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Essential Services Commission rate capping submission
Financial Assistance Grants advocacy campaign
MAV nominations to the Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Reconciliation Week at the MAV
Submissions to the Family Violence Royal Commission
Economic Development Workshop: Nurturing Your Local Economy
VLGMIN and 2015 Forum
Apply now for VicHealth’s Walk to School grants

Nominations for Victorian Senior of the Year Awards
Integrated Water Management capacity building survey
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Essential Services Commission rate capping submission

The MAV has provided a draft submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) on the rate capping framework.

The submission identifies the MAV’s opposition to rate capping councils. In recognising the task being undertaken by the ESC, we recommend a flexible approach be adopted that is aligned to the existing council planning and budget cycle process, and recognises the financial pressures on the sector.

We have also advocated for a three-tiered approach to a cap – an 'as of right' rating increase, a threshold for a ‘light touch’ review by the ESC, and a third category involving a more intensive review.

The draft submission will be forwarded to councils for their comment before it is finalised. For further information, contact Owen Harvey-Beavis.

Financial Assistance Grants advocacy campaign

All Victorian council CEOs have been contacted by the MAV this week with an update on our joint advocacy campaign with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) around the restoration of the indexation of Financial Assistance Grants.

The campaign is also calling for the Federal Government to consider the adequacy of the quantum of Financial Assistance Grants, and the indexation methodology in the future.

We are reminding all councils to inform us if they have passed motions to support our campaign. The next stage of this campaign is to highlight the impact the freeze is having on councils through case studies and examples. A questionnaire was sent to all CEOs and is due by 12 June.

The information will be used to build the profile of Financial Assistance Grants with Commonwealth parliamentarians and provide concrete examples of how the freeze is constraining the ability of the sector to deliver infrastructure and services to the community.

For further information, email Kathryn Duffy or call 9667 5521.

MAV nominations to the Building Regulations Advisory Committee

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee includes one member who is nominated by the MAV. The term of the current MAV appointment ends shortly and we have been asked to provide the Minister for Planning with three individuals suitable for appointment for the next three-year term.

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee provides advice to the Minister for Planning on draft building regulations and accrediting building products, construction methods or designs, components or systems connected with building work.

If your Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS) is interested in being nominated by the MAV, and you support the nomination, please provide the following information in the form of a Curriculum Vitae:

  • Full name and address
  • Employment history including position held and responsibilities of the role
  • Details of formal qualifications
  • Current membership of Commonwealth and Victorian government public entities, statutory bodies or advisory committees
  • Current member of non-government bodies.

The appointee will be expected to attend at least 75 per cent of meetings and careful consideration should be given to the time commitments required. If your MBS is interested please provide the nomination, contact details and above information to Gareth Hately by 5 June.

Reconciliation Week at the MAV

The MAV staff celebrated the beginning of Reconciliation Week at an afternoon tea on Wednesday, with a presentation from Andrew Jackamos (pictured), Victorian Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

Reconciliation Week runs from 27 May – 3 June. The dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey—the anniversaries of the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision.

Many councils have also been involved in the week, holding special events and ceremonies.

Submissions to the Family Violence Royal Commission

Councils are reminded that submissions to the Royal Commission into Family Violence are due on 29 May.

The MAV has developed a submission, which highlights in detail the position of local government to influence ending family violence, and the work that has already been done in this space by councils. Our submission will be made available next week.

Following roundtable discussions with stakeholders, and hearings in July and August, the Commission is due to hand down its report on 29 February 2016.

Economic Development Workshop: Nurturing Your Local Economy

Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) is offering the Economic Development-Nurturing Your Local Community workshop to member council economic development practitioners, other professionals interacting with economic development, and interested councillors.

The workshop program has been developed around the RCV resource Economic Development Guidelines 2014. The guidelines and workshop focus on a five-step process to identify, prioritise and action economic development opportunities.

The workshop aims to further develop participant’s understanding of economic development with learning outcomes focused on:

  • How to encourage economic development
  • Identifying potential projects and assessing council’s role
  • Processes for community engagement.

It will be held on 11 June, 10am-4pm at the MAV office, Level 12, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne. Registrations can be made online.

VLGMIN and 2015 Forum

The MAV continues to host Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network (VLGMIN) meetings. Membership is open to any council officer working with multicultural community members.

The theme for their 2015 VLGMIN forum has been set, and will focus on local government’s role in preventing violence against women with multicultural backgrounds. The forum is likely to take place in mid-September and will include speakers on the importance of intersectionality, and approaches and actions being taken by state and federal government.

For information, or to join VLGMIN, please contact the VLGMIN Chairperson, Eugenia Grammatikakis on 9518 3625.

Apply now for VicHealth’s Walk to School grants

Applications are now open for VicHealth’s Walk to School grants. Up to $10,000 is available for Victorian councils to promote Walk to School, deliver engagement activities with local primary schools, and undertake initiatives in their local community to support ongoing active travel among primary school-aged children and their families.

VicHealth's Walk to School is a high profile annual community event that encourages primary school students across Victoria to walk to and from school as often as possible during October. Your council can be part of the action and make a difference to the health and wellbeing of local primary school-aged children and their families. Grant applications close on 5 June.

Nominations for Victorian Senior of the Year Awards

Councils are encouraged to nominate inspirational older volunteers for the 2015 Victorian Senior of the Year Awards.

The prestigious awards celebrate the many people across Victoria, aged 60 and over, who support and encourage others through their dedicated volunteer work.

There are five award categories:

  • Premier’s Award for Victorian Senior of the Year
  • Veteran Community Award
  • Promotion of Multiculturalism Award
  • Healthy and Active Living Award
  • COTA Senior Achiever Awards.

Nominations close on 10 July. For further information call Seniors Information Victoria on 1300 135 090.

Integrated Water Management capacity building survey

Clearwater, a Victorian capacity building program recognised for its role in supporting the urban water industry, is seeking feedback from councils via a survey on Integrated Water Management (IWM) needs.

Survey responses will be used to ensure the Clearwater program is offering local government water practitioners the most relevant services now and into the future.

Information specifically sought in the survey includes current barriers and challenges to implementation of IWM; council perceptions of the value that Clearwater brings to the IWM industry; and opportunities for improved engagement.

Council water practitioners are encouraged to complete the survey by 8 June.

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