Oof, another year already? This week we’re sharing a new (to us) gallery, highlighting a dose of good news, and our favorite NYC-based Instagram vintage shops.


If you checked out our reading list a few weeks ago, you may already be hip to it...but we are very excited to visit one of New York’s newest galleries — Broadway Gallery in Tribeca. The gallery reopens tomorrow where a solo show by Meg Lipke will run until 1/16. C u there!

There has been so much bad news this year that we’ve seen a handful of creative projects dedicated to highlighting only the good stuff — from Happy Data by Giorgia Lupi’s team at Pentagram to John Krasinski’s Some Good News. The latest we’ve been checking out is The Daily’s This Year in Good News by the NYT. Listen here to help remind yourself of some of this year’s brightest spots.

If you’re like us and are wondering what to do with your krispy Christmas tree when you’re ready to un-decorate, you can ~recycle~ your old tree to help new trees grow (this thought was a total revelation after a few martinis). Head here to find a tree recycling place near youuuu now through January 9th. P.S. NYC Parks calls it MULCH FEST which is hilarious. 

This is not a recipe - but here’s what you should plan to cook today to ~manifest~ good luck in 2021. (PSA: This is a traditional Southern New Year's day meal and since we are from the South...we think this is all 100% necessary). 

  • Collard Greens: symbolizes good fortune

  • Cornbread: represents gold

  • Pork (aka the ham hocks in your collards): a sign of prosperity 

  • Black-eyed Peas in your Hoppin’ Johns: symbolizes wealth

There is an overwhelming amount of COOL Instagram thrift store accounts right now. Whether you are on the hunt for a new coffee table, a vintage blazer, or a one-of-a-kind egg holder, it’s all there. It’s so easy it’s dangerous (and also too convenient). Don’t worry, as always, we did the hard work for you &&& curated a list of the best-of-the-best Instagram thrift stores accounts ALL based in NYC. Read the list on our site here and get to digging for amazing finds! 

Auld Lang Syne — It's A Wonderful Life

Pour Over in Park Slope, BK

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