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MAV Procurement training
What’s happening with LEAP?
Debt Recovery Services
Contract update
Contract extension
ICT Professional Services

Permanent Recruitment: stage two
Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy & Environmental Audit Services
MAV Procurement: what’s on the radar for 2016?
New outdoor gym at Packer Park


MAV Procurement training

The MAV Procurement Contract Management Series incorporates a variety of courses, designed to build general and more specific skills in procurement and contract management within local government.

Last year we asked for feedback about the series; the overall verdict was that attendees were extremely satisfied with the training.

Feedback suggested that the topics and courses were relevant, the content was organised and easy to follow, the training would be useful in workplaces, and the trainers were tremendously knowledgeable in every area.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Procurement and Contract Management Excellence Series will incorporate the following courses:

All of these courses can be held at your council as well. For further information, contact Zara Ahmed.

What’s happening with LEAP?

There are now 23 councils participating in the LEAP Program, with Golden Plains Shire the latest council to confirm participation.

Preparation has begun for a collaborative session for all LEAP councils on 26 February. The session will look at sector trends and provide opportunities for collaboration, as well as a sneak peek into the new LEAP Sector Dashboard being developed. Councils will be able to give feedback on the program so far and discuss what they would like to see included in future.

Benefits of participating in the LEAP Program include:

  • Visibility of category and contract savings opportunities
  • Inform regional collaborative procurement projects
  • Driving shared services delivery of procurement and other core services
  • Targeted support to each council and regions to continuously improve
  • Ability to monitor compliance with policy and probity performance.

If you would like more information on the LEAP program, or to arrange an information session/demonstration at your council, contact Rachel Ferretto.

Debt Recovery Services

The evaluation for the new contract for Debt Recovery Services (DR8410-2015) is now complete, with the contract to commence on 1 March. The successful tenderers are:

  • AMPAC Debt Recovery
  • Australian Receivables Ltd (ARL)
  • Midstate Credit Collect
  • ML+C Collections
  • Recoveries & reconstruction (Aust.)

A copy of the tender evaluation recommendation report was sent to all councils who expressed interest in the contract.

We would like to extend a big thank you to members of the Tender Evaluation Panel for their representation and time reviewing the tender submissions:

  • Penny Lyall (Moonee Valley)
  • Glendon Dickinson (Warrnambool)
  • Paul Jones (Kingston)

For further information, email Rachel Ferretto or call on 9667 5552.

Contract update

Panel of Providers refresh for Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware (luminaires and associated PE cells)

MAV Procurement has undertaken a tender refresh process for contract SL9311R2 - Panel of Providers for Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware.

This refresh seeks to include approved products and suppliers that are not currently on the SL9311 panel for the provision of Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware (luminaires and associated PE cells).

The tender evaluation is complete and the recommendations paper is in circulation. Contracts will be awarded and in place by 4 March.

To obtain a copy of the tender evaluation recommendation paper, complete the Council Expression of Interest Form. For further information, contact Alison Hawkins.

Contract extension

Library Materials

Contract LM5513 Library Materials has been extended for an additional 12 months. The expiry date is now 20 January 2017.

Products and services available under this contract are:

  • Supply and shelf-ready delivery of print and non-print library materials
  • Periodicals and journals
  • Electronic ordering (with the ability to integrate with council ordering systems)
  • Cataloguing
  • End processing.

For further information, email Alison Hawkins or call 9667 5518.

Bill Payment Services

Contract BP8411 Bill Payment Services has been extended for a further 12 months (second option to extend) and will expire on 31 May 2017.

The contract provides for the supply of the following services:

  • Over-the-counter transactions at retail outlets
  • Secure telephone, internet, smartphone/mobile technology (optional) payments
  • Support services, technical requirements, electronic file management, data security, account management
  • Payment of bills 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Transactional options such as cash, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, debit card (including direct debit) and PayPal.

For participating councils, a ‘Deed of Variation’ will be sent by Australia Post over the next few weeks to be signed and returned by 31 April to allow time for the new extension period to be entered into their system, ensuring councils continue to receive the discounted rates under the contract.

If your council would like to access the contract, email Rachel Ferretto or call on 9667 5552.

ICT Professional Services

Evaluation of the ICT Professional Services (ES8111) tender is nearing completion, with a recommendation to be circulated to councils shortly. We will endeavour to get this panel space and available for councils in March.

For further information, email Paul Taylor or call 9667 5545.


MAV Procurement recently requested feedback on our existing Telecommunications (TC4322-2013) agreement. The purpose of this survey was to understand what’s working well and what’s not, and also to request feedback regarding exercising the first extension option at 31 November 2016.

Overall, the feedback (19 responses) was extremely positive with 87 per cent indicating the scope of the contract met council needs, and 68 per cent indicating the available pricing is competitive/beneficial to council.

With this in mind, and given we have the ability to refresh this contract if new technologies need to be included, MAV Procurement will now seek an agreement from the panel of suppliers to exercise the first extension option.

For further information, email Paul Taylor or call 9667 5545.

Permanent Recruitment: stage two

The tender for RS8017-2015PR Permanent Recruitment Classified level closed on 29 January.

Evaluation is currently underway and is expected to be finalised by 14 March with the recommendation paper circulated to councils by 18 March.

The next update regarding the status of this tender will be provided in the March edition of the bulletin. For further information, contact Alison Hawkins on 9667 5518.

Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy & Environmental Audit Services

Tender evaluation for the provision of Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy Services and Environmental Audit Services (CL7700) is now complete.

This panel of suppliers will be established on Vendor Panel incrementally, due to a number of compliance issues that remain outstanding. Seven suppliers have been awarded at this stage, with 12 remaining as being under negotiation of compliance items.

The contract will commence on 1 March. The balance of suppliers will be included onto the panel as compliance items are agreed and contracts are finalised.

To obtain a copy of the tender evaluation recommendation paper, please complete the Council Expression of Interest Form. MAV Procurement will issue a status update in early March.

For further information, contact Alison Hawkins.

MAV Procurement: what’s on the radar for 2016?

  • Legal services
  • Human resources support services
  • Retendering: Work Wear and Personal Protective Apparel
  • Retendering: Parks and Playground

New outdoor gym at Packer Park

Glen Eira City Council recently unveiled a new fitness circuit at Packer Park, Carnegie, which was acquired through the MAV Parks and Playground Contract with the assistance of a_space.

The addition of this outdoor gym provides the community with another fun and healthy facility that people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from.

A_space has recently expanded its Fit-for-Parks outdoor gym range, to incorporate items for seniors. These new items concentrate on improving dexterity, flexibility and strength.

For further information, call 1800 632 222.

Upcoming MAV events...

10 March

Procurement essentials course

23 March

Fleet management category workshop

4 April

Spend analysis essentials for savings, efficiencies, compliance and collaboration course


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