Happy Birthday & New Exciting Video!
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Hope your weekend was full of things you love... I know mine was. It fills me with joy to see you having started a new stage of life, shed a not-so healthy habit or two and have let go of old belief patterns. Either since starting yoga or since participating in the Spring Yoga Challenge.  Be kind to yourself, every small home-practice, anything done mindfully brings you closer to the healthiest & most vibrant version of your shining self!
To fire-up your movement practice, build strength & flexibility, and to lose that unnecessary bit that gets stuck between your chest & thighs in a deep twist, click here to see and move with my latest video on a flowing Sun Salutation. Especially for you!

Our new Saturday class is a great success! Thanks for embracing the un-known. Big thanks to Diana for teaching us how to increase our core strength in her fortnightly Pilates class. Dynamic Yoga with me gets the blood pumping & the grey matter working!  Come & try! Full timetable here.

The Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Expo is on again. Sunday, 27.10., Mornington Racecourse, 10am-4pm, Entry FREE!  Come say Hi.

The space & sanctuary as you know it, has opened it's doors 2 years ago. Thank you for contributing to make it the peaceful place it is today.  Read more about it here.

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support during recent dark times. Much appreciated! Follow this link to see the light. 

General Health Tip:
Need extra energy? Go to bed earlier, take your magnesium, focus your thinking on what you are doing, eat in season, keep moving (follow latest video) and be kind to yourself!
Experience private Yoga, Reflexology & Massage Treatments, Hahnemann Healing, as well as Yoga group classes with me in the most scenic & peaceful setting! 
Follow this link to find out more.
Simply call to book!

Hit reply to let me know how you found the video & what you want covered in the next issue. Thank you beautiful.

Keep the balance...
Bettina xo

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