Good day friends; may this email find you safe, and surrounded by all that you need to be happy. 

Across the world, humanity is being attacked. And it's not just the virus waging war, it's fear. Fear influences people to act selfishly, recklessly, and without concern for even their own well-being. 

Now is the time for all to reach out, do what we can; give love, support, and hope where it's needed. Often it's the small things that bring great hope; a funny picture, video, a silly thought.

Positive light is the way out of our darkest times.

Dan and I want to encourage everyone to let their love light shine! Reach out where you can with the gifts and talents God gave you. If cooking brings you joy, drop a casserole dish at your neighbor's door step. If you love pets, offer to foster in your area, where the sick cannot take their fur-babies to the hospital. Remember our animal friends are immune to the virus, yes, but they share in our suffering and worry. 

Here at BSC we are doing our part, offering the FREE music for all that need it! Our fine Affiliates are working to keep their signals up, breaking through the isolation--a light to their communities--and we're privileged to be a small part of this efforts.

And please, remember, many stations are not merely on the local dial, but stream happy tunes across the internet. So if you wish to join the fun, simply find "where to listen tab" at and find some joy inside the fun.

No one knows how long we will be in this particular space of time, but this too shall pass. And when it does, we will all share a renewed sense of gratefulness. 

Life is fragile. Take care. Give freely.
God Bless
Dan & TL


Radio 101

Even through these tough times, there is room for goodness and growth!

When we began BSC, we had locations we believed Elvis' music would be most enjoyed, like Las Vegas, Hawaii, England; naming just a few. But we didn't know was how hard some of these markets would be to crack! Some of the struggle, we believe, is merely the passing of time and the new generation of studio executives that are just not hip to the lasting power of Elvis Presley.

"Elvis is too old, our audience is under 50," these are the words we often hear. So! It's our job to show them Elvis' drawing power and prove to he is good for their station.

One such hard-to-crack place has been Australia. We've been working that country, one email at a time, for over eight months. And we're excited to announce a partnership with Impala Radio, a station with it's roots set in both Australia as well as South Africa. They are small but growing and we are thrilled to have been given a chance.

It's really up to us, his fans, to let station know that Elvis is very much revered and wanted; by listening, emailing, and requesting more Elvis to your local stations. Or tune in to our show and let that station know you're enjoying what you hear. This is how we keep the #freeElvisradio movement growing and strong, how we convince hesitant station to take a chance.

We hope to be able to add more Australia station to the family soon, and give Elvis to their listeners for FREE! Mean while check out Impala Radio when you can. And thank you for supporting us.

Elvis 4 All
Elvis lived 15,561 days. As of Match 23rd, 2020, Elvis has been gone for as long as he walked the earth; 42 years, 7 months, and 8 days. 

I was 10 when he passed. And for the last 30+ years, I've viewed Elvis as this mature adult to be admired and revered. He was older the me, not only in the real sense of time but visually he was more mature then I.

About 5 years ago, this idea changed, and suddenly I would look and see time frozen across his face. I was aging but Elvis is forever young.

I found this disturbing, not for vanity, but on a real mortality reality. 42 years have passed so quickly for all of us, yet for Elvis, he is stuck in 1977. 

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Welcome to the Velvet Hanger, where treasures never age! 

All Extra members will be entered to win a four CD box set, Elvis Presley - Platinum, A Life In Music! Drawing will take place over Easter Sunday! Good luck. 


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