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A Bespoke Service


Which is affordable and supports artists.

We'd like to take a moment to explain to our clients, followers and friends, the values and working practises, that Art in Offices are based upon.
We're Ethical
Art in Offices Director Katie Henry, was once upon a time an artist herself, and when she set up the company, she new that the core value of Art in Offices, would be to support emerging artists, and make sure they were well paid for their work.  Our artists don't foot the bill for insurance, delivery or installation, because they wouldn't be able to make a profit if they did.

We pay our artists well:
Our artists always receive 50% of the value of their work from every sale. When their artwork is rented they always receive 50% of the rental fee every month, with no delays to payment.
Our Artist Fraser Renton in his studio.
We're On Trend

Our Latest Signing

Laura Benetton
A London Based Italian artist who studied art in Venice, previously working in metal, and who now creates drawings and prints.

Laura's prints can be rented for £50 per month.

The Most Popular Artist

Rob Dunt
A London Based artist who makes very large scales canvases, in bright colours and abstract shapes.  he uses music and white noise as his inspiration.

From £125 per month.

We're Affordable

Art in Offices USP is to make art affordable for every office, no matter what size the company and what size the budget.  We have artwork starting at just £40 a month, (which is our minimum rental amount), up to £300 per month.  Recently we did a bit of research, and were pleasantly surprised to discover that we were renting very similar paintings for a lot less than other suppliers did.  

Working out prices is simple:
We are very transparent with the way we work out our rental prices - it's a simple equation - we divide the sale price by 24 months (or 4% however you want to look at it) but the minimum spend is £40 per month (so the artists get a fair wage).  Our subscription/rotation prices are based on these rental prices, plus the costs of shipping, installation and administration (which are divided over the 12 months of your contract), i.e. rental price + additional costs/12 months = monthly fee.

£40 per month

Fraser renton, Linular 1

Art in Offices charge £40 per month

Insurance = £0
Shipping = £dependant on Location
Installation = £50

£75 per month

Abigail Bowen, valentine

Art in Offices charge £75 per month

Insurance = £0
Shipping = £dependant on location
Installation = £50

£125 per month

Ken McClymont, An Ecclectic Affair

Art in Offices charge £125 per month

Insurance = £0
Shipping = £dependant on Location
Installation = £50

£220 per month

Rob Dunt, Dundonald Blooms

Art in Offices charge £220 per month

Insurance = £0
Shipping = £dependant on Location
Installation = £50
Customer Service is key
Director katie Henry will always visit your office personally, to get to know you, your company, your brand, your brief and your tastes in art.
Art in Offices put 25% of your rental fee into a "piggy bank" for you from the outset.  50% goes to the artist, 25% towards our business costs and staff salaries, and 25% into your piggy bank.
If you're renting and decide you want to keep a painting, that's no problem at all!  You can use the money in your "piggy bank" to buy it, or carry on renting and just keep the ones you like and change the others.
Art in Offices are a boutique company, who are selective about the art they put on the website.  we specialise in large, abstract, colourful, contemporary paintings, because that's what suits the majority of offices.
We don't send out huge amounts of emails with "don't miss this" offers or "last chance" promotions.  We only send you a newsletter once a month with exactly that - news.  Sometimes it's advice, sometime reports from art fairs, but it's never just sales.
Your free consultation always includes mock-ups of the work in situ, plus quotes with any and all finance options you want to see.  We'll do as many mock-ups as you want until you're happy with your selection.
We also...
  • Don't sell artwork that our clients are renting - because it's inconvenient for you.
  • Give you lots of added extras like complimentary tickets to art fairs, in-house team social events, talks by artists, tours of museum shows and business networking opportunities.
  • Have a 360 Degree service which includes consultation, valuation, shipping, installation, events and insurance.
  • Have lots of partner organisations like Office Pantry, who provide discounts on their services as a thank you for using us.
  • Offer a generous referral scheme for all introductions to new potential clients.

Current Projects

Other companies we're currently working on projects with include:
Currently we are working on a branded art project with Mobeus Equity Partners, Eight hotel art projects with Bespoke Hotels and some new office decor for Livingstone Partners.  We're also providing Inflexion with historical photographs of Manchester, a fun break out room and entry way with Albacore Capital and some comissioned pieces by Sam Peacock for Oz Management's offices and reception.
If you would like to discuss a project or a need for art in your office, please use the button below to email us and invite us in for your free consultation.
Book a Free Consultation
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