Special Gift for existing clients, introducing Joel, our most colourful yogi :)

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Greetings Beautiful,

You deserve a treat and I would like to say thank you!
So here it goes: You as an existing client of The Art of Balance - Yoga & Massage will receive a complimentary face & body moisturizer (120ml) & a satin eye-pillow with each treatment booking or gift voucher purchased in May. No need to use the voucher straight away, it is valid for one year.  Say thank you to Mum, Dad, or YOURSELF for being awesome & treat yourself to a Reflexology, Massage or Hahnemann Healing!
Would love to treat YOU! and your other special people!

More info on the event flyer on the website.

Meet Joel Melrose, our most colourful yogi, who was initially drawn to yoga to become more flexible and strong. You have seen him in class on Tuesday, Wednesday or/and Thursday nights. Read Joel's inspiring yoga story here.
Here's what he likes to be known about him:
Joel, what was your original motivation to start yoga?
I wanted to become stronger and more flexible to support the physical work I do.  I am a tattooist.
How has yoga improved your life?
I can breathe easier and I am much calmer in stressful situations. It also made my job a lot easier as I have become stronger and more flexible.
What do you do apart from yoga?
I am a Continue reading the full interview here.

Thank you Joel for sharing the obvious joy you get out of your yoga practice.  And for coming to the mat, making everyone feel welcome and for your generous smiles!
Joel’s professional work can be found on  instagram@joelmelrose

Month of May Special.  Give yourself & Mum a treatment voucher - you both deserve it! And let me say Thank You to you with a complimentary, home-made moisturizer & an eye pillow.  More details here.

Health Tip:
Simply do what you do right now, mindfully and with full awareness! That is mindful Meditation! Enjoy :)

Let me uplift you to shine & feel your physical, mental & emotional best.

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Bettina Pfannkuch

Tutorials and articles I have written & recorded to allow you to shine with the gift of health!  All complimentary :)
Do let me know how I can help YOU further! Please & thank you!

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