WA Branch Newsletter
February Issue 2021
President's Piece
Dear Members,

Welcome to a new year! 2020 was a testing time for CBCA and there are still challenges ahead. After several changes at National Board level and the recent resignation of Kate Flamsteed, our Executive Officer based in Queensland, we are looking to the future and invite suitably qualified individuals to apply for two Independent Board Director positions. Please advertise these opportunities widely to anyone in your networks who might be interested.

The WA Branch is in a more fortunate position than most and can still hold face to face meetings, host our annual events, attend book launches and conduct business pretty much as usual.

Membership renewals were sent out on 4 Jan, and you will be pleased to note there is no increase in fees. We rely on your support in renewing promptly and hope you will take advantage of the member discount on your ticket for A Night with our Stars (ANWOS).

ANWOS tickets have also been pegged at last year's prices and, with an exceptional line-up of talent, they offer great value. Treat yourself, your friends and colleagues to a great night out and count it towards your Professional Learning for the year. Places are restricted owing to COVID-19 regulations so don’t delay your booking or you risk missing out. Once again Westbooks are offering a generous discount on pre-orders and there will be a Karen Blair original art work for silent auction.

CBCA Book Week 2021 returns to the normal August location and we are looking forward to seeing Shaun Tan’s designs on the theme Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds and unveiling the official merchandise very soon. Stand by for the announcement of the Notables on Tuesday 23 February which is always an exciting time.

Save the date for our WA Branch AGM Wednesday 21 April 2021 – when it is time for me to step down and hand over the reins to a new WA Branch President.

Best wishes and I hope to see you at a CBCA WA Branch event soon.

Jan Nicholls
CBCA WA Branch President
CBCA WA New Website
Work has been happening feverishly behind the scenes ahead of a new website for the WA Branch of the CBCA. We are looking at a February launch date, so stay tuned for further information and be ready to update your bookmarks!

Sarah Klass
2021 A Night With Our Stars
Buy Tickets Here
Karen Blair Silent Auction
This original charcoal and watercolour sketch is signed by the artist Karen Blair and will be offered for sale via silent auction in the lead up to A Night with our Stars 2021. It is based on her winning CBCA Honour Book When Billy was a Dog written by Kirstie Murray and published by Allen & Unwin. This exquisite framed piece measures 43cm x 33cm.

Please see the link to bid

The CBCA WA Branch thanks Karen for her ongoing generous support.
CBCA WA Branch AGM - Save the Date!
Our AGM will be held at Oasis House and is scheduled for

Wednesday 21 April

More details will be coming soon!
CBCA Book Week 2021
CBCA Book Week returns to its regular spot this year, running from 21-27 August.The official CBCA WA Branch Book Week Opening and Dinner and the Book of the Year announcement will be on Friday 20 August 2021.

The CBCA Book Week theme for 2021 is:
We were lucky to see a preview of the 2021 theme towards the end of last year. If you haven't seen the short video, you can view it here.
The artwork has been illustrated by Shaun Tan, Winner, 2019 CBCA Picture Book of the Year for Cicada and, if his past designs are anything to go by, they will be exquisite.
CBCA Book Week Themes for 2023
Always planning ahead and looking to the future, we are seeking your ideas and suggestions and invite your nominations for the CBCA Book Week theme for 2023. Branch members have nominated fabulous themes in past years and you can view the list here.

Ideally the theme should be original, memorable and linked to books, reading and literature. Those of you working with school students or young people are especially encouraged to invite enthusiastic young readers to participate and suggest themes.
Please send your suggestions to using THEME in the email subject line. The deadline for submissions is Friday 19 March. We look forward to reading many creative ideas.
Make Your Own Story Book 2021
The competition is open to all students from Pre-primary to year 8 in Western Australia.
It is an opportunity for students to showcase their narrative writing and illustrative talents through the creation of a picture or story book. Students can enter through their school or send individual entries from their home address.

