Welcome Blue Suede Extra family! We are so excited about 2020 and we thank all of you for sticking with us, supporting us, and cheering us on. We couldn't do it without you.

  This year Blue Suede Connection will be putting our media platform to good use by helping organizations, as well as persons, of need.  Throughout the year we will be sharing these adventures, and merely ask that you search your heart; help us, help them. Something as simple as sharing on your social media platforms will be a huge help. We know you will all help where and when you can, and we thank you.

 Our first efforts will kick off with an iPod drive in support of "Music and Memory." This non-profit organization uses music to stimulate the memory of those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's. 

Music is powerful, and "Music and Memory" harnesses this power, bringing souls out from their darkness and into the light--if only for a short time.

We feel this is an area we can help, and soon, we will be advertising an iPod drive, asking people to mail us their used iPods. These ads will run on our 50+ stations, and on our social media platforms. We will in turn donate them to "Music and Memory".  The iPod's will then be given to a participating elder care facility, and with the help of the patients family, they'll be reprogramed with their favorite tunes!

The miracle of music is something to behold, and we encourage you to take a look at this link for some helpful facts--
Stay tuned for more information to come! 
~ Dan and TL

Radio 101

Born in the 60's, I remember when Elvis' music, aka The 50's, played on Oldies radio stations everywhere. It was easy to find with just a quick scan of the dial and you could listen for FREE.

The Oldies stations of today are playing music from the 80's; the likes of Madona, Michael Jackson, and Elvis' music is virtually falling off of the dial. This natural way of things reminds me of how Sinatra's music, the music of my grandparents, fell off and is now virtually gone from the dial. Wrong. It's just wrong. And we do not want to see this happen to Elvis.

I understand, it's simply the progress of time, but we believe we (his listeners) can prevent it. Let's face it, radio runs on advertisers, and advertisers need listeners. So if there is an audience, the advertisers will come to a station and--you guessed it--money will flow for all involved! Advertising is big money.

And we share this today, because we need listeners to reach out to their local stations, stations with titles like, Classic Oldies, Classic Country, Vintage or Varety stations! These are the ones that will put Elvis back on the dial. 

If you have one in your local area, and they aren't playing much Elvis, nor Blue Suede Connection, write to them! Let them hear a need for this not-to-be-forgotten Legend, and they will get Elvis back on their channel. Let's keep him on the dial--reach out, and request to hear more Elvis.

We give you promission to tell them about BSC--the show is FREE to commerical radio stations--and they like FREE. 

Elvis 4 All
"An image is one thing, and the man is another. It's very hard to live up to an image." ~ Elvis Presley.

True story: One night while lounging around Graceland, Elvis' than girlfriend, Linda Thompson, tossed out a suggestion that they drive down to the local McDonalds--alone! 

Elvis never went anywhere alone, so this idea was, at first, not received well; he explained to Linda that it wouldn't be safe to do this, especially not with her along for the ride. 

Linda did not believe for one second that Elvis couldn't step out in his home town of Memphis. She knew the locals would respect him and not try to hurt him. And she desperately wanted to go out with him, alone, even if it was only for a burger at McDonalds. But she also knew she would not get Elvis to take on this adventure if it wasn't a challenge, something fun, so she made a bet with him, "I bet you, money, nobody will even recognize you!"

Elvis fully believing he could very well be mobbed! However, mob or not, he was going to prove it to her and win this bet.

It wasn't long before Elvis and Linda were sitting alone in a booth at the local Whitehaven McDonalds! And after a few minutes, and a burger or two, it did seem like all was good. 

"See, I told you, nobody knows you!" Linda barely got her words out before a man walked up. "Man, you guys disgust me!," the man hissed at Elvis.

Linda watched as Elvis' face drop into a stunned expression. "I wish you impersonators would get a life! There is only one Elvis Presley!" The man continued.

Elvis' face brightened as he realized the man misunderstood what he was seeing. "Sir, I am Elvis Presley," he grinned at the man, who leaned in for a closer for a look.

Linda, the practical joker that she was, saw her chance to get an edge. "I told you Bob, you should really stop dressing like that, it makes people angry!" "Yeah Bob," the man echoed. 

Elvis, confused, tried again to tell the man that his girlfriend was just being funny, that he really is Elvis Presley, but the man wasn't having it.

"I pity you," he said, waving Elvis off as he left. Linda laughed all the way back to Graceland, and "Bob" was Elvis' new pet-name.

Click To Shop
Welcome to the Velvet Hanger, where treasures never age! 

When I was a kid, I used to travel an hour on the bus, from the countryside of Washington state to the city lights of Portland, Oregon, where I'd spend my afternoons cruising music stores and antique shops, looking for all things Rock N Roll!

As I grew older this habit expanded from that which could be pinned to my wall or spun on a record player, to all treasures of yesterday.

Like so many of you, I'm an old soul that finds joy in styles of yester-year. The Velvet Hanger  is my newest adventure; a place to shop for unique items! 

Visit often as we expand our treasures. And yes, you will hear about the most special artifacts right here--first!

Thank you for supporting all we do.
Patricia Garber 


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