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February 21, 2021
This Sunday we remember the story of the publican (tax collector) and
the Pharisee
 (Luke 18:10-14)

The essence of Pharisaism became synonymous with hypocrisy, duplicity, and sanctimoniousness. Nonetheless, this awareness and knowledge do not prevent us from making the same mistake over and over again.

The publican was the opposite of the Pharisee not only socially, but also spiritually. It is obvious that the publican is bad. Yet many of the publicans recognized this and wanted to change. The Pharisees, however – whether good or not entirely good – is satisfied with himself. He recognizes the correctness of his life.

Our salvation is accomplished by co-working with God. God can do anything, and He does nearly everything for us (the parable of the Prodigal Son, which comes next, is about this). But action and effort are required of us. What this action will be, where we will direct our will, once again depends on us. If we humble ourselves, the Lord will exalt us. At the level of decision-making the choice is obvious. Yet how difficult it is to make this choice in actual fact, how hard it can be to confirm it by our very lives!

"for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted"

And now...
Onwards and Downwards!

Yes...that's what we meant...
as we have finally come to the completion of another major project...we said downwards actually look down to see that  our new flooring has
been installed

Over 2 years ago at our annual picnic the attendees kindly donated for a replacement for the decades old and well worn carpet.

We offer a photo-timeline as a small demonstration of another onward progress here at St. George...but when the next time you attend...LOOK DOWN...

Three different flooring types installed

Vinyl, Carbonized Bamboo, and Carpet

Heading 1

And finished!

Thank you all!

A project such as this was requires a great amount of our guys who helped move the pews...the Paradise Construction Company: Fr. Dcn Herman, Mike Bosanac, Ken Howard, and Mark Totin. To our facilitator Tom Beste for not only his financial help but organizing the installation and to our many benefactors who stepped up for this project,
our most sincere thanks. 

Another kind donation!

A thank you again!

To the Apetroaei Family who for the health of their family donated a Silver communion set which will be used during the Great Lent.

In Memorium

We would like to express our most sincere condolences to Vera and Clain Johnson over the loss of theirs and our dear Jeff...

He will always be remembered with love and respect within our church community and gratitude for the many things he did for us.

Memory Eternal 

Our parish consists of well over 400 souls which means that Fr Rade must rely on you our parishioners to keep him informed of any situation that may arise as with any health emergency.

As restrictions are slowly easing visitations may be possible along with prayer requests.
Or just call
love to hear from you

With the beginning of the Great Lent coming soon, we are trying to schedule services along with possibility of an online Bible Study...

Hopefully this latter project will be launched... 
you will be informed when we might begin...

Our future targeted goals
and projects...

Due to the covid situation, we haven't  been so regular with our e-bulletins and hopefully we will be correcting this.  

Even with the virus, both interest and attendance continues to grow.  There presently another two  major projects in the planning stages which we will provide more detailed information once it has been obtained.

We realize that being the only Orthodox in the area requires a 21st century approach of evangelization if we desire to continue to grow.  New programs are and will continue to be developed with which  you will be able to share with others who are seeking and discovering the faith of the Apostles.
Stay tuned...


Since our last e-bulletin another event ocured this being the completion of the interior mosaics of the Cathedral of
St. Sava in Belgrade

PLEASE CLICK THE ABOVE PHOTO and you will be directed to a video of the Cathedral 

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