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Futures Assembles Shelves for Macy’s Stores

   Shopping at Macy’s this Christmas season? If you are, you may notice merchandise display shelves like the ones in the pictures below. Over 750 of the shelving units were assembled at Futures Rehabilitation Center and shipped to many Macy distribution centers and stores throughout the country and overseas to Guam.

   Dave Rinfrette, Futures Rehabilitation Sales & Marketing Director and John Haid, Vice President of Business Development for Allegheny Trico worked closely to coordinate the production and shipping of the shelving units. Many of Futures participants and staff were involved in this successful collaboration between Futures Rehabilitation and Allegheny Trico.

   This business partnership is a great example of how Futures Rehabilitation can leverage its workshop production participants, staff, skills and facilities to help a local company meet its customer needs on time and on budget.

   For more information about Allegheny Trico (formerly Allegheny Store Fixtures), please visit their web site at

   For more information about Macy’s Inc., please visit their web site at or

   For more information about Futures Rehabilitation Center manufacturing services, please visit our web site at

Dave Rinfrette of Futures Rehabilitation Center and John Haid of  Allegheny Trico with a Macy's shelving unit ready for shipment.
A Macy's shelving unit ready for merchandise. 
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