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We've started a new series of blog posts: Every week for the next fifteen weeks we're telling the story of the making of one of our CD productions!
First, Wayfaring Stranger... 

Ever wonder how our albums came to be?  Did we just have a talented idea and go straight into the studio and turn on the mikes for a couple of hours?  Ha!  Well, Timothy is writing down brief stories of the production of each of his CDs over the past twenty years, starting with the one in 1995.

We'd thought of putting the whole thing here in this e-mail, but it's probably easier to read it right there in the blog on our website:

'The making of the album Wayfaring Stranger.'

We plan to send a second one about Here on this Ridge in an e-mail about a week from now, and so forth.  It's fun to get some of the production stories committed to print instead of just repeating them out loud after concerts or in a store, etc.!

While you're there at the site, you might notice the list of new blogs on a variety of subjects published since the last time one of our e-newsletters has gone out.  (It's been too long a time, almost three months!) The newer ones are

'Based on what?'
'Downloads and CDs sound different!'
'A special focal point in some pieces'
'Three features of Beatles ballads'
'Top picks for symphonies'
'Top picks for piano concertos'
'The overall arch of a musical piece'

(This list here is all linked up to the posts, so you can go straight to them from here as well.)


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I'll be at more dulcimer festivals over the next year, plus a wide variety of other public events.  As always, we work daily to keep the website schedule current.  We hope to see you at an event in your area!

The next few include Seneca Rocks, West Virginia on Labor Day, the Yorktown, Virginia Farmers' Market, and Colonial Williamsburg.

Remember the other services we offer:

--- Lessons
--- Concerts
--- Weddings
--- Background music for receptions, parties, etc.
--- Workshops
--- Wholesale distribution (if you're a retailer, ask us!)
--- Studio and on-location recording

Have a blessed end of summer!
Timothy Seaman

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