This week we’re sharing our favorite indie magazines in NYC, highlighting an outdoor film screening, and introducing you to a cool new friend: Krista Young.


While Dr Clark opened in March, it’s still “new to us”. We had our first visit to the Chinatown Hokkaido restaurant and it is our favorite outdoor dining experience yet. Heaters under the table! Blankets to warm your legs! Uniforms by Bode! Jingisukan table top grill service! GO MAKE A RESERVATION!  

Fort Greene coffee shop & bookstore hybrid, Head Hi, is having a screening of ‘Demoiselles’, a short dance film by dancer Morgan Griffin, this Saturday at 6-8 pm. Head to their shop at 14 Clermont Ave for warm drinks and a movie - and grab the latest issue of Record Mag while you’re there...more on that later. 

Some of the best pieces in our closet are the ones that have stuck with us through all the coffee stains and subway rides that have come with being a New Yorker. We love this article from Vogue about why “Luxury Is That Which You Can Repair” and firmly believe in buying consciously for the long term.

We have found ourselves in the situation of having an overwhelmingly long list of shows we “have” to watch right now. These three (craft) reality series are slowly being checked off of our list…

The Great Pottery Throw Down

WHAT: Basically Great British Baking Show but with clay instead of cake.


Full Bloom

WHAT: The show that will make you think you’re an actual florist when you arrange your grocery store flowers. 


Blown Away

WHAT: Glass blowing. Need we say more. Ok well Season 1 competitor, Deborah Czeresko, works out of the super cool Gowanus shop, Brooklyn Glass.

Print! Is! Not! Dead! This city is full of some amazing legacy publications (The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Village Voice) but we’ve compiled a little list of the Best NYC-based Indie Mags & Where to Buy Them. Check it out on our site: dub dub dub dot cool stuff dot N Y C.

COOL FRIENDS: Krista Young

Meet Krista, a textile designer and artist whose work is inspired by play, early childhood education, and nordic design. We love Krista’s work not only for the ingenious spin on classic patterns, but the playful and considered use of color.

How did your career as a textile artist begin?
I was introduced to the arts at a very young age thanks to my alternative educational upbringing (Montessori!) and my crafty mother, so I like to think my textile fever started then (picture me felting wool in the bathtub, age 3). I initially went to the University of Oregon for a general fine arts degree but ended up falling in love with textiles and transferred to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) to get a BFA in textiles.  After school I worked in the interiors industry for a bit and then as an assistant for a fine artist (a taste of 2 very different worlds!). The pandemic is what really led me to having more time to create my own work and eventually launch my brand and creative practice full time as a small business. My first big project was a year ago: a commission of a large Montessori-inspired appliquéd quilt…I re-fell in love with making by hand and that is what really made me realize that I want to dive back into my own quilting and textile design as my career. And here we are!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community? 
My favorite part about New York is that everyone feels the struggle. I love complaining with others about the hilarious roller coaster ride it is to have creative practice in NYC. Everyone can relate to your struggles: from lost packages in trashed post offices, to gallery show drama, to who works for who, to the mess of taxes. It's such a cut throat experience to be a creative in NYC but I find solace in knowing that everyone in the creative community is struggling right alongside me!

What's inspiring you right now?
Our collective resilience! I am humbled by this pandemic and by the mass of trauma and loss and fight that the world is going through right now. The support systems that we have created (specifically Instagram, for me!) to adapt to our struggles are immense and powerful. I am inspired everyday by everyone's collective power to keep going and keep fighting for love and connection, and creativity. I am inspired by those who lift up others! 

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Brooklyn Brownstones at 5 pm, Park Slope, Brooklyn

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