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This week we’re highlighting a new Brooklyn Heights donut shop, sharing all of the coolest V-Day movies to catch right now, and introducing you to our cool new friend: Basu Ratnam of INDAY.

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Cloudy Donut just opened up in Brooklyn Heights and we are SO excited they have made their way up from Maryland. Founded in 2020, Cloudy Donut is the first Black-owned food and beverage business in Brooklyn Heights. Cloudy Donut has a TON of flavors and not a single one of them uses animal products (that’s right, vegan readers!) They are open weekends (Friday-Sunday) from 9am-4pm at 14 Columbia Place. 

PS for those of you who read these newsletters right when they drop every Friday…we are at Cloudy Donut RIGHT NOW! ;-) 


If you’ve been in NYC long enough, you’ve probably heard about CreativeMornings, a series of free face-to-face events all…in the morning! Next Friday, they are hosting another one of their inspiring morning events, all happening at Newlab in the BK Navy Yard. There will be freeee coffee & pastries, but also their guest speaker, Kate Sekules, is one you don’t want to miss! This visible-mending focused chat is going down at 8:30 am and you can sign up for free right here :) 


This week we, like many of you, were completely saddened by the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria this past week. At we’ve always tried to keep two things close to our core: helping our community, and highlighting the diverse web of international identities that make New York the capital of the world. 

Our friend Melis Aydogan, founder of Rüya Coffee, will be setting up at 15 Essex Street from 11 am - 3 pm to serve donation-based Turkish coffee & collecting donations to help earthquake victims. If you can make it out to support, consider bringing some of the items below: 

• Tents
• Blankets
• Pocket Warmers
• Sleeping Bags
• Baby Food/Formula
• Baby Diapers/Wipes
• Flash Lights
• Powerbanks
• Over-the-counter medications for flu, cold and pain

Cash and Venmo-based donations will be accepted at the event, and if you’d like to donate now, you can send support to @Melis-Aydogan on Venmo. ❤️


This week we’re very excited to welcome back Elissa Suh of MOVIEPUDDING as a guest contributor. Here is Elissa’s list of what-to-watch this Valentine’s Day →

  • Harold and Maude at Museum of the Moving Image: The original May-December romance between a preppy goth and a septuagenarian backed by a Cat Stevens soundtrack

  • The Love Witch at Metrograph: A modern day witch compels men to fall in love with her to disastrous effect. Teeming with lush vintage set dressings, this stunning homage to Technicolor camp has teeth, taking down gender roles with an incisive feminist spin.

  • Ganja and Hess at Nitehawk: Recut into a blacksploitation movie against the director’s wishes, this sultry, cosmically shambolic “vampire” movie from the 70s dispatches genre conventions to underline schisms across Black identity in America. Plus one for the soundtrack.

  • Dark Horse at the Roxy: A portrait of two unlikely soul mates, a man-child loser and a catatonically depressed woman (Selma Blair!!) brought to you by Todd Solondz, heavy on the deadpan and misanthropy but not without sympathy. 

  • The Lobster at Metrograph: Singles who fail to find a partner in 40 days time are turned into an animal of their choosing. If you still haven’t seen this wicked, absurd, yet highly moving appraisal of dating conventions, compatibility and more, now’s your chance.


BK Heights local biz Fabio Scalia Salon is teaming up with other BK Heights local biz L’Appartement 4F Bakery for Cut & Croissants (™!) We all know how hard it is to get your hands on those coveted croissants, so Fabio Scalia is making it easier for you to get your fix while also fixing your hair…Every Friday, anyone who has a haircut appointment booked at the salon, can grab a croissant FOR FREEEE. Make your appointment now to get the ultimate Montague St brekkie.


Valentine's Day is just days away! Send your bb / bestie / mom / fav barista some flowers from BLOOM BLOOM. This year's collection features some of the best late winter / early spring flowers, gathered in a palette inspired by a good, old-fashioned romantic sunset. Delivering Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (Valentine's Day). Limited slots available — visit their online shop to browse & secure your blooms! xo

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Special Feature:
2023 Staycation Guide

The winter is cold
your apartment is too, 
and all of your roommates belong in a zoo.


Yet downtown still beckons
withs warm bars in sight
For Cozy drinks with friends:
the seasons delight


So plan a staycation
let us be your guide
And these last frigid months, you will taketh in stride! 


Cool Friends: Basu Ratnam

Meet Basu, founder of fast-casual Indian restaurant, INDAY. With six locations between Manhattan and Brooklyn, Basu is quickly growing the business behind his mission to add joy and connection to daily life by celebrating the beauty and breadth of Indian cooking. We caught up with Basu to hear more about how INDAY got its start.

How did you start your creative & casual Indian cooking restaurant, INDAY?

I grew up in a home surrounded by amazing food sourced locally and cooked in really innovative ways. I wanted to bring that to people in a way that felt accessible and fun. Indian food had a stigma attached to it. It still can be a polarizing cuisine.  I wanted it to be more everyday and casual. I hired my friends to do the brand, and worked with scrappy designers to help us build the space. We ran out of money and used construction and acoustic materials for our finishes, but luckily we were busy from day 1 and the rest grew from there. 


What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

It's so diverse. Everyone who's here is at the top of their game. The people that have stayed long enough are real New Yorkers, because New York is a little bit like a washing machine, eventually it spits most people out. I heard once that what gives New York its energy is that everyone is running around trying to figure out what it means to be a New Yorker. I love that idea. We're all trying our best to fit into this city and leave our mark. 


What's inspiring you right now?

Indian and Sri Lankan modernist design, Geoffrey Bawa and Bijoy Jain. Simplicity but emotion, fusing new and old elements and local materials. We're always evolving our restaurant design, so that's what I've been digging right now. 


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