Holiday Timetable - Get your bubble burst - Gift  Vouchers - Merry Christmas

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But before that, know that you can stay grounded in this time of joy, end-of-year concerts & shopping frenzy simply by planting your feet on the ground and breathe deeply.  And by practising yoga of course.

Classes & treatments continue until Monday, 22th December, closed for the rest of the week,  then there is a yoga class on the following Monday, 29th December. So you can continue to have your weekly studio yoga practice throughout the season.  The full timetable resumes on Monday 5th January.  See Holiday Timetable here.

For some inspiration for your home-yoga practice, check out the latest video.
Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas and a happy & rejuvenating holiday season.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, energy, laughter and commitment throughout the year!
It means a lot to me and everyone you meet in the sanctuary.

Make sure you celebrate!
20 Years of Yoga Practice or how to burst your bubble...
There is this long-held, strongly-hung-to belief about yoga teachers and their flexibility.  When I walked into my first ever yoga class back in 1994, I had it too... Find out what it is, how to burst it and few more personal bits about me & yoga in my latest blog post.  Read more here. 
To ease your Christmas shopping pain, I have created four (4) different health & wellbeing packages for you that can be mailed out or picked up at the studio.
You will receive a complimentary silky eye-pillow with each choice.
  1. 1hr Hahnemann Healing Voucher + 120ml Moisturizer - $90.00
  2. 1hr Massage/Reflexology Voucher + 120ml Moisturizer - $100.00
  3. 5-class Yoga Pass + 120ml Moisturizer - $110.00
  4. 5-class Yoga Pass + Yoga Bolster - $145.00
Treat yourself or a loved one, not only for Christmas!

Choices are available til 31.12.2014. Prices will be increased as of 2015.  Pay via direct deposit or cash.

Treatment choices are Hahnemann Healing, Reflexology, Remedial or Relaxation Massage. There will be a price increase for treatments from January 2015. Detailed info here.

The pic's caption - the allowance of you to be your own boss in your life, as well as in your own yoga practice (which is your life in miniature form!) found a lot of agreement on fb.  Have a peek...

Here it is again: Your latest blog post.  Has it burst your bubble? And inspired you? I truly hope so. What myth shall we bust next. Hit reply & let me know. Pls & thanks.

Allow yourself to shine with the gift of health and contact me today.
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Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas. 
My heartfelt thank you for our connection. It means a lot to me! You enhance my life!

With love,

Tutorials & articles written & recorded for you to allow you to shine with the gift of health!  Please do let me know what I can help you with! Thank you!

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