Competition closing date: Friday June 11th
Prizes include book vouchers, Healthway Go for 2 & 5 bags and CBCA Book Week merchandise.
The 2021 Make Your Own Story Book Competition flyer with entry form will appear on the new CBCA WA website when it is launched.
Hints pages and guiding videos made by WA author and illustrator Sean E Avery will also be found on the new website.
Schools and libraries will receive an emailed copy of the entry form at the end of February.
For enquiries please email Denise Robins at

Denise Robins
CBCA Book of the Year Awards Judges 2022/2023
Congratulations to the following who have been selected as Book of the Year Judges for the 2022/2023 season. We thank them in advance for their time and effort and wish them happy reading! A special welcome to Claire Kierath, our WA representative. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in these positions.

Early Childhood
Katherine Burbeck NT
Bronwyn Joseph VIC
Gabrielle Anderson QLD

Younger Readers
Colleen Caddey ACT
Danielle Miller QLD
Claire Kierath - WA

Older Readers
Carol Fuller TAS
Kathryn Eyre NSW
Michael Earp VIC

Picture Book
Sarah Mayor Cox VIC
Margot Lindgren NSW
Sarah Forrest SA

Eve Pownall
Sheryl Cootes NSW
Alex Wharton NSW
Margaret Bromley ACT
Travelling Suitcase
The Book Links Travelling Suitcase is available for loan from the CBCA WA Branch with preference given to WA Branch member schools.
It contains:
  • laminated newspaper articles and information about Jackie French
  • A3 posters promoting series such as Phredde the Fairy and individual titles including A Rose for the ANZAC boys
  • a collection of Jackie’s books – both picture books and novels
  • magazines with author articles
  • a USB and DVD with ideas and author information
  • roughs and final copies of artwork by Sue de Gennaro, who illustrates some of Jackie’s texts
  • folders containing display and activity ideas, rough drafts and storyboards
  • realia such as cards, postcards and bookmarks
  • a soft toy hairy-nosed wombat.
The Travelling Suitcase can be used as:
- a display to showcase the works of a great Australian author
- an encouragement for students to read high quality Australian literature
- a resource for an extension group studying an Australian author
- a resource for individual classes by interested teachers using the teaching ideas
- a resource for a lunchtime club
The opportunities are many.
It is suitable for primary and lower secondary aged students. Quite a few of Jackie’s books have a Lexile number. American Accelerated Reader titles are under Jackie French Koller. Country school libraries are responsible for the transport of the suitcase.
If you would like to borrow the Travelling Suitcase for your library or school please contact the coordinator Sue Stopher via or 0417 990 031
The content is part of the Booklinks Travelling Suitcase Program which was loaned around Australia when Jackie French was the Australian Children’s Laureate in 2014-2015.
Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund
Can you suggest a worthy recipient?
This year an organisation that cares for children will receive $1000 worth of books from the CBCA WA Branch through the Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund.

If you know of a worthy recipient please let me know -

Please read more information, as well as previous recipients at

Gail Spiers
CBCA Book of the Year Collection
In the last newsletter, a call was sent out for donations of books to complete the WA Branch collection of Book of the Year winners from 1946 – 1981. Most of these books have been out of print for some time so I was delighted to hear from collectors who had held on to some of these treasures and were willing to part with them. Heartfelt thanks to the following:

Lesley Reece donated two books by Nan Chauncy which she was given after receiving the CBCA Nan Chauncy Award for outstanding contribution to Australian Children’s Literature in 2010.

Margaret Hamilton, also a recipient of the CBCA Nan Chauncy Award in 2004, donated three books from her collection at Pinerolo, The Children’s Book Cottage in the Blue Mountains.

Peter Williams, the first recipient of the WA Branch’s Muriel Barwell Award for Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature in 2006 and collector extraordinaire, donated a copy of Ash Road, inscribed by the author Ivan Southall.

Three more books from this category have been discovered in a second-hand book shop in excellent condition.

In this newsletter, we are calling for donations from the Eve Pownall and the Older Reader categories.

