WA Branch Newsletter
September Issue 2021
President's Piece
Dear Members,

I cannot tell you how the month of August makes my literary heart sing. The month we celebrate all things books. The WA Branch fun began with the CBCA Book Week Dinner. What a night it was! Together in Western Australia we were fortunate to celebrate Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds at Ambrose Estate. Plenty of dress ups, prizes galore and what wonderful food to kick off the literary week.

The dinner also gave us a chance to celebrate Jan Nicholls as winner of the Nan Chauncy Award. Jan is described as a ‘living treasure’. National Chair, Wendy Rapee states “In addition to her decades-long professional career as a teacher librarian, where she has encouraged thousands of students to develop a love of reading, she has also dedicated countless volunteer hours to professional organisations that advocate for Australian children’s and young adult literature and its creators.” Please celebrate Jan’s win with us. We are fortunate to have her here in our state.

Not only did we get to celebrate Jan’s achievement but the achievement of all those shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards for 2021.  Congratulations to Meg McKinlay for Picture Book of the Year for How to Make a Bird and Mel Pearce  illustrator of No Never! which won the Early Childhood category. I would also like to acknowledge wonderful WA representatives Sally Murphy, Briony Stewart and Kelly Canby who were awarded Honour Books in their categories. To all who won and were shortlisted congratulations for all your efforts. They have not gone unnoticed and we celebrate this with you too.
This month we also celebrated our upcoming authors and illustrators in the Make Your Own Story Book competition. Viewing our young and emerging talent just shows how much we love books here in WA. To our winners and all who entered what a wonderful moment to see you shine. Thank you for your stories. Come back in 2022, continue to write, read and show us your characters that we simply must meet!

This has been a magnificent and busy month for all of CBCA WA. Whilst I was asked about costumes for CBCA Book Week, remember this, it is not about perfection but connection. CBCA Book Week celebrates a love of literature; how to get quality, Australian literature into the hands of young Australians everywhere. We have so much to celebrate in our own backyard so remember to support our local bookstores, authors and illustrators. Remember authors and illustrators can come to your school and celebrate their books with you! It will change how you look at books entirely!  I look back to the very first Book Week theme in 1945 which was United in Books. This month highlighted that more than ever.

We also celebrate the wonderful news that our CBCA WA Committee has gained a new Vice President.  We welcome Kris Willams to this important position and Sue Stopher who will now take over as Secretary.  We are fortunate to have both of these exceptional ladies as part of the Executive.

We shall soon be calling for Expressions of Interest from those who may wish to represent Western Australia on our National Board. If you are interested please get in touch via We are all working towards the aim of putting quality literature into the hands of Young Australians. 

From Board Chair, Wendy Rapee there is wonderful news further in this newsletter about Graeme Base working with the Royal Australian Mint on a coin celebrating the 35th anniversary of his book, Animalia. Graeme and Penguin Random House have generously given their blessing to print a postcard with the glorious “lazy lions lounging in the local library”. Postcards will be available from the national CBCA e-store in packs of 10 for $10.00, so please support this fund-raising for your national organisation. 

To all the CBCA WA team, for every part you played, I thank you.

Thank you for celebrating this month with us.

Until next time, happy reading!

Natalya Hawrylak
CBCA WA Branch President
2021 CBCA Book of the Year
Congratulations to all the winners! It was wonderful to see so many WA stars amongst the winners and honour books. To see the full article about the winners, please see the CBCA National Website. Sign in to the members only section to view the 2021 CBCA Judges Report. User name: mycbca  Password: &cbca21*

A huge thank you to CBCA SA and all those involved in organising the live online announcement which included an array of Australian personalities. The use of the paper plane was simply charming.

Another big thank you to all those who tuned in to watch the wonderful presentation of the CBCA Book of the Year Winners for 2021. If you didn't get the opportunity to watch the video, you can view it on the
CBCA's Youtube Channel.
Celebrating 75 years of the CBCA Book of the Year Awards
Please click here to read a lovely article by Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright on the CBCA National Website, celebrating 75 years of the Children's Book Council of Australia. It also includes a full list of winners, shortlisted books and Notables over the past 75 years.
CBCA WA President Natalya Hawrylak discusses her favourite CBCA Book of the Year
A cover can say it all. The Watertower cover tells you this is a book like no other and whilst the people of Preston have no idea when the Watertower was built I vividly remember when it impacted my reading life. This picture book shatters the structural format whilst pipetting tension. It is a work of art in both written and illustration form, the perfect pairing for the prose of Gary Crew with Steve Woolman's artwork. Undoubtedly, my favourite Book of the Year. 

