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Getting Started in Adult Life

David Rose came to Futures as a student in the Bradford Area Schools transition program. After he graduated in 2009, he began working as a participant in the extended employment program.
“David is a pleasure to work with,” said supervisor Tammy Bennett. “He is courteous, kind and considerate. He is willing to learn any job and always gives it his best.” “David really likes it here and he shows up in the morning ready and willing to work. He gets along beautifully with co-workers and all of the staff,” she said.

Tammy noted that the quality of David’s work is excellent and that he is particularly skilled in operating the Whirley shrink wrap machine. “Futures is a really good place to work,” said David. “I was anxious to get a job here.” “My favorite job is shrink wrapping cups. It pays a lot,” he said. With help from his family, David is in the process of setting up his first apartment. “I use half of my paycheck to pay bills and the other half I am using to buy stuff I need for my new apartment. I bought a vacuum cleaner and a refrigerator,” he said.

Congratulations to David on his success at work and at home!
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