If you have any of these books and would like to donate them, please contact me at

Gail Spiers
1993 GREENE, Gracie and Joe TRAMACCHI told by Kukatja Illus. Lucille Gill  Tjarany Roughtail: The Dreaming of the Roughtail Lizard and other stories Magabala Books
1995 STEWART, Robin E. New Faces: The Complete Book of Alternative Pets Agmedia
1996 NICHOLSON, John The First Fleet: A New Beginning in an Old Land Allen & Unwin
1997 CHEERS, Gordon and Julie SILK
Illus. Marjorie Crosby-Fairall 
Killer Plants and How to Grow Them Penguin
1999 EDWARDS, Yvonne and Brenda DAY Going for Kalta  IAD Press
2000 NICHOLSON, John Fishing for Islands: Traditional Boats and Seafarers of the Pacific                          Allen & Unwin
2001 BLACKLOCK, Dyan
Illus. David Kennett 
Olympia: Warrior Athletes
of Ancient Greece                                 
2002 PAPUNYA SCHOOL Papunya School Book of Country and History Allen & Unwin
2003 TUCKER, Alan Iron in the Blood: Convicts
and Commandants in Colonial Australia  
2006 DAVIDSON, Leon Scarecrow Army  Black Dog
2008 WATTS, Frances
Illus. David Legge
Parsley Rabbit’s Book About Books          ABC
2009 HALL, Lincoln Alive in the Death Zone  Random House
Illus. Tohby Riddle                
The Return of The Word Spy                       Viking
2012 LESTER, Alison & Coral Tulloch One Small Island: The Story of Macquarie Island  Penguin
2013 WEIDENBACH, Kristin
Illus. Timothy Ide
Tom the Outback Mailman Lothian
2014 FAILLE, Christopher
Illus. Danny Snell
Jeremy Working Title Press
2016 REEDER, Stephanie Owen Lennie the Legend: Solo to Sydney by Pony National Library of Australia
2017 NEWTON, Gina M Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks National Library of Australia
2018 BEN-BARAK, Idan
Illus. Julian Frost 
Do Not Lick This Book Allen & Unwin
2019 VASS, Coral
Illus. Dub Leffler
Sorry Day National Library of Australia
2020 PASCOE, Bruce Young Dark Emu: A Truer History Magabala Books
2000 EARLS, Nick 48 Shades of Brown                                Penguin
2001 CLARKE, Judith Wolf on the Fold                                      Allen & Unwin
2002 HARNETT, Sonja Forest                                         Viking
2005 BAUER, Michael Gerard The Running Man                                         Omnibus
2008 HARTNETT, Sonya The Ghost’s Child  Viking
2009 TAN, Shaun Tales from Outer Suburbia   Allen & Unwin
2011 HARTNETT, Sonya The Midnight Zoo                                    Viking
2012 GARDNER, Scot The Dead I Know                                    Allen & Unwin
2019 ATKINS, Clare Between Us Black Inc
2020 WAKEFIELD, Vikki This is How We Change the Ending Text
Congratulations to Rebecca Newman, previous CBCA WA Branch Newsletter editor, featured in this wonderful anthology published by Bloomsbury – the same publisher as JK Rowling no less! This little book is exquisite on so many levels. It’s the perfect size and shape to hold, is filled with magical poems and delightful illustrations however the absolute best thing about it, in my unbiased opinion, is the poem on page 97 Potion Problems. Grab your copy now from Paper Bird.

Jan Nicholls
Congratulations to Dr Robyn Sheahan Bright, President of IBBY Australia, who has been awarded Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to children's literature, and to the promotion of reading.
Book Discussion Group
The Book Discussion Group ended 2020 on a high with a fantastic presentation from Rebecca Higgie about her Fogarty Award Winning book, The History of Mischief. Rebecca will also be one of our presenters at A Night with our Stars on 12 March 2021.
Meetings will continue to be held at Oasis Lotteries House, Hampden Rd Nedlands at 7.00pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month until further notice.

