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February 28, 2021

The Sunday of the Prodigal Son

On the third Sunday of preparation for Lent, we hear the parable of the Prodigal Son (LK. 15:11-32). Together with the hymns on this day, the parable reveals to us the time of repentance as man’s return from exile. The prodigal son, we are told, went to a far country and there spent all that he had. A far country! It is this unique definition of our human condition that we must assume and make ours as we begin our approach to God. A man who has never had that experience, be it only very briefly, who has never felt that he is exiled from God and from real life, will never understand what Christianity is about. And the one who is perfectly “at home” in this world and its life, who has never been wounded by the nostalgic desire for another Reality, will not understand what is repentance.

Repentance is often simply identified as a cool and “objective” enumeration of sins and transgressions, as the act of “pleading guilty” to a legal indictment. Confession and absolution are seen as being of a juridical nature. But something very essential is overlooked– without which neither confession nor absolution have any real meaning or power. This “something” is precisely the feeling of alienation from God, from the joy of communion with Him, from the real life as created and given by God. It is easy indeed to confess that I have not fasted on prescribed days, or missed my prayers, or become angry. It is quite a different thing, however, to realize suddenly that I have defiled and lost my spiritual beauty, that I am far away from my real home, my real life, and that something precious and pure and beautiful has been hopelessly broken in the very texture of my existence. Yet this, and only this, is repentance, and therefore it is also a deep desire to return, to go back, to recover that lost home….

An excerpt from Great Lent, by Alexander Schmemann From Chapter 2: Preparation for Lent

As  we approach the
Great Lent

Next Sunday we observe the Sunday of the Last Judgement

Also known as 'Meatfare" Sunday...
This is the last Sunday before the Great Lent that meat is consumed.  We will be holding our traditional Luncheon after the Liturgy and would ask as always should you like to do so to bring a covered dish to share ... 

 We know that because of Covid restrictions that many of you may not be able attend... 
as you know we will strive to keep all
health requirements 

A new way of doing something         we're used to...

Bringing back our
Bible Study during Covid

We have been constantly asked
"when will Adult Bible Study again?"

Over the almost past 10 years at St George's, we have been blessed with a truly great adult study program of our Orthodox Faith.  As many already know the dialogue and discussions along with active participation not mention our attendance made our program special.  The vast number of topics and lectures fortunately have been preserved as PowerPoint presentations.

These presentations are currently being reworked and modified with narrations so they maybe placed on YouTube under the heading
"GOD IS WITH US'"  Hopefully the first series dealing with the Bible will be available by the beginning of the Great Lent (mid-March). 

Unfortunately our lively discussions will have to await a while more, but we will now be able to share with our friends and family  our church community and what it means to be "Orthodox by Choice!"

Many people in need of love and help have already asked for our prayers...
we freely offer anyone to contact us...
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