2020 is off to a great start for BSC; we signed six new stations in the month of January--a record! And the month of February is beginning to shape up, with a new city pending, one we have been wanting since we started--one guess, it's a "bright light city" sure to set your soul on fire! That's all I dare say, as anything can still happen. So send all your good vibes our way! 

There are many adventures in the wind, new possibilities, from hosting Memphis bus trips to Elvis cruises; the world is our Apple and we are ready to take a bite. Whatever happens, you will hear it first, right here in the EXTRA.

Thank you for supporting the FREE Elvis on the dial movement. 

We love ya.
Dan and TL


Radio 101

Personality radio is making a comeback!

For the last 20 years stations have been opting for automation instead of personel. The need to cut cost has changed the face of radio, and it's taken years for this trend to turn. But turn it is, and personality is once again back behind the mic.

Every profession has it's challenges. Once it was the exaggerated Wolfman Jack that sparked a new radio craze, while the more docile voices, like Dick Clark, shifted to the oldies channels and beyond. But it wasn't long before Wolfman was over taken by the likes of the more extreme, Howard Stern, and Sirus became the trend, proving that listener's really would pay to listen!

Free radio was now suffering a slow death.

But in the last ten years we've seen yet another shift, and we're hearing station owners talking "personality" again. This is good news for Elvis fan's and our FREE Elvis on the dial movement. It's a combination of our love and excitement that adds to the already fabulous package of Elvis, together this makes growth possible for Blue Suede Connection.

May it grow and bring happiness to listeners everywhere.
Let FREE spread by sharing the hashtag #freeElvisradio

Dan & TL

Elvis 4 All
As we welcome in 2020, US citizens prepare for "tax season, " an annual ritual where millions negotiate with Uncle Sam, hoping to get a refund on some of their paid funds. Refunds come in many ways, but business deductions is a big way to acquirer money back.

Artists love deductions! From writers to musicians, painters to concert hall dwellers, we hire professionals to work out the details on our behalf. 

Everyone has a tax guy; Bon Jovi has a tax man. No doubt Sinatra had one too. But do you know who did not have an accountant?

Elvis Presley.

That's right, for years Vernon, Elvis' father, begged his son to bring someone in to help them save money from Uncle Sam and Elvis reportedly said. "Daddy, I'm privileged to have been born here. Just give the government whatever we owe...
 I have the money."

See to Elvis, the US was more important to him then finding a way to save a dollar. He knew he didn't have to pay all he owed but he wanted to, felt honored too. Can you imagine this kind of love for your country?

As a small business owner myself, I use every tax break I can! I admit it. And even if my salary was to go up, I'd do the same. Yet do I love my country less? So was Elvis' love extraordinary or was he just the kind of an amazing individual who did not put much value on the dollar. He cared about people,  providing for his employees, his father, his child, his wife, and all the Presleys and Smith's in between, which he too supported. And even with all those responsibilities, he felt he must support his country too? Amazing.

And as I file my taxes for the uncountable time in my life--yes, with my deduction--I will once again remain in awe.

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Welcome to the Velvet Hanger, where treasures never age! 

This month we bring a special piece of jewelry to The Velvet Hanger, a Lowell Hays original--from the famous Elvis Collection--a gold plated, diamond crystal, and imitation black onyx replica ring, casted from Elvis' original mold! Yes the exact molds used for Elvis has been used to create new pieces for everyone that wants one.

Size 8.  $110.00 (shipping not included)

For pictures or more information, please email us at 

Remember: this fine piece will be going public on Feb 20th but for now is available to a subscriber as first choice.

Treat yourself!

Patricia Garber 

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