins on 9667 5518.

Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy & Environmental Audit Services

Finalisation of contracts for successful providers for the provision of Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy Services and Environmental Audit Services (CL7700) are almost complete.

Fifteen suppliers have been contracted to date, and are now available via VendorPanel.

To obtain a copy of the tender evaluation recommendation paper, please complete the Contracts Access Form.

For further information, contact Alison Hawkins.

Contract extension

Bill Payment Services

The contract for Bill Payment Services (BP8411) with Australia Post has been extended for an additional term of 12-months, expiring on 31 May 2017.

If your council is not currently accessing the contract but would like to, contact Rachel Ferretto.

Contract pricing and product update

Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware (luminaires and associated PE cells)

A contract pricing and product list has been updated for Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware.

To access the pricing table please refer to Vendor Panel.

For further information, contact Alison Hawkins.

Upcoming MAV events...

7 - 8 June

Advanced Contract Management training

9 June

Probity and Risk Management

23 -24 June

MAV Rural and Regional Planning Conference


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