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Coaches Corner

Hey Piranhas, what an incredible last few weeks! We had a lot on the go. We finished off our Bingo sheet against the Salt Spring team! We all swam super challenging sets and it came down to the final week, when unfortunately Salt Spring took the win. You all tried incredibly hard throughout that BINGO sheet, thank you to everyone who participated in those tough sets, as well as those of you who chose to punish coach Kurtis over myself on Sunday!

We also just wrapped up Hell week! This past week would not have been possible without some of the most dedicated and hard working parent volunteers we have! Thank you so much to Sara Benson, Heather Paterson, Paul and Rosamund Miller, John Siebert, Heather Strosher, Melissa Drolet, and Colette Hopkins, as well as all the rest of our parent volunteers who stepped up to help out with lap counting, officiating the run courses and helping out at the time trial! You were all instrumental in the planning and production of last week! It was unbelievable to see the participation in all of our extra activities, especially the team hike last Tuesday, which was the largest group for the Piranhas hell week hike EVER! The end of hell week was a super fun pizza and tie dye night where we announced the winner of our Mario themed hell week, which was team Bowzer. Bowzer won because of their creative costume ideas, and their awesome teamwork and cheering! Great job team Bowzer and awesome job to all the swimmers who attended the extra hell week activities!

Finally we headed off to Salt Spring where we competed for a day against the Stingrays! Big thank you to the Millers who once again took on a huge role of running the technical side of the meet!

Moving forward, we have a time trial this Friday the 23rd, and it will be our last time trial until August 13th. If your swimmer would like to attend the time trial this Friday please sign them up using the google doc that Sara has shared with you!

We also have a huge competition coming up! On August 6/7/8 we will be heading to Nanaimo to participate in the Gator Games! This meet, which is normally regionals, will be a celebration of swimming on the island! Every team from Campbell River to our very own Sidney Piranhas will be competing and celebrating the fact that we swam through this crazy year and summer! It is going to be super exciting and it will be the truest version of what summer club is all about! Novices will be racing as well so sign your novice swimmers up (mini piranhas - big fish 2)! It will be a heats and finals meet and we are all so excited to head up and celebrate and hope you can join us!

Little pool: Coach Emma, Erik and Kaitlyn

Hi everyone! Coach Emma, Coach Kaitlyn and I have all seen some pretty awesome swimming in the past few weeks. Between the time trials on Friday the 16th and the Salt Spring meet on Sunday, we can tell all of your hard work from the past few months has been paying off! We are all super proud of everyone and we hope you all continue to put in that same level of hard work we've seen all season!

First of all during the Friday time trials we saw some amazing swims, we had 8 swimmers in total from the three groups in the little pool. For most of them this was the first time they had ever been in this sort of race situation, and they all crushed it! Then on Salt Spring we saw even more great swims! We had an incredible amount of swimmers come out and swim, which was amazing! At Salt Spring our novices got to race 25’s of all 4 strokes, and they all did fantastic! We saw such determination and hard work on that day which made us really proud! In addition to 25’s some of our swimmers got the chance to race full 50’s. Iris Fryers, Madison Tooby, John Ardnt, Kaitlyn Liang, Emily Verran, Nora Wozniak, and Laila Preston all raced at least one 50, which they all crushed! All in all, the other coaches and I were incredibly proud of the hard work we saw at the meet and hope you all keep it up!

In the next two weeks we will be working on all the strokes to prepare for the upcoming Regional Meet in Nanaimo, which you can sign up for now! We will also be working on our turns and finishes so we can refine those for our races. In addition to this we will work on building up endurance without fins so we can finish strong in our 25’s or 50’s for races.

Amazing work everyone, keep it up!

Junior group: Coach Sophie and Fynn

Hey Juniors, what a crazy few weeks we have had! We loved to see the intensity brought forth by all of our juniors during our splash n dash last week, as well as the team hike, bootcamp and the rest of the hell week activities! We saw some pretty awesome costumes as well, notably Zoe Paterson came in with one of the best Mario costumes we have seen! I hope everyone had a bunch of fun last week! Especially those of you who got to punish the coaches after a hard month of BINGO sheet workouts!

Our juniors have been working hard on their timing in their fly and it really showed this past weekend at the Salt Spring meet! We had some amazing 50 flys as well as some great opening 25s for the 100 IM! One standout performance in the 100 IM was addy Tait! She has stepped up her game in the past few weeks getting the chance to race a couple older swimmers and do an unbelievable job keeping the race in her lane and continuing to work on the butterfly timing throughout the race! Keep up the awesome work Addy!

In backstroke we have been working a lot on rotation as well as our head stability! One swimmer who showed a lot of improvement in this area has been Maliha. Although we did not get the chance to watch her race at Salt Spring , all of the work is paying off in practice! Keep crushing it Maliha.

In breaststroke we have been working hard on our strong gliding position after every stroke, making sure we are not adding additional drag and making it harder on ourselves. One swimmer who has been crushing all of the breaststroke sets and put on a show at the Salt Spring meet was Myla! Her stroke is super efficient and she has mastered her gliding! Keep it up Myla!

Finally we have been working hard on our freestyle side glide! One swimmer who has put in a lot of work on her freestyle side glide has been Emma Biggs! It is coming along really well and her freestyle has seen lots of improvement the last couple weeks. Keep up the awesome work Emma!