If you would like to join our group, please email:

The books for discussion over the coming months are:
24 February

by Georgina Young

Text Publishing

Winner of the 2019 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing
24 March

This One is Ours
by Kate O'Donnell


‘A heart-swelling book of passion, protest and Paris.’ – Lili Wilkinson
Reading Time review:

28 April - CBCA Book of the Year Shortlist Discussion
National News from Wendy Rapee,
Board Chair, 20 January 2021
Welcome back to all Members. I am sure I am not alone crossing everything and hoping this year is going to be easier than the last. I will not be the only person writing to you who is craving increased, constructive personal contact at meetings, events, and within our own personal communities. It has been hard and challenging. 2020, we must also acknowledge, was hard for our CBCA, there were challenges and change. I hope, as the CBCA Chair, I can alleviate any concerns around the changes within the CBCA, while acknowledging that the broader social context has definitely added a layer of complexity. I have heard from many individuals and organisations that they feel a bit disconnected, they are tired. Some people, and organisations, were better able to somersault and land perfectly, while others are still feeling a little off balance. I think that is true within our community of CBCA Members, we all experience stresses, challenges, and change differently. My drive this year on the Board and with working with you, our Members, is to create a stronger focus on common goals and purpose, and to effectively communicate these.

Unfortunately, we have started 2021 with the immediate challenge of having Kate Flamsteed in our office resign. The Board with regret accepted this, and must now carefully consider a way forward. We acknowledge the tremendous contribution Kate gave to the organisation. Within the office we have Shannon King (Merchandise) and Anne Varnes (Awards), who are proceeding apace with their areas of responsibility, both have the support and guidance of Sarah Mayor Cox as their Sub Committee Convenor and the Board.

The 2021 Shaun Tan merchandise will be shared with you over the next week. Shannon is moving this all along with our designer intern, Hannah. We are really delighted to announce that we have agreed to ask Jasmine Seymour, we hope she accepts, letter on the be our 2022 Merchandise illustrator. Perhaps this will help you rank your top 10 suggestions for a theme for her to work with!

The Book of the Year Awards 2021 judging is in full swing. All meetings are being carried out via zoom in panels, they are all meeting this week to finalise Notables, and then on the weekend of February 5-7 the remaining hard work will be done. A huge thank you to Sarah Mayor Cox and Christine Oughtred for undertaking this huge job.

The Board this week has started two important, and really intertwined, processes. Our budget and our strategic thinking. One really informs the other. You will receive a draft discussion paper around strategy from Karys McEwen. Unfortunately, we require a lot longer to discuss this as a group—one of the real challenges of COVID zoom meetings. There is no attempt to create a new strategic plan, but we are attempting to really focus on who we are and what we need to do—a real challenge meeting this way. The budget is still a work in progress, but there is no doubt the organisation is particularly feeling the revenue pain because we have had been unable to have a Conference since 2019. It will have to happen in 2022, but we must start now to build it. Over the next week we will put out a ‘call sheet’ for Members to volunteer for this and other Sub Committees.

Attached to this “from the desk” however are the advertisements for two critical Independent Directors, one in Finance, and one for legal/governance/company secretary. We urge you to disperse these within your communities. They remain open until March 1st. Please view the links below.
There was further discussion at this meeting around the Awards Foundation, and we are having to work through, with their CoRP, some residual governance clarity. So for now the Independent Director from the foundation is on hold.

We approved at the Board meeting the go ahead for us to apply, on behalf of the whole organisation, for a grant from the Australia Council, within their Reimagine Collaborate scheme. It was suggested, and was accepted, that will attempt to create a Shadow Judging program across all states and territories. I will send a separate request for information, and input for this... very soon as applications close at the end of February—unfortunately we need to longer to write this—but we are going to give it a red hot go!

Finally, the Partnerships Sub Committee is working on a new prospectus, we will be asking you all for data, photos and information on your events and programs, so we can offer potential partners a better and fuller picture of the value of engaging with us.
As always, the Board is open to your questions and inputs.

Wendy Rapee
Little Street Library
The Little Street Library is situated near seating in a new playground in Kendenup township. There are over 1300 residents around a shop, hall, and primary school. The Hall, playground and skating park are being revamped to bring a greater community vibe.
As I filled the box with new books and DVDs for adults and children, a little group gathered. A mum said, ‘Our Scarlett (six years old) has already found the box and wanted to know why it was empty. She’ll be really pleased to find books now.’ We will be monitoring the library weekly, making sure its contents are refreshed and community information flyers kept up to date.
Thank you again for your gifting of this library and your patience as we organised its installation.

Kathryn Dye
Manager Library & Information Services
Mount Barker Public Library
Western Australian Premier's Book Awards
Entries are almost closed for the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 2020.

