March Foresight Newsletter

YOU ARE INVITED... attend 4i Inc.’s first monthly webinar series! 

4i, Inc. is recognized as an industry leader in helping companies utilize insights and analytics to drive smarter decision making.  In our first webinar series, you’ll learn how to transform your ‘Insight & Analytic’ function into a valuable and effective resource that informs smarter decisions, subsequently leading to more positive business impact. 

Our webinar series will consist of 4 installments:

Driving Smarter Insights Today…

Webinar #1: â€œDefining & Measuring Value of Your Insight & Analytic Functions.” – we’ll introduce you to the concept of the ‘Insight Value Chainâ„¢,’ where you’ll learn how to assess the effectiveness of your organization against standardized criteria and key performance metrics

Webinar #2: â€œOptimizing Value of Insights” – 4i will teach you how to make smarter investments in data and analytic tools, more in line with your organization’s key business issues and overall performance goals 

…Leads to Better Decision Making Tomorrow

Webinar #3: â€œBreakthrough Thinking & Design.” – will introduce a new and innovative way of thinking about how insights drive decision making, and how this ‘out of the box’ approach can lead to competitive advantage

Webinar #4: â€œFrom Projects to Process,”  -- our series will conclude with showing how you can evolve your insight function to become more grounded in processes in order to maximize long-term impact

Please join us on April 09 at 1:00 PM CST to kick off this series of webinars.  We hope to see you there. To register for webinar 1 please visit clicking here.



4i in the News

The Leaders Of Tomorrow Are Mastering Data Today recently featured 4i's own, Eugene Roytburg, Colin Hare, and Bruno Melone's article on mastering data to create useable insights. This thought leading article can be read at

Determining the Value of Insights

Colin Hare and Bruno Melone discuss ways that Market Research professionals can determine how to quantify the value of Consumer Insights to justify ROI. Read this valuable article at KDNuggets.

4i New Hires

4i recently welcomed Sri Gouri to the team. She is our new Senior Consultant located in the Dallas area. Sri has over a decade of experience and will be a great addition to our team!



ARF Rethink 2014

Mar 24-25, 2014 | New York City

4i's Smarter Insights Team will have a booth at this year's ARF Rethink. This conference is the premier place to grow your business and your future through Intelligent Growth. With over 2,500 dynamic leaders this submit is a must-attend. Visit 4i's booth to learn about our smarter insight solutions. Click here to learn more.

Business Forecasting 2014

Mar 12-13, 2014 | San Francisco

On March 13 Colin Hare gave the closing keynote at this two-day, three-track learning and networking summit on business planning through superior prediction. Learn more here.
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