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I often get emails from folks asking how it is possible to French polish a guitar in as little as a day or two! The traditional method takes weeks. Well, it is possible and as you can see in the pics below the results are stunning. Shellac is one of the most versatile, easy to work with and appealing finishes I know of. It has been around for generations. You need no special equipment like respirators, spray guns and compressors and you are not going to poison yourself or blow yourself up. It can even be done on the kitchen table - with your wife's or husband's permission of course. 
In my private classes we finish the entire guitar in as little as 6 to 8 hours! I love seeing the response of students when they realize that French polishing an instrument is not as hard as they were led to believe. In fact, it is quite easy and anyone can do it with spectacular results. 
Every year I offer a two day masterclass teaching my French polish method. This year it will be held June 18-19 and I still have a couple of spots left in the class. Contact me if interested in learning my modern approach to French polish. If you are unable to attend the class then my online French polish course is the next best thing to being here with me in my shop. 

Also, once a year I offer a two day classical voicing class and a two day steel string voicing class. This is the Holy Grail of guitar building! In this class you will thickness, brace and voice a soundboard with me. This can then be taken to your shop and used as a reference for future soundboards or you can use it on a guitar. Learn about the optimum thickness for the species of wood you are using, what a loose or stiff top is, different radii and how they affect tone and structural integrity, bracing patterns, how to thickness soundboards with hand tools, how to select tonewood, and much much more!
I still have spots available for this year's classes. The steel string voicing class will be held June 14 -15 and the classical voicing class will be held June 16 -17. This is a great way to shave years off the lutherie learning curve in just a couple of days.

If you are interested in learning to build guitars or just want
to see how I build my guitars then schedule a class with me.
If you are in need of a concert quality classical or steel string
guitar then let me know as I would love to build a guitar for you.

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