Ashtanga what? Let's de-mystify, appreciate and celebrate, oh and slow down....

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Hello Dearest!


Gratitude! to you for your continued presence, and your continued commitment to your health and your full, real potential.  Celebrate, as YOU make this happen. Not me. Often, you thank me for passing on my wisdom, guiding you, making you feel good about yourself. It is you though that has to listen, and to action it all. So with autumn upon us, do find some quiet time, yes, a minute is sufficient, and reflect on what you do well, reflect on how far you have come in your life and your practice.  Slow down a bit and look at the things in life that work really well for you.  Look at the colour all around you and let your heart be filled with gratitude.  Celebrate what you have and can do and feel your inner self smiling, your heart rate slowing and your breath deepening.

In all our yoga classes we have held our standing poses a little longer to really ground down and yet uplift,  to slow down and deepen our experience in the present moment.  We also incorporated more twists and supportive breathing (pranayama) to fire up our digestive system again after the Easter indulgence.

My own yoga practice has changed significantly over the years and my regular Ashtanga yoga practice has to be done at home now with no help of a teacher.  "What is Ashtanga Yoga", is my latest blog for you, explaining what Ashtanga yoga means and what it entails, based on my experience. Here it is for you...

This Friday, 17th April, we will transition from summer to autumn with our 1hr Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Join us from 6pm to 7pm for a mindful way to finish your week. More info here. Let me know that you are coming, via return email please. Only 2 spots left.

It is wise to turn inwards and slow down a little as the days get shorter and our inner and outer nature changes.  An appropriate way to do so is with our popular and effective monthly meditation workshops. The next one is on May 17.  Let me know via email if you want to attend.  More info here and below.

Sound meditation and Yin yoga class will return on Sunday, June 14th and registration is open now.  We look forward to Melissa's of
YogaSound return to our sanctuary to bathe us in the warmth of sound and slow movement.

Know that any resources can be found on the website under blog.  And I am always happy to answer and research any questions you may have.

And if your muscles and soft tissue sing out to you after your strong, slow yoga practice then you can find relief with a massage or a reflexology treatment with me.  You know where to find me.  See you on the mat, or the table.

With gratitude,


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Meditation comes in many forms.

Discover what type of meditation works best for you and your lifestyle. Relax in an atmosphere of acceptance in our beautiful yoga studio in Frankston South. Be guided in a very permissive way, so you too can have a positive meditation experience.

Our monthly meditation workshops (info here) are a kind way to explore different ways to bring meditation and mindfulness into your day-to-day life. Allow yourself to have a restful and restorative 90mins.

No meditation nor yoga experience is necessary. Everybody is welcome.


To register, there is a sign-up sheet in class or send me an email, text ph 0424 620 539 or let me know via facebook. Thank you.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Always wanted to know what this particular practice entails?  And what mysore and tristana is all about?  Well, the latest blog post has it all explained for you. Part of my personal yoga practice is the primary series and some parts of the intermediate series of classical Ashtanga yoga.  And as I have recently lost my teacher, I have been left to my own devices to get up and keep the practice perhaps not growing but at least alive.  Since we talked about it in class, I thought I give you the courtesy and explain in more detail what it is all about, to the best of my ability. Our Saturday morning classes are vinyasa style classes, often incorporating the poses of the Ashtanga Primary Series .  Learn more here.

Clear outlook - clear focus!

Cleaning of the studio windows inside & out is always a fun and very rewarding activity. As your external environment reflects and supports your inner environment.  We also don't want to spoil the view out onto the beautiful native bushland.  Our setting could not be any more scenic and tranquil.  If you want to see a few more scenes of the in & outside of the sanctuary, follow this link

Here, I was lucky to engage my daughter Julia's help.

So go and get those windows cleaned, and enjoy more clarity & sunshine.
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