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Save the date: Social Procurement Category Management Session
SE Masters Conference
Contract of the month
Contracts update
IT Professional Services
Planned tenders 2015
Contracts access
What’s been happening with LEAP?
MAV Procurement Training Program
Best Practice Procurement Guides
Frequently asked questions: Vendor Panel
Supplier updates

Save the date: Social Procurement Category Management Session

The next Category Management session will be held on 27 May and will focus on Social Procurement.

With guest speakers and case studies, this session will be a great opportunity for procurement and economic development professionals looking to make a difference in their local communities but are not sure where to start.

The main output of the day will be to develop and support a plan to assist councils in implementing social procurement strategies.

The session will be complimentary for LEAP participants.

SE Masters Conference

Presented by Social Traders, the SE Masters Conference 2015 provides a unique opportunity for people interested in operating, or supporting social enterprises to benefit from sessions with Australian social enterprise award winners, and local and international guest speakers.

The program features international guest speaker Jonathan Bland, a key figure in the transformation of the social enterprise movement in the UK. The program also includes leading Australian social enterprise researchers and practitioners Professor Jo Barraket, Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University; Ingrid Burkett, Knode Consulting; and Mark Daniels, Social Traders.

As the only national conference of its type, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the collective experience and expertise of the sector, gain insights into the successes and challenges facing social enterprises, and help build the capacity of the social enterprise community in Australia.

It will be held on 3 June, 9am-4.30pm at the Melbourne Town Hall. Registrations can be made online.

Contract of the month

Fuel & Lubricants (NPN031-12): Fuel card update

The MAV is pleased to announce that due to the large take up of the NPN Fuel Card Contract, BP cards have recently reached the national milestone of 10,000,000+ litres p/a being consumed through this contract. This means there is currently no card access fee for BP cards, and the maximum per litre discount now applies. This amount is reviewed every quarter and is subject to change pending on the volumes purchased during the previous quarter.

Councils are also able to access dedicated fuel cards through this arrangement from Shell, Caltex and United each having varying levels of fees and discounts.

If you would like any further information regarding the pricing or discounts available through the NPN031-12 Fuel & Lubricants arrangement, or details on how to access the contract, please email Paul Taylor.

Contracts update

Unaddressed Mail Services tender

The tender for unaddressed mail services (UM1603-2015) was advertised on 25 April and closes 15 May.

The services include the delivery of mail to residents and/or businesses in a particular geographical area without the need to include a delivery address (for example, newsletters and brochures). It is a cost effective way to deliver mail, without having to acquire name and address details.

For more information regarding the tender please contact Rachel Ferretto.

After Hours Customer Service tender

The current After Hours Customer Service contract will expire on 31 May.

The tender opened on the 15 April and will close on the 6 May. The evaluation process is scheduled for the first two weeks in May with contract commencement due on 1 June.

If you have any questions please contact Alison Hawkins.

Recruitment Services tender

The current MAV Procurement contract for Recruitment Services (RS8017) expires on 31 October.

MAV Procurement has now commenced planning to replace this contract with a new tender RS8017-2015, to be conducted in the coming months.

The proposed scope of this tender is as follows:

  • Temporary labour hire
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Neutral vendor managed service
  • Recruitment services consulting (e.g. psychometric testing, candidate shortlisting, recruitment training, entry/exit interviews, 360 feedback and performance appraisal).

The scope is subject to change based on input from councils. The MAV is looking to establish a steering group of council representatives (procurement and HR) to guide development of this tender. If you are interested in participating in the steering group and/or would like to be kept updated on the development of this tender, please confirm by emailing Alison Hawkins by COB 15 May.

Office and Workplace Supplies (ST4412-2015)

A panel of preferred suppliers has been selected by the tender evaluation panel and the recommendation report is now ready for councils to review.

If you would like a copy of the recommendation report, email Paul Taylor.

IT Professional Services

We will shortly be going out to market for IT Professional Services with a view to have this contract in place at the beginning of September.

This project aims to fill the gap left by the State Government’s eServices panel, which no longer meets local government tendering requirements. If you would like further information regarding this process, or have ideas or information you believe would be beneficial to this process, please email Paul Taylor.

Planned tenders 2015

The MAV can confirm the following planned tenders for 2015 (please note this list is subject to change and additional tenders will be added):

  • Local Government Funding Vehicle (second issuance planned for July)
  • Recruitment Services (contract to commence November)
  • Marketing Services (contract to commence November)

Contracts access

To gain access to MAV contracts please download our contracts access request form and return to

For a copy of our MAV Procurement Contract Overview Guide please contact us at

This document provides details of all current MAV Procurement contracts, including scope, contract term, suppliers, councils who participated in the tender process and the MAV contact.

What’s been happening with LEAP?

