For the last three years year I have hosted Australian luthier, Trevor Gore,  in my shop for masterclasses on Modal Tuning. Trevor literally wrote The Book on the subject and travels around the world teaching people his modal tuning methods to achieve the best results as you build your guitar. We will be doing it again this year but Trevor has informed me that this may be the last time he will be coming to give this class. It is quite a strain physically on him as well as logistically to get him here all the way from Australia for this awesome learning opportunity. So if you want to take his class I suggest contacting me soon as spots are limited and already filling.
In the past we have even had many repeat students. If you have already taken Trevor's class and would like a refresher course I offer a discount. This year's class will be held July 10-12 at my shop in Parker, Colorado. Here are some of the things you will learn in the class.
  • How strings drive your guitar
  • Visualizing and understanding modes of vibration
  • Relating modes of vibration to guitar frequency response curves
  • Measuring frequency response curves
  • Relating frequency response curves to generic guitar types (classical, flamenco, steel string rhythm, steel string finger picking)
  • Introduction to theory of modal vibrations
  • Mechanical impedance and admittance
  • Targeting the “right” modal frequencies and avoiding the wrong ones
  • Requirements of a guitar as a static and dynamic structure
  • Measuring material properties so that you can make the best of the wood you have rather than wishing for the wood you would like
  • Bracing schemes for backs and tops
  • Practical tuning of guitar modes: Moving from “as built” to “to design”
If you are interested in this rare opportunity to learn from the master, please contact me ASAP. Here is a video interview I did with Trevor on how to get more volume out of your guitar. He discusses this in detail in the masterclass. 
I also have other class opportunities available in 2020  including my very popular steel string and classical voicing classes, French polish and new this year - Traditional Classical Guitar Rosette Making. Here is a list of all classes being offered this year.
Robert O'Brien - Trevor Gore interview
If you are interested in learning to build guitars or just want
to see how I build my guitars then schedule a class with me.
If you are in need of a concert quality classical or steel string
guitar then let me know as I would love to build a guitar for you.

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