"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans," so says the musical genius of John Lennon, fitting for the life and times we are all living through--don't you think?

I think of all the time Dan and I have spent "planning," life and careers, and I wonder if there wasn't more loving and living that could have been done. Maybe, yes. But I can tell you assuredly, going forward, we will both be more contentious of "time" in general and the fact that we are promised nothing.

With that said, as far as our mission of FREE Elvis music on the local dial across the world, we are moving forward again in our pursuit of new stations--the Covid news rush seems to have lulled--and we hope to have positive news in our June newsletter, where new opportunities are concerned.

We have lost a few stations in these last few months, some shut their doors, and some simply changed format; Vintage music to Classic Rock 80's. If you would have asked me in 1985 what I feared most, I would have said the take over of 80's music across the airwaves. Even then, I knew that one day, Elvis would be phased out by the likes of "Tears for Fears." 

Don't know them? Well, unless you were 16 in 1985, you might not! But they are thriving on all the Classic Oldies Channels, and something tells me, their 20 year old selves never thought they'd get a second chance when they were in their 50's! Radio is full of surprises.

Trends aside, we are dedicated to keeping the music of one of the greatest entertainers this country has ever seen alive on the airwaves. And we thank you for standing with us, support us, and your local stations. 
May you and yours be healthy and happy.
Dan & TL


Radio 101

Memphis radio has a long and grande history; from Memphis' first transmission at the top of the Falls Building in 1913 to the first broadcasting station WKN, signaling off the roof of the Riechman-Crosby Building at Beale and Front street in 1923, music history was born over these famous airwaves, playing an important roll in the birth of Rock n Roll.

WMC is one of the (oldest) few stations that still uses it original call letters. The transmitter tower is on the top floor of The Commercial Appeal building, and though Memphis was segregated in 1923, they are credited for being one of the first stations to ignore racial lines by airing late night blues singers. Today WMC is strictly News/Talk radio. 

In 1929 WREC moved from the Whitehaven neighborhood to the basement of the famous Peabody Hotel where it stayed for over 40 years! WREC became known for it's popular shows and on air personality. In fact, Sam Philips, credit for discovering Elvis Presley at Sun Studios, began his radio career at WREC.

However, the most famous of them all, the one that everybody tuned in, including the young Mr. Elvis Presley, was WMPS. On the air in 1947, WMPS was the popular culture of Memphis and country for over 50 years. It was originally a country western station and is credited with shaping the careers of Kay Starr and Eddie Arnold.

Disc jockey Bob Neal, of WHBQ fame, did some time at WMPS while managing the rising star, Elvis Presley. Many famous personalities were birthed there, including the popular 70's DJ, Rick Dee's, who did not stay when the station change to WDIA, and the renamed it's building to the Radio Center Building.  Today, the historic building is a set of new Condo's called Radio Center Flats and sits on the National Regestry as historic.

Elvis 4 All
Ever wonder what kind of music Elvis put on his turntable when nobody--or everybody, for that matter--was looking? I'm sure it would not surprise you that Gospel music would be very prominent in his collection; the likes of the Blackwood Brothers, or The Stamps, could be found. But how about The Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Yeah that one surprised me too. 

However, most artists are versatile in more than the genre in which they create. For instance, just because a writer creates mystery work, doesn't mean they do not read romance in their spare time. 

Elvis himself was a very special kind of artist, in that no genre was able to contain him, and all music was his canvas. He himself spanned Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, and Rhythm and Blues.

And in his house, the music was just as sophisticated as he was; Christmas albums by the Jackson 5, The Temptations is easily found. He supported many a Memphis friend and legend, like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee, and collectible pieces are in his collection.

Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Dave Clark Five, "The Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles--everything was up for grabs. One moment it's "All I Have to Do is Dream," by The Everly Brothers and the next, "Piece of My Heart," by Janis Joplin's Big Brother and Holding Company.

And who's music do you think popped up in Elvis' collection more frequently than most? Ray Charles. Along with many full albums, Elvis owned several 45's; hits included "America The Beautiful," "Hit the Road Jack," "Hardhearted Hannah," and "In the Heat of the Night."

Elvis loved R&B. James Brown, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Sam and Dave, Chuck Berry, The Platters and John Lee Hooker were all represented.

I don't know about you, but knowing the extent to which Elvis was a music lover brings me great joy. Of course, how could he not be a music lover? Do writers not read; pianist not attend symphonies? 

After all these years, one would think that finding a new reason to admire him would be slim--alas it just keeps getting better. God Bless him.    


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This month we are offering our subscribers a chance to own one of three perfectly wrapped and rolled, never opened, Elvis and Nixon, White House 70's vintage black and white posters!

We've all seen the picture of that fateful visit. Beautiful. Hard to come by. Never opened. Elvis in his purple plush suit, complete with belt and cane. Nixon looking rather bemused!  

 It's classic Elvis. You can own one 23×35 gem for $30.00 + S&H. We have only three in stock, so email us at 

Items will be listed on The Velvet Hanger to the general public starting on June 5th. 

Happy Shopping.


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