Add a touch of colour, to banish the grey January days.
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What a Difference!


You'd be amazed what a painting can do.

Since our launch in 2012 we've seen offices transformed from boring, soulless spaces, into dynamic working environments. 
Here's how we do it.
Lacking Windows?
Solution:  We'll give you a room with a view. 

If you have a meeting room (or phone booth or kitchen) without windows, or worse still, a window which looks out onto a concrete wall, we'll put up a landscape.  The best option is a landscape photograph, because it's realistic enough to act like a real view, and the frame is the window.

Here's one we made earlier: The Phone Booths at Mobeus Equity.
Before Art in Offices were called in, the staff at Mobeus only had a blank wall to stare at during phone calls.  "Not very inspiring."
Now they look out onto "Stream to Buttermere Lake" , which they rent for £66 per month, and rotate every 6 months. "Much more relaxing."
Too Many White Walls?

Solution:  We'll prescribe a colourful abstract painting. 

Not everyone works in a glass walled new-build office.  Many of you still work in offices with lots of blank. white. walls....which are empty....and big......and boring.  The best solution is a colourful abstract painting because the swirling and geometric forms create texture and interest to the blank wall. The bright colours add energy and brightness, and now you have something inspirational to look at when you're not staring at your screen.

Here's one we made earlier: The big white cube at Tusk Therapeutics
Working in a big white box was enough to drive these scientists mad (almost).
So every four months we send them a variety of new artworks to keep the space interesting and colourful.

Uninteresting Entranceway?

Solution:  We'll install something with impact.

Making an impression is important.  Reception areas shouldn't be neglected.  Why?  Because they are the first place a client will get their first impression of you.  So put up a painting that signifies who you are as a company (youthful, sober, energetic, trustworthy), and put a sculpture on the coffee table.

Here's one we made earlier:  The Square at Leatherhead
Add more than one large painting, in bright colours and simple shapes.
Large walls need colour to fill them and stop them looking empty.
Picky Staff?
Solution:  We'll suggest an art subscription.

It's a fact that you'll never be able to please all of the people, all of the time.  When it comes to choosing art you need to accept that, but be comforted in the knowledge that an art subscription will solve this problem.  Change the art regularly, and there'll always be something that people like, eventually.

Here's one we made earlier:  Thoughtworks Manchester
Rotation 1: Alexander Paul
Rotation 2: Gabrielle Caul
Rotation 3: Steven Heaton
Art in Offices have a solution to every office art quandary.  You just need to take a look at our services and our previous projects to see that we are an inventive company with creative solutions.

We've made wallpapers, engraved plaques, cut out acrylic stencils, Sourced 100 year old photographs, framed prints, installed sculptures, run team building events, auctioned art and commissioned cardboard sculptures.
Take a look at a few of the things we've done in this movie.

Current Projects

Other companies we're currently working on projects with include:
Currently we are working on a some office art for the new Agic UK offices in Berkley Square, some fresh and bright artwork for hawthorn (with hidden sound dampening foam), some plques and signage for Albacore, as well as visual representations of their company values, and some exciting hotel projects, due for completion in 2019 with Bespoke.
If you would like to discuss a project or a need for art in your office, please use the button below to email us and invite us in for your free consultation.
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