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Current Positions

Opportunities like this one rarely present to join a leading global fashion brand with amazing brand recognition. Having established themselves as a category leader, they continue to build upon their product offering through strategic marketing, business partnering and sponsorship deals that assist with brand building and innovation.

Workplace Trends

Via Huffington Post

Over the past few years we have noticed many and varied trends that impact our workplace.

What are some of these workplace issues that are significantly impacting Fortune 500 companies, home offices, and all types of businesses? This article examines three of those trends.

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Gender Equality: The Negative Bias


Diane Gander-Smith, Chairperson of Transfield and Director of Wesfarmers, came right out and said it: "Capable men will have to lose jobs to make way for gender equality". And so we open a further avenue of debate on what is already a sensitive issue: when it comes to gender equality, are we developing a negative bias?

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There’s No Formula for Gender Diversity in the Workplace


"When our beloved late CEO, Dave Goldberg, asked me to join SurveyMonkey as the vice president of human resources, I reacted in a way I believe many women in my position are so inclined: I tried to talk him out of it.

“But I don’t have the right experience,” I explained.

Even though I’d spent more than 11 years in various HR leadership roles at Yahoo, I thought someone else would be better suited for the job because I’d never had full responsibility for an entire department.

“No. You’re perfect. I’m not going to take no for an answer,” he told me.

Four years later, I’m still grateful that Dave pushed me to realize my potential even when I balked at his initial offer. And his legacy here remains: Women make up 40 percent of our executive team, compared with the industry average of 24 percent."

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Talent Quotes

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

- Henry Ford

5 Common Traits of the Most Inspiring CEOs


Not only does the outside world judge a company based on the performance of its CEO, so do the employees. If you're a CEO and you think your team needs a boost in morale, ask yourself, "Why would customers and employees rally behind me?"

We've all heard stories of or even worked for companies that had a stand-offish CEO, one that made employees feel "less than." Most people I know like to see a leader who is more visibly involved in various aspects of the business, whether its development, operations or marketing. That visible investment in the day-to-day working environment can be motivating and inspiring to the whole crew, especially if it doesn't involve too much micromanagement.

With this in mind, here are six ways that you can have a greater presence as a CEO.

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