Happy spring everybody! Don't you just love this time of year?

We know happy spring time thought and summer wishes are hard right now. And I wouldn't blame you if you picked up the nearest thing and chucked it at this extra happy email. 

*warning: the cost of it's replacement may not equal your relief* ((Wink))

Take a deep breath. It's Ok to be stressed and worried, we're all having tense moments. You are not alone. And we want to encourage everybody to be gentle on yourself and others as we navigate our way out of a nightmare that only Stephen King could have authored. 

If you are staying in--good for you! Good for us all. And if you're an essential worker, God Bless you. Thank you.

And may everybody stay safe!
We are praying for the entire world.
Dan & TL


Radio 101

As businesses all over the world struggle to find their new "normal"--whatever that may be--inside the Covid-19 pandemic, Radio stations are still on the air. Though we are so thankful for that blessing, as it directly effects Blue Suede Connection, that does not mean they are not hurting.

While Stations may have twice as many listener's, with so many quarantined in place, Radio stations rely on sponsors and advertisers to keep their lights on. And as local and national businesses cut back their advertising dollars, to keep up with their own payroll, the stations will feel this cut back in a personal way.

Infact, you may have already heard evidence of these cuts; less onair talent and more automated music is one way stations lessen their overhead.

While everybody is struggling, we'd be remiss if we did not to bring to light the struggle many local stations may be experiencing. And we ask our listener's, while you're listening, to pay extra attention to whatever your local stations may ask for, say donations or some participation of any kind; please consider lending a helping hand. How to help can also be found on their perspective websites, where they will reach out to their community.

Radio has seen its way through the Great Depression, helped families through two World Wars and everything in-between.

We will make it through this as well--together.
Dan & TL

Elvis 4 All
Though it's widely known that Elvis never toured outside of the USA, it's less known that Colonel Tom Parker was the one holding Elvis back. Born Andreas Cornelius van  Kurjik of Norway, the self-named Tom Parker could not leave the US, and thus, Elvis was denied what awaited him around the globe--love and admiration that exceeds all boarders.  

Elvis' relationship with his international fans gained speed when his stint in the Army began. Fan lingered outside his home in Germany, and weekends spent in France began a love affair that all of Europe very much wanted to continue. "They always come so far to see me, it's time I go see them," he said in 1970.

Unfortunately Elvis never made it to Europe--until 2010 when a virtual Elvis filled the O2 Stadium in London for what was billed as "Elvis -The Concert."  I was amongst the 80,000,00 screaming fans; flags displayed proudly from more than 5 countries.

"Elvis didn't know how great he was," James Burton, Elvis' guitarist said.  "If a fan yelled out, Elvis you're the King. He'd just yell back, no honey, God is King."

Elvis' humility is infamous. He deserved all their love.

"I wish I would have told him how much I admired him," said Scheff (bassist), "but I was too busy playing it cool. I don't even have an autograph, because I was busy being too cool. I regret that now."

"If I'd said, Elvis you really are the greatest," remembers Glen D Hardin (piano player), "he'd had said, 'Well, I'm doing pretty good for an ole country boy', so I didn't say that, but he probably would have liked to have heard it."

Missed opportunities are the stepping stones that lead to life's regrets.

"He would sing happy birthday to me a lot," Burton (guitarist) says, "even if it wasn't my birthday."

Scheff (bassist) says, "One night, he brought one of those little battery operated laugh boxes on stage and said, 'Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Colonel Parker."

"Elvis, as much as anybody I've ever known in my life, loved to laugh." says Tutt (drummer), "He was a very emotional man when it came to that. He didn't hesitate to laugh or cry. 

The world misses him. We miss him.


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