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This week we’re highlighting THREE cool new restaurants, sharing a fun community-focused dinner party and introducing you to our cool new friend: Lane Walkup.

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Three Decker Diner

What’s old is NEW (again) in the world of New York diners. Following the success of S&P’s revival of Eisenbergs in Flatiron, the folks behind Variety Coffee have refreshed Three Decker Diner on the corner of Manhattan & Norman aves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We’re excited to try diner classics next to some specialty coffee…and maybe a Miller High Life 👀 Three Decker Diner is open every day at 7am.

Gab's NYC

We love when a new restaurant comes onto the scene with a ton of personality, and that is exactly what chef Nate Ashton has done with the fresh West Village spot, Gab’s. At 76 Carmine street, Gab’s is a bistro with a focus on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients on a menu that changes constantly. Complete with colorful interiors and fantastic serving ware, this looks like a great spot for a celebration.


After months of waiting behind well-designed window paper, Do Not Feed Alligators (a coffee & art-book shop in the West Village) has finally opened! Located at 337 Bleecker Street, you can coffee & snacks during the day and natural wine, beers, and cocktails in the evening with later hours beginning this weekend. Oh yeah, and if it isn’t too cold out, they’ve got a GARDEN.


Want a chance to try something new before it even exists? Well, on Monday (January 30th) Radio Bakery is popping up at Claud in the East Village. Show up for blood orange maritozzi, sourdough focaccia, savory filled croissants &&& more. All happening on Monday morning.

LOOK (at art)

Downtown Brooklyn has a new show at BRIC House on 647 Fulton St – Buzz Slutzky: For Example. In the exhibition,  Slutzky pulls from source materials that contain a sense of authority and relate to their own family (like a sculpture textbook belonging to their grandmother.) The exhibition presents a new series of drawings and paintings, with an updated essay film, and will take place in BRIC’s Project Room from January 26 - April 30, 2023.


We’re happy to say that NYC is still in its dinner party era & there are so many fun events to mingle & eat at right now. TOMORROW, the folks at Produce Parties are hosting their Winter themed dinner, all focused on the humble veggie - the carrot. To do the veggie justice, they’re partnering with the Farm to People team by hosting the dinner in their Kitchen & Bar in Bushwick. Grab ur last min tickets here & start planning your carrot dish that will accompany you and some new friends this weekend.


The Brooklyn-based, give & take project, is hosting their next clothing & art exchange this weekend! On Sunday from 1-5p at Mika Bar in Bushwick, trade your art for clothes or your clothes for art or your clothes for clothes with the community. Free entry, free trading. Stop by!

Cool Friends: Lane Walkup

Meet Lane, a Brooklyn-based artist whose work centers around illustrative metal sculpture. From forging steel to sewing recycled pantyhose, Lane’s work is, in a word: captivating! We caught up with Lane to hear a little more about their work and inspiration.

How did you begin your career as a sculpture & fine artist?

I was always trying to find my thing growing up—I really needed a creative outlet because I often felt restless and lost. I was into sewing and re-configuring clothes, but it just wasn’t my whole heart. One day my Dad was welding in his garage and l just knew I needed to try it. I really enjoyed how intense it was, so I decided to save for an antique forge and try heating and bending metal. The whole process really felt like a spiritual experience—the first time I did it, I actually cried! My body instantly knew how to do it. That was about 11 or 12 years ago now. 


What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

This city is full of so many different types of artists with such diverse styles and backgrounds, there’s truly room for everybody here. It’s exciting to see works that I would never dream up and at the same time be exposed to likeminds. On top of all that, there’s an underlying sense of camaraderie that NYC generates that’s pretty electric. 


What's inspiring you right now?

The ornamental steel gates, railings and security bars around the city neighborhoods that’ve been painted over a million times. Cathedrals, demons and dark religious themes have also been inspiring me for some reason. I'm not sure why that one’s been coming up, but my apartment might be haunted so maybe that’s why?

I’ve also started 2D painting. It’s everything my sculpture work isn’t because I can fill in gaps and get really tight angles with ease. It's inspiring to be bad at something but still love the experience of doing it. 


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