In honour and memory of Steve Woolman.

Natalya Hawrylak
2021 CBCA WA Book Week Dinner
Photo Gallery
Friday 20 August 2021

What an amazing night the 2021 Book Week Opening and Dinner proved to be with Book of the Year WA winners Meg McKinlay and Mel Pearce, along with Honour Book awardees Kelly Canby, Sally Murphy and Briony Stewart sitting in our audience! It was a rare treat to gather together to honour and applaud these successful and talented creators.

The event was popular with all seats sold several days before the closing date and a few late (and very sad) attendees were thrilled to grab a seat when some people were unable to attend. The Old Worlds New Worlds Other Worlds theme was interpreted through many bright and brilliant costumes and as guests arrived, it was obvious they were ready to have a fabulous time.

President Natalya Hawrylak announced the Book of the Year winners and while many would have watched the online presentation earlier in the day, the announcements were still greeted with much applause. Our WA winners and Honour Book awardees were acknowledged with much clapping and whistling.
Natalya also acknowledged 2020/21 WA Book of the Year Judges Sandi Parsons and Jan Pocock, who attended the dinner as Branch guests, and the 2021/22 judge Claire Keirath, who was presented with her official badge.

Jan Nicholls, past CBCA WA President was honoured as the 2021 Nan Chauncy recipient. While COVID restrictions prevented Jan from travelling to Adelaide to receive the award, she was well feted by dinner guests. A video citation by Wendy Rapee (CBCA Chair) demonstrated the high esteem in which Jan is held by those who have witnessed her efforts to promote and support children’s literature, authors and illustrators.

Gabriel Evans, 2021 shortlisted Book of the Year author/illustrator, who travelled from Bridgetown, was an entertaining and clever guest speaker. His early experiences as an illustrator, especially his ‘boy with a broken neck’ story and illustration, had the audience rolling in the aisles. The table decorations of teapots and bears honoured Gabriel’s shortlisted book Norton and the Bear and he was presented with ‘the perfect teapot’ and a talking Norton.

Judi Willmott was the successful bidder in the Silent Auction taking home an original ink and watercolour sketch generously donated by Wendy Binks, based on The BOO-book, her collaboration with Jennifer Mars.

After the food was eaten, the raffles were drawn, photographs were taken and the prizes awarded, the guests went out into the chilly night with smiles that said it had been a fantastic night.

Denise Robins and Sally Woffenden
Judges Sandi Parsons, Jan Pocock and Claire Kierath
The CBCA Book of the Year judges do an amazing job and at the CBCA Book Week Dinner we thanked Sandi Parsons (Early Childhood) and Jan Pocock (Younger Readers) for their dedication and hard work over the past two years. Ever professional, they were superb at keeping tight-lipped about the results and must have been almost bursting to share the good news about so many WA winners and Honour Book recipients this year.
Claire Kierath was welcomed and presented with her official CBCA Judge’s badge at the dinner, and we thank her in advance for volunteering her time and expertise in this important role. Claire has already received Box Four in her category (Younger Readers) and is really enjoying the experience so far.
The photo features Sandi dressed as Gangsta Granny (from the book by David Walliams) with Claire paying homage to our guest speaker Gabriel Evans dressed as his character from Norton and the Bear.

If you are interested in being a CBCA BOTY judge in future you can find more information on the
CBCA national website.

Jan Nicholls
CBCA Book Week 2021
Old Worlds, New Worlds,
Other Worlds
Photo Gallery
Please browse through our photo gallery of all the spectacular costumes and library displays for this year's CBCA Book Week.

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds was such an inspired choice for this year's theme. Children and adults could let their imaginations run wild and associate so many stories with this diverse theme.

