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Sound & Voice

Sound is the most direct way of relaxation.  Tibetan singing bowls, combined with voice and flute will have your body relaxed and your mind calm within minutes.  We are lucky to again invite Melissa Sweeney of and Clare Greig of on Sunday, September 13th for this term's Sound Meditation.  You have two afternoon time slots to choose from, either 2-3pm or 4-5pm.  You know you will feel clarity, calmness and balance in your body, mind and emotions after the meditation, so allow yourself an hour of pure bliss and book now via email.  More info here & below

Urban Retreat 'Farewell to Winter'
Your response to our upcoming Urban Retreat 'Farewell to Winter' on 29/8 was massive, I decided to run a second one with exactly the same format on 5th September.  Both retreats are now full.  The next one will be held on Saturday, October 3rd.  Book now via email
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New Video
As you know yoga is more than physical asana or shapes of the body. It also involves meditation, self-inquiry and controlled breathing.  Breathing, or pranayama, forms an important part of each of our yoga classes. It is your way of indicating to your body that all is well.  Today, I share with you a video of a technique we practice in class, called 'Square Breathing'.  Here it is. Let me know on the blog or via return email how it has helped you.

Elegant Sufficiency
Keep up your commitment to your health and enjoy any soul-supporting movement and activity you are doing.  Be kind to yourself without being lazy.  Enjoy your challenges without exhausting yourself. Find your Elegant Sufficiency! You know from yoga classes - that balance between effort & ease. 

Monthly Meditation Workshop
This Sunday's (16/8) Meditation Workshop is fully booked. The next one will be held on Sunday, 20th September. Learning ways to calm the mind & relax the body is the single most beneficial thing you can do to improve your quality of sleep, be clearer in your decision making and gain a more positive outlook on life. These events are hugely popular, so don't delay booking via email.

If you have only recently joined our e-news subscriber team - welcome! Brilliant to have you here.  Know that you can experience remedial & relaxation massage, reflexology and Hahnemann Healing on top of group & private yoga classes with me. More Info here... 

With gratitude & a smile,
Bettina Pfannkuch

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Breathing - a new video!

Your breath is your tool to instantly calm your nervous system.  Your way of indicating to your body that all is well.  Have a little look at, listen to & giggle at this video I recorded for you outside the studio, in front of the blooming wattle.  Hope you'll find it helpful.  Let me know on the blog or via return mail how you found it and what you'd like recorded next.  Here it is...

'Farewell to Winter' - Urban Retreat 
29/8 & 05/09 booked,
new Retreat, 03/10 open for booking

This three hour immersion with me allows you to use chairs, sandbags, bolsters, and the knowledge of meridians to find your spring bliss. With delicious afternoon coffee and cake we practice mindfulness while eating.  Yoga philosophy and how you can incorporate it into your life on & off the mat and a yoga nidra meditation will complete the afternoon.  Keep reading more here and email me to express interest in the next retreat held on Saturday, 3rd October.

Sound and Voice

Experience the sounds of Tibetan Bowls interwoven with flute and voice.  Simply sit or lie in a comfortable position, close your eyes and be taken on a sound journey.  A truly enjoyable experience of relaxation and meditation.  Sunday, September 13th, either 2-3pm or 4-5pm. Email to book. Melissa, Clare and I are looking forward to sharing this vibrating event with you.
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