Closing date to submit entries for the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 2020 is 5pm (WST) 8 February 2021.

To enter, or for further information please click here.
WAYRBA Shortlist 2021
The 2021 shortlists have been announced. Please click here to view all the titles, download PDFs, order merchandise, and nominate and vote.
Congratulations to all the writers, illustrators and publishers nominated!
Perform Education
Little Book Bites
Bev’s Poem (circa 1936)
Good books are really truly friends
They help us in our play.
They teach us how to live and work
And how to pass the day.
They bring us friends we cannot meet
Who come to be so dear.
Those books that introduce such folk
We look for far and near.
Companions they may always be
Whenever we’re inclined,
And by the books we like to read
‘Tis fair to judge the mind.
So chose the books that help you live
To make your love more deep,
That after you have read them through,
You’re glad they’re yours to keep.
This poem was recently quoted to me from memory by my 86-year-old sister-in-law, who explained that when she was 4 years old, her mother used to find suitable poetry in The Methodist Magazine, and teach them to Bev to recite on public occasions.
Although the poetry may be rather quaint, the sentiments and advice are still quite charming and relatable, hopefully even to modern children!

Chloe Mauger
If you have a picture of a child, family member, pet or any other interesting reader you'd like to feature in our electronic newsletter, we'd love to see it! Please email it to
New Releases from WA Authors, Illustrators and Publishers
Nadia L King
Illustrated by Nelli Aghekyan

The Lost Smile
Dixi Books
October 2020
Teniele Arnold
Illustrated by Bronwyn Blackwell

The Adventures of: Ellie's Wellies
Peacock Press
November 2020
Rebecca J Palmer
Monkey Mind
Little Pink Dog Books
November 2020
Ambelin Kwaymullina
Billie and the Blue Bike
Magabala Books
February 2021
Sally Morgan
Welcome, child!
Magabala Books
March 2021
Helen Milroy
Backyard Bugs
Fremantle Press
March 2021
Danny Parker
Illustrated by Ruth de Vos

Fremantle Press
March 2021
Sonya Hartnett
Illustrated by Gabriel Evans

Blue Flower
Penguin Boos
March 2021
Dates for Your Diary
Please check our social media - Facebook and Instagram - for the most current information about these events.
Get Tickets Here
The 2021 Literature & Ideas program has been announced as part of the Perth Festival.

This year's events includes members of our community such as
Holden Sheppard, Rebecca Higgie and Shaun Tan.

Please click
here for the full program and to book tickets.
WA Branch Supporting Bookstores
Buy your books from the experts at these stores and receive the discount offered to all CBCA members. 
Beaufort Street Books
567 Beaufort Street Mt Lawley WA 6050
T: (08) 6142 7996
Child Education Services
96 Royal Street, East Perth WA 6004
T: (08) 9225 6516 
Dymocks Busselton
48 Prince Street, Busselton WA 6280
T: (08) 9754 4410
Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
254 Mill Point Road South Perth WA 6151
T: (08) 6117 5603 
Paper Bird, Children’s Books & Arts
42 Henry St Fremantle WA 6160
T: (08) 9430 7038
Rabble Books & Games
2/46 Eighth Avenue
T: (08) 6244 1841
Typeface Books
37 Ardross Street, Applecross WA 6153
T: (08) 9316 9822
152 Burswood Road, Burswood WA 6100
T: (08) 9361 4211
CBCA Awards Foundation
CBCA WA Branch Information
CBCA WA Branch Committee Members
President - Jan Nicholls, Vice President - Natalya Hawrylak,
Liz Allen, Nola Allen, Beck Borona, Sharon Coppin, Mary Gimondo,
Felicia Harris, Lorraine Horsley, Sarah Klass, Tania Longman,
Sheena Matthews, Chloe Mauger, Tyshana McEwen, Trish Montgomery, Denise Robins,
Gail Spiers, Jane Stanton, Sue Stopher, Kris Williams,
Tracey Willis, Sally Woffenden.
National Board Director: Tania Longman
Newsletter Editor: Beck Borona
Website Manager: Sarah Klass
WA Book of the Year Judges: Sandi Parsons, Jan Pocock
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