As always, seeing tributes to our WA authors and illustrators truly warms our hearts.
CBCA Book Week in The West Australian
Photo Gallery
The 2021 CBCA Book Week theme Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds resonated with schools and inspired some great journeys into the past, present and future.
Our Lady of Mercy College in Australind opted to immerse themselves in Jack’s world based on their class study of Jack’s Island by Norman Jorgensen published by Fremantle Press and their display is one of the best I have ever seen.  Norman was absolutely blown away by the magnificent display so I just had to see it for myself. I was equally impressed and can see why he felt so honoured. It’s such great validation for an author when a teacher picks up and runs with their book and I commend Teacher Librarian Sally Ball and her team for this awesome work.
Sally explained that the awesome display was the result of a whole school effort with many departments and staff joining her library team of Lynn Brown and Barbara Rae to transform the library so effectively and with such incredible attention to detail.
Sally commented “The dunny, jetty, hill-trolley (go-cart) and kitchen items – the Metters Stove, the window that looked out onto the bay at Rottnest and the pantry cupboard were all made by our long-suffering and ever-obliging maintenance men, Gary Barten and Gavin Prowse.  The lighthouse even has a revolving flashing light beacon that my husband bought for me! 
We had a great deal of fun getting it all together.  Because I’m teaching the book to my Year 7 English class, I got to know the story well and had a great time including every little detail that I could think of – like the classics that Jack reads, the spider that bit the neighbour in the dunny, the bottle of Thor’s Hammer, the old wireless, and Jack’s favourite foods to name a few!  I had my class visit the display today and was thrilled to see how happily busy they all were with their quiz booklets and finding the clues. It is working brilliantly as an interactive display!"
All five classes loved meeting Norman and were completely delighted to see him in person and to hear his stories about the real Jack, Banjo and Dafty!
Lending the display itself would be difficult as the dunny, jetty, boat and lighthouse would be very heavy and difficult to transport. The Metters stove belongs to our maintenance manager, and many of the smaller display items were also begged and borrowed although none were actually stolen! However, I’d be delighted to pass on the quiz booklet if anyone would like it and I would be very happy to chat to any other teachers or librarians who might want to do Jack’s Island as a novel study”. 
You can contact Sally Ball via email to take up this generous offer and she would also be happy to chat about the process of developing the display at a Professional Learning event if any groups are interested.
Jan Nicholls
For Sale: Limited Edition giclee print by Shaun Tan
There are still copies of the giclee print by Shaun Tan available to purchase. They are destined to become collectors items and have been in great demand.

These are limited edition with only 100 produced, individually numbered and signed.

$250 each plus $15 postage.

There are only seven left so get in quick!

Please email if you are interested.

Tania Longman
The Anthology: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds
This wonderful Anthology is still available to purchase on the CBCA NSW website.
CBCA Book Week 2022 Theme
We are so excited to announce the theme for 2022 CBCA Book Week with the help of children's picture book creator and Darug woman Jasmine Seymour, who won the CBCA Award for New Illustrator in 2020 for her beautiful book Baby Business (published by Magabala Books).

Please see the
special video announcing the 2022 CBCA Book Week theme on the CBCA Facebook page.

We've chosen today to make the announcement because September 1st is Indigenous Literacy Day in Australia this year.

The 2022 CBCA Book Week theme is...

'Dreaming with eyes open...'
#ShopLocal #ReadLocal
We know that Book Week is an important time for authors and illustrators, not only for the thrill of being able to share stories and a love of reading with young students, but also as a significant source of events and book sales income.
With lockdowns and travel restrictions affecting parts of the country, we know that Book Week will be impacted for many authors and illustrators with cancelled or postponed events, or in-person events moved online.
The Australian Society of Authors and the Australian Booksellers Association are promoting a shop local, read local campaign online, encouraging readers to buy Australian books from Australian booksellers.
We invite you to help us share the message by using the hashtags #shoplocal #readlocal on social media, and sharing posts about your favourite Australian books and/or the Australian stories that have helped to sustain you throughout the pandemic! 

Australian Booksellers Association

The CBCA WA Branch acknowledges the wonderful support from our member bookstores and we encourage you to support them in turn by making your purchases there. They are all over the metro area and in the south west and their contact details are listed on our WA Branch website and later in this newsletter. Their friendly staff will happily advise on selection if you require assistance and by showing proof of membership you will be eligible for discount on any books you buy. 
Make Your Own Story Book 2021
Photo Gallery
The MYOSB Awards Celebration returned to The Literature Centre this year with an added extra. The traditional morning tea morphed into a delicious lunch and winners were treated to a workshop by guest speaker, author and illustrator Sean E Avery. Winners travelled from the metro area, Port Hedland, Dalyellup and the Wheatbelt region to celebrate and meet their fellow authors and illustrators.
Winning student speakers Sam Thrush and Mahalukshmi Sanyasi spoke with confidence and sincerity to the audience, thanking the organisers and giving recognition of the other winners. Sam confessed that English was not her strength and she was amazed to win any prize, especially first prize.
Mahalukshmi shared the books and authors who inspired her reading and writing and was grateful for the support of her parents and teacher.
Parents, guests and winners offered heartfelt thanks on the day while Melanie Ho (Leisl and Isabella’s parent) wrote:

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for running the Make Your Own Story Book competition this year.  It is always an excitement in our household in the summer holidays when the girls start pitching ideas for their books and it becomes their "project" for a good two to three months.  We just love all the components of this competition that brings out their love for writing and being creative. 