There are now 12 councils participating in the LEAP Program. The MAV and ArcBlue have presented at both the Metro and Regional CEO forums, and will be running the first intensive LEAP workshop with the City of Casey, where their spend analysis data and capability assessment is transformed into an implementation plan for continuous improvement.

Benefits for councils and regions participating in the MAV LEAP Program include:

  • Visibility of category and contract savings opportunities
  • Inform regional collaborative procurement projects
  • Driving shared services delivery of procurement and other core services
  • Delivery of targeted support to each council and regions to continuously improve
  • Ability to monitor compliance with policy and probity performance.

If you would like additional details regarding the program, contact Rachel Ferretto.

MAV Procurement Training Program

Last year our training series was attended by more than 300 council procurement staff, and ran over 28 sessions throughout the year.

Due to a shortage of registrations for this half of the year, we will be consolidating all sessions to a single day to ensure sufficient numbers to provide maximum value to participants to the following:

For enquires on in-house sessions and additional dates that will be offered later in the year please contact Zara Ahmed.

Best Practice Procurement Guides

MAV Procurement has established a number of informative guides and resources, including:

  • The Local Government Procurement Strategy
  • The Victorian Local Government Best Practice Guidelines
  • Model Procurement Policy
  • Templates for Contract Management Guidelines
  • Suppliers guide to doing business with local government.

Visit our website to access these documents today.

Frequently asked questions: Vendor Panel

A refresher on Vendor Panel: Let’s have a look at all frequently asked questions by councils regarding Vendor Panel and our contracts.

What is vendor panel?

MAV Procurement utilise an online contracts management and e-quote tool called Vendor Panel. It enables councils to log in and view contract and supplier information, and allows you to quickly and easily raise, evaluate and award quotes online. Vendor Panel also provides councils with access to supplier compliance details (e.g. insurance certificates), pricing and templates relating to our contracts.

What do I use Vendor Panel for?

Vendor Panel is used to raise a request for quote (RFQ) online. When purchasing under the following contracts, it is compulsory to raise an RFQ on Vendor Panel:

  • Earth Moving and Material Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Garbage Bins
  • Motor Vehicles - Passenger and Light Commercial
  • Park and Playground Equipment
  • Road and Bridge Making Equipment
  • Small Plant and Machinery
  • Telecommunications (Requirement for Category B, optional for Category A)
  • Truck Bodies and Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Tyres & Batteries (Bulk Purchases Only)

For others it is simply a portal where councils can see information on the contract, have access to compliance information, supplier details and contacts:

  • After Hours Call Service
  • Asphalt
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Corporate Wardrobe
  • Debt Recovery Services
  • Demographic Resources
  • Electricity
  • Fuels and Lubricants
  • Incident Management System
  • IT Policy System
  • Library Materials
  • Marketing Services
  • Microsoft Software
  • Natural Gas
  • Office Supplies
  • Records Storage and Imaging Services
  • Recruitment Services
  • Street Lighting
  • VMWare Enterprise
  • Work wear and Personal Protective Apparel

Vendor Panel is also used to obtain all contract information including expiry date, supplier contact details, category lists, price lists and compliance certificates.

How do I raise an RFQ?

If you are unfamiliar with how to raise a quote on Vendor Panel, please download our Vendor Panel user guides:

How can I register to use Vendor Panel in my council?

To register your council to access Vendor Panel please contact Zara Ahmed.

If your council already has access to Vendor Panel and you would like to be registered as a buyer, please contact your council’s account administrator to request an invite to the system. If you are unsure who the administrator is at your council, please contact Zara Ahmed.

How can I organise training for my council to use Vendor Panel?

If your council would like Vendor Panel training to be conducted at your offices, please contact our Business Relationships Manager Steve Downs.

How does my council access all contracts?

To gain access to MAV contracts please download our contracts access request form and return to

Once we have received this, a MAV Procurement staff member will update your access to contract panels. You will see a refreshed list of contracts/panels on your homepage under ‘Supplier List Access’.

Please remember this is not a tender. The MAV Procurement team has already completed all the hard work for you.

Supplier updates

Prestige Staffing Personnel play a key role in supporting Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) in their requirements for talented temporary workers to support, and on occasion, drive many of their projects.

Currently MRCC are making some major changes in the development and implementation of a communication plan to educate and promote their new kerbside recycling contamination management program.

Prestige Staffing Personnel project workers are actively working within Mildura Council to create interesting communication modes to effectively get the message out to the community on this important environmental issue.

Prestige Staffing Personnel are part of our Recruitment Services Contract RS8017.

Upcoming MAV events...

15 May

Spend analysis essentials for savings, efficiencies, compliance & collaboration course

27 May

MAV LEAP social procurement category management session

29 May

Procurement essentials course


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