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Summer is here - stay cool

It has been super hot outside this summer! My grass is already brown and the sunburn's continue. Make sure you hydrate and reapply sunscreen to avoid being a summer disaster!

Hydration 101

Why Hydrate?: It's important because your brain needs it! As does the rest of your body such as your muscles, joints and organs, not to mention digestion and vascular systems.
How to Hydrate: Carry a bottle around with you - its easier if it's in your hand!
Take a sip every time you look at your phone/device. Think about how  much water that will add up to! 
When is enough: Look at your urine - pee check - it should be clear to light yellow.  Anything darker and you are dehydrated.  If your urine is green, you either had too much asparagus or you need to follow up with your doc... yikes!
Are you a teacher or married to one? Check your extended health insurance policy as the OTIP now expire in either August or September. Be in the know as it might be time for a massage, physiotherapy appointment or even new orthotics! Utilize your resources now while you have time and coverage, your benefits will reset soon!
BIG NEWS - Apple Creek has just invested into your health and recovery.  We are happy to announce the purchase of two Powerplay units, which provide cold and compression therapy.  Check out the LINK for some video of the unit in action.
A baseline test is a battery of tests that measures every area of brain function that could potentially become affected following a concussion. It is a “baseline”  because it is done BEFORE the athlete gets injured.  

July 25th Billed as Chiropractic with Liv Chiarelli
August 23rd Billed as Physiotherapy with Jordan Katz
September 14th Billed as Physiotherapy with Nejin Chacko

Baseline testing can be done at anytime; during the open dates we offer the same discount for individuals as we would for a team.  

The Good News Story! 

Apple Creek has partnered with the Markham Thunder of the CWHL, champions of the 2017-2018 season, and will now be the medical provider for their organization.  We look forward to being part of the team and are excited about the upcoming season.
Good luck ladies!

NEW Feature!
Nick has started a message of the month for his patients.  He is eager to share his thoughts, what he has learned and answer questions that have been asked by his patients.  Check it out HERE
Now Offering Text message reminders - sign up and get a free prize from ACMSC
Click here to enroll.

Also - The Apple Creek Client portal is coming soon.  This will grant you access to your account, have the ability to print previous receipts and make it easier to update your information.  Keep an eye out for more details.

The ACSMC experience is the positive experience we strive to provide all of our patients and customers.  Our goal is to welcome you to a warm, fostering enviromenent, that promotes optimal healing and a quick return to your pain-free life and attain your dreams.  If you would like to share how we have impacted your life in a positive manner, please share on social media or leave us a Google Review, it helps others discover how we may impact their lives positively as well.

Angus Glen 5 miler is July 20th.  We are excited to be there as part of the emergency response team and the post race therapy providers.  Look for Sean and Sarah at the end of the course and wave to Stephanie in the red shirt as you are running by!

Where in the world is our team?!
Stefanie has been to Alberta in July, headed to Japan in August, Peru in September, Portugal in October, and then Russia in November! - all with Trampoline Canada keeping our athletes healthy. There is only 1 continent she has yet to visit- can you guess which one?  Tweet us to win a T-shirt #whereinworld @applecreeksports.

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