Again, the ceremony was run perfectly well.  Sean Avery presented a wonderful speech that will inspire all young writers and illustrators.  The whole ceremony went smoothly and was so interesting! I was delighted to meet the new President, Natalya.  It was also so warming to be able to see the girls chatting to the other winners.  The lunch was an absolute hit!  It was a privilege for us to be able to attend the ceremony again.  
Many busy parents appreciated the opportunity to walk into Fremantle for a coffee or browse while the winners attending the workshop with Sean.
Thanks to our supporting bookstores and Committee members. The various facets of the competition could not be managed without you.

A final word from Sean E, Avery, who was amazed at the talent of the winners and their knowledge of the writing process:

Thanks so much for having me for CBCA MYOSB presentations. Really enjoyed the day, thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Denise Robins
CBCA Book of the Year Collection
It is fitting that in the 75th anniversary year of the Book of the Year Awards the WA Collection of Book of the Year Winners from 1946 – 2020 in all categories (a total of 208 books) is now complete.
Following the generous response from publishers, Jan Nicholls requested donations for out-of-print titles via the WAIN and WASLA networks and the following public and school librarians and library officers were quick to respond:
Aniek Regan
Jo-Anne Monaghan (Melville Library)
Tamara Vicini (Southern Hills Christian College)
Janine Hancock (Gosnells PS)
Frances Strahan (West Morley PS)
Marie Grech (Scotch College)
Joanna Andrew (City of Perth Library)

Marilyn Carter (Applecross PS)
Ruth Campbell-Hicks (Shire of Harvey)
Jenny Lawrence, Emma Patterson and Ann-Marie Parker (Atwell PS)
Anne Johannesen (Frederick Irwin Anglican School)
Kay Keen (East Wanneroo PS)
Catherine Hall (Newman College)

Celia Walker
Celia donated the final book we were seeking, Felix and Alexander by Terry Denton. She bought it at Haddons in London Court. The Haddons bookshop sticker is another lovely connection for the WA Branch as Muriel Barwell (a WA Branch Life Member, now retired and in whose honour our WA Branch Muriel Barwell Award is named) was the owner.
Celia was a WA Branch committee member for a few years in the 80s when Grant Stone was the president and committee meetings were held above Haddons then located in London Court. She remembers ‘the lovely Muriel Barwell’ and the terrific group of people, all passionate about children’s literature.

As well as from Librarians, donations have been received from Peter Williams, the 2010 recipient of the Muriel Barwell Award and Margaret Walton from Child Education Services.

Thanks also to Frances Strahan from West Morley Primary School for donating an Eve Pownall book, Disaster Strikes to our collection of special books.

Hard to find, out of print titles were sourced via the Internet and purchased using donated funds.

It is fitting to acknowledge the work of ex-committee member, Sue Wyche, who began the collection approximately ten years ago.

Many thanks to all those who have donated books and to committee members Trish Montgomery, Kris Williams and Jan Nicholls for their assistance in this project.

Joanna with Hamlet by Nicki Greenberg, the 2011 Picture Book of the Year joint winner.
Marilyn with Bernice Knows Best by Max Dann and Ann James (Ill.), 1984 Junior Book of the Year Award winner and The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek by Ron Brooks (Ill.) and Jenny Wagner, 1974 Picture Book of the Year.
Ruth with Parsley Rabbit’s Book About Books by Frances Watts and David Legge (Ill.), the 2008 Eve Pownall winner.
Jenny, Emma and Ann-Marie with Jenny Angel by Anne Spudvilas (Ill.) and Margaret Wild, 2000 Picture Book of the Year, The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek by Ron Brooks (Ill.) and Jenny Wagner, 1974 Picture Book of the Year and Waltzing Matilda by Desmond Digby (Ill.) and A.B. Paterson, 1971 Picture Book of the Year.
Anne with Eve Pownall winners, Fishing for Islands: Traditional Boats and Seafarers of the Pacific by John Nicholson (2000) and Killer Plants and How to Grow Them by Gordon Cheers, Julie Silk and Marjorie Crosby-Fairall (Ill.) (1997).
Kay with Going for Kalta by Yvonne Edwards and Brenda Day, the 1999 Eve Pownall winner.
Catherine with Jenny Angel by Anne Spudvilas (Ill.) and Margaret Wild, 2000 Picture Book of the Year and Waltzing Matilda by Desmond Digby (Ill.) and A.B. Paterson, 1971 Picture Book of the Year.
Celia with Felix and Alexander by Terry Denton, the 1986 winner in the Picture Book category.
Peter with Ash Road by Ivan Southall, the 1966 Book of the Year winner.
Margaret with Jeremy by Chris Faille and Danny Snell (Ill.), the 2014 winner in the Eve Pownall category.
Gail Spiers
Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund
The recipient of the 2021 Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund is Ngala.

