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Big Ideas 2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur
"2014 will be a year of many big ideas, because it will be the year of the entrepreneur. This year has seen the growing trend of entrepreneurship being embraced as a positive way to create the jobs of the present and the future. From being a dirty word in the past, now entrepreneurship is increasingly being celebrated and encouraged - as it should be." - Richard Branson - Click here to read on.
6 Keys to Getting Organized
Feeling unorganised at this busy time of year? Want to start the year fresh? The good news is that you can take charge of your business life instead of letting it take charge of you, and you may not have to spend a dime.
All you need is a small investment of time, to develop your own system for keeping track of the important things while filtering out everything else that gets in the way.
These guidelines can help you create your own personalized path to productivity.
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The 8 Best Apps For A Calm, Focused Mind
At this time of year things can definitely become a little hectic!
With work demands, Christmas shopping and endless things on our 'to-do' list, it can be a difficult time to focus and get things done, let alone find time for ourselves.
Try these eight apps to silence your mind and turbo-charge your focus.
Do You Really Need to Make New Year Resolutions?
The start of a New Year is as good a time as any to make resolutions. Every business leader should have new goals and make sure they achieve those goals on an ongoing basis, anyway. But the New Year gives us an annual opportunity to review our priorities and make fresh commitments. It provides us with an occasion to focus on what is truly going to make a difference in our lives. It gives us the chance to reflect on everything in our lives for which we can be grateful and make new commitments for the year ahead that reflect our greater purpose in life. Click here to read on.
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