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This week we’re highlighting MORE cool new restaurants, sharing the best music venues in BK and introducing you to a cool new friend: Lucie Franc de Ferriere of From Lucie Bakery.

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*DISCLAIMER* is not involved with Cool World, BUT we are very excited to enjoy a drink and a dish there sometime soon. Featuring design by Greenriver Projects LLC (of BODE affiliation,) the space at 905 Lorimer St in Williamsburg looks, well…cool. Cool World is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm-12am with drinks served until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.   

Red Feather

Red Feather, Greenwich Village’s  newest Southeast Asian-American restaurant, is officially opennnnn. Red Feather will be serving up dinny from 5pm - 9pm daily (except Tuesdays). There are so many dishes we loved and are excited to try again & again. We’re talking: udon noodles in gochujang sauce, lemony miso brussels sprouts & garlic milk bread…C’MON!

Pumpkin Pie is a question and answer social app, designed to drive both online and IRL connections. They are hosting a FREE social event next Thursday, 8/11 at Juke Bar in the East Village from 7-9pm. Come through for free drinks and an interactive "bingo" game to meet, mingle and get to know cool people!
Download Pumpkin Pie to RSVP and see who else is coming.

Best Music Venues in Brooklyn

This week’s ‘Best Of’ is guest written by our friend in the music biz, Annie Warren. Annie is the TV/Film Licensing Manager at ATO Records. Her Instagram is @CrystalBallAnnie because that was what she forced her parents to call her as a child. Her dream is to embody that energy forever. 

Head here to read Annie’s list of the best places to vibe in Brooklyn.


Cool Friends: Lucie Franc de Ferriere

Meet Lucie, a gallerist-turned-baker from the South of France living in New York. After a few years of selling cakes to order, Lucie is working on opening her new bakery in the East Village, From Lucie. We caught up with her to hear how she got her start, and to hear why she made New York City her home. 

How did you start your cake business/shop, From Lucie?

I started From Lucie a little under two years ago now in my Lower East side apartment. When I turned 22, I moved to NYC to work for an art gallery. I lost my job in 2020 during quarantine and ventured to return home, not physically, but through baking cakes. I was raised on a farm in the South of France where we’d grow our own vegetables, fruits and flowers. My mother owned a small bed and breakfast where people from all over the world would come and dine at our table and there would always be a big cake for dessert and a nice bouquet of freshly picked flowers at the center. So I thought, why not share a bit of my story in NYC?


What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

It’s hard to sum it up as there’s a lot to be said on the creative community in New York but I think I was lucky enough to already work with a lot of young artists while working at my previous job and I immediately fell in love with the energy and the sense that anything is possible as long as you keep working for it and stay passionate about what you do. I think what I love the most when I get to meet all these incredible creative people, is the sense that everyone helps each other. Most find a way to collaborate and make it even more special. I’m someone who feeds off other people’s energy but it’s all very new to me as I grew up in a small village that wasn’t as filled with creativity. I still have to learn how to pace myself haha as sometimes I feel so inspired by who and what’s around me that I work until I fall asleep on my kitchen counter.


What's inspiring you right now?

This season is very inspiring to me as you find so many amazing fruits, vegetables and flowers. The summer always reminds me of our long lunches at my grandmother's place in the south of France in a town called Menton. We would take the train to Ventimiglia, at the border of Italy, and go to the morning market to pick anything fresh. I’d always have to eat two or three nectarines on the train back and would be covered in it by the time I’d make it back. Baking cakes for me isn't only about working with amazing products but also to reproduce those small moments, souvenirs and bring a glimpse of the south of France to people’s desserts.

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Lucie recently launched a kickstarter to help her with opening her new storefront bakery. It's an all or nothing platform that gives Lucie 30 days to raise money.

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