Ngala's mission is to 'support parents, families and communities to enhance the well-being and development of children and young people'.

One thousand dollars from the Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund was spent on books for two of Ngala’s programs: Nurturing and Parenting Program for Youth (NAPPY) based in Rockingham and the Ngala Residential Parenting Service (NRPS) – Stronger Families based in Kensington. A box of give-away books was also donated to the NRPS program.

Chloe Mauger and I presented $1000 worth of books bought through the Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund and the extra 27 donated books to Ngala on 28 August.

Fiona Beermier (Ngala CEO), Felicity Seta (Coordinator Administration and Support Services), Maggie Tait (Operations Manager Early Intervention), Lorraine Drew (Senior Coordinator Community and Family Engagement Services) and Cassie Ellis (Programme Administrator Nurturing and Parenting Program for Youth (NAPPY)) gave Chloe and I a very warm welcome. We spent over an hour talking about the wonderful work of both our organisations and enjoying a delightful morning tea.

The Ngala staff were thrilled with the donated books, particularly since their special requests for high contrast and bilingual Noongah/English books and books about feelings and new babies had been taken into account.

At the end of our visit, Chloe and I were thrilled to be presented with copies of Raising Ngala: A Story of Strength and Courage: 130 Years in Western Australia.

Gail Spiers
Nan Chauncy Award 2021
A Standing Ovation for Jan

Jan Nicholls, the 2021 recipient of the Nan Chauncy Award, was given a standing ovation at the CBCA WA Book Week dinner on 20 August. As Jan was unable to attend the official presentation in Adelaide due to Covid restrictions, the CBCA Chair, Wendy Rapee, recorded the reading of the award citation and this was viewed at the dinner.

Jan was presented with a copy of her citation and a gift made of Tasmanian Huon pine in honour of Nan Chauncy, an award-winning Tasmanian author in the 1950s and 1960s. She then gave a heart-felt acceptance speech.

Jan Nicholls is a most worthy recipient of the 2021 Nan Chauncy Award for her outstanding contribution to Australian children’s literature through passionate advocacy, mentoring and volunteer work.

Gail Spiers
Whilst it was such a shame my Adelaide trip was cancelled I could not have celebrated my Nan Chauncy Award with a better group of people and I really appreciated being on home soil and with my tribe. I am honoured to have been chosen to receive this prestigious award and accept it on behalf of a huge team of people over many years without whom I would never have been in this amazing position.

Jan Nicholls
To read more information about the Nan Chauncy Award, as well as links to the full citation for Jan's award and her acceptance speech, please click here.
Celebrating WA 2020 Notables
WA has some amazing writing and illustrating talent that is often reflected by the number of local authors and illustrators who make it to the Notables list of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards each year. As we celebrate all the 2021 winners of the Book of the Year, we would also like to step back in time and celebrate our amazing WA talent from the 2020 CBCA Notables.
CBCA WA has created four short videos each showcasing two authors and illustrators discussing the inspiration behind their books. There are also four social media tiles that we’d love for you to share across your social networks.   
Below are the links to the videos for you to use and share.

Bren MacDibble and Holden Sheppard

 Briony Stewart and Karen Blair

 Kelly Canby and Mike Speechley

 Meg Caddy and Julia Lawrinson

The social media tiles will soon be available to download through the CBCA WA website.  We have included suggested wording for your posts below.

  • As a publisher, Magabala Books shone bright in 2020, with 4 books in the Notables including Cooee Mittigar: A Story on Darug Songlines by Jasmine Seymour and Leanne Mulgo Watson, Young Dark Emu: A Truer History by Bruce Pascoe, Little Bird’s Day by Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr and Sally Morgan and Baby Business by Jasime Seymour.  Bravo!
  • Meg McKinlay had not one but two books in the Notables for 2020, Catch a Falling Star and Let Me Sleep Sheep illustrated by Leia Rudge. Bravo!
  • Sally Morgan’s book Little Bird’s Day illustrated by Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr also made the Notable List for 2020. Bravo!
The project was made possible by the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries, Lotterywest and Healthway, promoting the Go for 2 & 5 message.  We thank them for their continued support of CBCA WA and Children’s Literature.
Kris Williams
Book Discussion Group
Meetings will continue to be held at Oasis Lotteries House, Hampden Rd Nedlands at 7.00pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month until further notice.

