Chakra Yoga - a tool for slowness!

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Greetings beautiful being,

delighted to talk to you again. Change is inevitable, in nature, in life, in your yoga practice. It is the speed with which we approach our live changes that make all the difference. In yoga class you've heard me say, that the challenge both mentally & physically is in the speed. Slowness is taxing and will bring lasting change. Fast is easy & will fool you. So slow up a bit and allow change to evolve rather than force it.  Here's a breathing exercise to slow & calm.
Chakra Yoga
An article on Chakras and yoga poses to support your body's energy centres was in order after listening to your comments & feedback in class, and online. You will find inspiration for your home-yoga practice & an introduction into the realm of energy healing in the latest blog. Please let me know your thoughts & experiences either in class, via email or online. Thank you.
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