We gave out two caps for stand out performances for this past weekend! The first cap went to Addy Tait who came to all the hell week activities and has been crushing her races recently! The second cap went to a swimmer who challenged herself this past Sunday at Salt Spring and swam only 100s. She overcame the nerves of racing and crushed all of her races and that was Maya Verran! Great job both of you!

Intermediates: Coach Ethan

A few highlights from the Salt Spring meet! We had Coach Molly back in action with the intermediates this past Sunday! We had quite a few amazing races from the intermediate group! A couple notable ones were Lily Edgell and Mia Patersons 200 IM! They swam it exactly how Molly asked and they absolutely crushed it! Owen Hunter-Siebert had a huge best time in his IM as well and tore it up in the pool! Lucas Nordstrom competed for the first time and absolutely crushed all of his races! As well as a huge best time from Jada Pederson in her 100 breaststroke, really putting all that glide work to use! Awesome job everyone who competed this past weekend!

Congratulations to the swimmers on completing the action-packed Hell Week! The group’s performance exceeded the coaches expectations at every practice and during the “Bingo” challenge sets, which were developed in cooperation with coach Kurtis of the Salt Spring Stingrays. Of particular note, the swimmers dominated the 10 x 50m dive set where they continued to refine their technique at a race pace. Some swimmers, such as Cara, even managed to beat their best time repeatedly in the set which was very inspiring!

The swimmers also performed commendably at the time trial this past Friday. Despite the physical and mental strain of Hell Week leading up to it, the group managed to perform at a new level of racing ability and many beat the new best times they had achieved during the challenge set. Felicitations to both Lily and Mia on their awards for their exceptional leadership, work ethic, volunteering and team spirit throughout Hell Week and at the PAND-EPIC mini meet at Salt Spring. While some swimmers may not be entirely pleased with their times, it should be known that it was expected for them to be performing under suboptimal conditions after the arduous week of training. Additionally, the progress made both in terms of technique and physical conditioning will benefit the swimmers in their preparation for the August 6-8 regional swim meet.

Over the next two important weeks, we will be narrowing our focus to the areas that will prepare us for the regional meet. These will include carrying speed through the turns and into the finishes. Furthermore, we will also be working on developing the skills specific to the 100 and 200 IM. The time trial this Friday will provide an excellent opportunity to refine these areas of technical ability.

For the swimmers away with their families this next week, we hope that you can have a fun, active and safe time.

The group’s best wishes of health and a speedy recovery go out to Mia at this time.

Seniors: Coach Fynn

Our seniors have been put to the test these past few weeks. Taking another huge step forward with the training intensity! The hell week practices were challenging and I did not hear a single complaint when I asked them to try some tough sets! They even stepped up to the plate and crushed the last practice on Thursday night of hell week with an unbelievable effort in the Napoleon set!

We have been working our fly recovery hard recently and it is coming along really well! One swimmer who has had some stand out fly and has been working hard all season trying to get better has been Melia! Although she was away for hell week, she raced her absolute hardest on Sunday and put on a great 50 fly in her 200 IM as well as an awesome opening 50 in her 100 fly! Great job this past Sunday and we will continue to work on that butterfly!

In backstroke we have been working hard on entering a little wider as well as adding some more kick to it! One swimmer who has been working hard on the backstroke rotation as well as their kick tempo is Liam Rankin! He crushed his 100 backstroke this past Sunday, and showed us coaches just how much he can kick throughout his stroke, finishing the 100 off with some very fast legs! Awesome job Liam and keep up the great kick!

In breaststroke we have been working hard on driving our head down to meet our hands at the front of our glide! One swimmer who showed us that throughout their race this past weekend as well as some amazing underwater off their wall was Linnea Hopkins! She was driving her head down throughout her 100 and had unbelievable pullouts throughout her race which made for an exciting race to the wall!

Our focus in freestyle has been our catch and pull through the stroke. One swimmer who has done an awesome job working on her catch trying to make it as fast as possible has been Sophie Postlethwaite! She has a very efficient freestyle and an unreal catch, we are now just trying to speed it up to get her stroke rate going! Keep up the awesome Soph!

We handed out the seniors caps for the breakout performances for this previous week as well as for the Salt Spring meet! The first cap went to a swimmer who had an unreal meet at Salt Spring. He crushed his 50 free smashing the 30 second barrier. He had an unreal 100 back where he showed us just how good his kick really is. Not to mention showing up to morning practice after all of that, and on his birthday, Liam Rankin! The second cap went to a senior who showed awesome leadership throughout all of last week! Learning his entire team's name on the hike as well as attending every hell week activity and crushing them, and that was Eliot Tait! Awesome job you two!

Gator Games Meet Registration is OPEN

Here's your opportunity to experience a real-deal swim meet as all clubs in the VI Region gather for a celebration of swimming over three days in the beautiful outdoor Kin Pool in Bowen Park, Nanaimo.

REGISTRATION: Sign up for your events HERE.

DATE: Friday, August 6 (afternoon) - Sunday, August 8

LOCATION: Kin Pool - 500 Bowen Rd (Bowen Park) Nanaimo

COST: Free (Piranhas will cover meet fees)



OTHER DETAILS: This meet is a HEATS & FINALS (A & B) so if you are top 12 in your heat you will swim again in the afternoon. 

MEET PACKAGE: Please see the complete meet package HERE

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