A yoga video from Germany's yoga coach & and how to improve kidney health this winter in an article from yours truly!

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Warm Winter Greetings

Did you know that the Soccer World Cup Winning Team practices yoga as part of their ongoing training, and has done so for the past 8 years? No surprises there! As we all know how beneficial yoga is for both our mental & physical health. Here's a video of their yoga coach demonstrating a variation of half pigeon pose. Do try this at home...!

Winter being governed by the element of water, is a brilliant time to nurture our kidneys with some specific yoga therapy. Find poses and how you can tap into the kidneys' emotion of courage in this article from yours truly.

Feedback from your home yoga practice was great & it is refreshing to be back on the studio mat & breathe, move and laugh again with you all. Full timetable here.

Wishing all clients who are travelling, happy & safe travels!

Further official yoga studies to grow, consolidate, re-assure & develop.  Most of all to fulfil my full potential, so I can help you fulfil yours! More fun photos here.

The 'kidney squeeze', and other doable actions to accelerate your energy this winter. Get the full yumminess here.

Health Tip:
This months health tip is about finding your mojo again:
Ask yourself:
- how do I feel when I do yoga/ running/ swimming/ walking/ pilates/ get a massage etc...?
- how do I feel right now?
- how do I wish to feel in 6 weeks time when spring is making its appearance?
Tell yourself:
- I am worth the extra effort & expense!

Notice then as soon as you are more compassionate towards yourself, those around you follow your lead and become more compassionate towards YOU!
Let me uplift you to shine & feel your physical, mental & emotional best.
Phone me on 0424 620 539 or send an email to get you started on your path of glorious health!

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Stay warm & feel hugged!

Love, Bettina 
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