Everyone is welcome to join us at Oasis House at 7.00pm and/or beforehand at the restaurant next door for a tasty meal and chat at 5.45pm.

If you would like to join our group, please email:
22 September

One Hundred Days
by Alice Pung

Black Inc

‘What is astounding about One Hundred Days is that while it is fearlessly honest about the damage family members can inflict on one another, it is also full of forgiveness and harmony and grace. Pung’s discernment and command as a writer is astonishing, elating. I adore this book.’ —CHRISTOS TSIOLKAS
27 October

The Monster of Her Age
by Danielle Binks


‘A sensitive and compelling story about one girl’s struggle to defeat her monsters, escape the past, and find her place in the here and now. I loved it.’ Vikki Wakefield
24 November

Girls in Boys' Cars
by Felicity Castagna

Pan Macmillan

Felicity Castagna has won the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Yung Adult Literature and was a Miles Franklin finalist.
Recent News from Wendy Rapee, CBCA Chair
Check out the CBCA Youtube Channel to hear Graeme Base talk about the Royal Australian Mint coin celebrating his 35th anniversary of Animalia. Please share news of this as they are an incredibly valuable partner of the  CBCA — it is the first year of a five-year partnership. Please see the competition page here. They are offering an amazing prize, a bag and coin, for each student in the winning classes, or families!  Two for each State. Now roar with this one!

We have generously received Graeme and Penguin Random House’s blessing to print a postcard with the glorious “lazy lions lounging in the local library”. 

This will be available from our CBCA e-store in packs of 10 for $10.00. We will also have a limited number of the gold plated coin and book, and the coin available for sale on our e-store.

Wendy Rapee
Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 2020
Photo Gallery
Thank you to Cindy Lane for the images.
Congratulations to Meg McKinlay and Matt Ottley on winning the Premier's Prize for Writing for Children! Meg McKinlay accepted her award in person while Jenny Botje accepted on behalf of Matt Ottley who was unable to travel to WA.

To see the full list of winners please click
Meg McKinlay's novel Catch a Falling Sky has made the shortlist of the Book Links Award For Children's Historical Fiction. The winners will be announced in November at the Book Links StoryArts Festival.
The Worst Witch author, Jill Murphy, passed away on 18 August after a battle with cancer. She was 72. Please read a full obituary here.
Recent Book Launches from WA Authors and Illustrators
Photo Gallery
Mr Bat Wants a Hat
by Kitty Black
Illustrated by Laura Wood
New Frontier

With a blast of streamers and lots of audience participation, Mr Bat Wants a Hat by Kitty Black and Laura Wood was launched on 1 August by our esteemed CBCA WA President Natalya Hawrylak at The Literature Centre. There was craft, wiggling and dancing, cake and lots of amazing hats and bats as her new book took flight. Congratulations Kitty!

Kris Williams
Little Book Bites
If you have a picture of a child, family member, pet or any other interesting reader you'd like to feature in our electronic newsletter, we'd love to see it! Please email it to
New Releases from WA Authors, Illustrators and Publishers
Meg McKinlay
Bella and the Voyaging House
Fremantle Press
July 2021
Nadia L. King
Can the Real JR Stand Up, Please
Dixi Books
July 2021
Karen Blair
Train Party
July 2021
Sally Morgan
Illustrated by
Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr

The River
Magabala Books
August 2021
Claire Saxby
Illustrated by
Cindy Lane

Great White Shark
Walker Books
August 2021
Steve Heron
Illustrated by Matty Mitchell

Where Ya Goin'?
Wild Eyed Press
August 2021
Briony Stewart
Where Are You, Magoo?
August 2021
HM Waugh
Evacuation Road
Rhiza Edge
August 2021
Julia Lawrinson
Mel and Shell
Fremantle Press
September 2021
Gabriel Evans
Norton and the Borrowing Bear
September 2021
Jessica Walton
Illustrated by
Stars in their Eyes
Fremantle Press
September 2021
Lorraine Horsley
You've Got This:
Tips for the Uncertain Student

Dixi Books
October 2021
James Foley
Fremantle Press
November 2021
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