Warrior or Goddess, which one will it be? Your new affirmation sequence video is here.

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New Moon, New Season, NEW VIDEO!


Celebrate! Today, Friday 20/3 is a new moon, Autumn Equinox, and the start of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. A great time to let go of unsupportive habits and, and to start a new health ritual. We are celebrating with Sound Meditation and Yin Yoga on Sunday, 22/3, preparing the body and mind to transition smoothly into the new season. You can be waitlisted for this event.

Fear not, if you have missed out on attending the sound meditation this time, you have the chance again in June, when Melissa of YogaSound returns.

The energy has been brilliant in the sanctuary in the last few weeks with many of you commenting on how breath, mindfulness & being present in your body has improved your day-to-day life.  With the support of the warmth of late summer you could go further in our backbends, handstands and headstands.  It is inspiring to see you tapping into your inner fire, open your heart and move mindfully, respecting pre-existing injuries, health conditions and energy levels on any given day of practice. Such is the aim of yoga. 

On many balmy evenings we had to wait for the Kookaburras to finish their laughter, before it was out turn to chant our Freedom invocation. So sweet.

As promised, here is the video for your home-yoga practice. A warrior sequence with affirmations.  Are you a goddess or a warrior?

Remember that classes & treatments continue throughout the school holidays.  If you  wish to indulge in a massage, reflexology or Hahnemann Healing straight after your yoga class, talk to me, I will make time for you.

I'm looking forward to celebrating, moving and relaxing with you.  Read on for what's on the radar.  See you on the mat.

With gratitude.
Bettina x

PS: Have you visited the new website lately? Please let me know how you like it.

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April Meditation Workshop

Our next Meditation Workshop will be held on Sunday 12th April from 10-11.30am. This workshop allows you to explore different types of meditation in a safe & permissive way.  Showing you how to incorporate meditation & mindfulness into your day to day life. No prior meditation experience needed and open to everyone. Book now via email if you haven't already, as this event always books out. Curious? More info here.


Warrior Sequence Video

A treat for your home-yoga-practice.  Surely, the affirmations can be changed to your liking. Allow yourself to feel the strength, groundedness and power of a warrior or a goddess, as well as the lightness and flexibility of mind. This will bring you safely into the present moment, where life happens. Enjoy!  And watch the warrior video here.

Yoga Nidra on Friday Night

Yoga Nidra, or "yogic sleep" is a form of guided meditation, with the potential to heal on a deep emotional level. This practice is always part of our monthly meditation workshop.Practiced on its own, with a short & gentle Chakra Yoga sequence it is a wonderful way to end your week and start the weekend.  Next one will be held on Friday, 17th April from 6-7pm.  Let me know you are coming.  The last on in February booked out, so don't delay. More Yoga Nidra info here.
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