Yoga classes continue throughout the school holidays

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Celebrate dearest,

as the winter solstice has just been and the days are starting to get longer.  Also worth celebrating is your effort to keep up your regular yoga practice over winter.  Therein lies your growth.

To keep you motivated and engaged and because you asked for it, I have put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to get safely into Tripod Headstand.  It's over on the blog 'Tripod Headstand - Your Ultimate Tutorial'. You're going to love it as it can be done in a number of safe steps, suitable for your energy levels and experience on any given day. The calm and introspect energy of winter beautifully supports this wonderful yoga pose. More over here...

For a more lighthearted read pop over to find out 11 things you didn't know about me here. 

Classes and treatments continue throughout the school holidays.  Your 10-class pass is not bound to the term, and we all want to keep up our yoga practice during winter.  Remember, that's your growth.  If you have secondary school-aged children, you are welcome to bring them along to any yoga class.  In the first week of the holidays I will be teaching and in the second week Jen will take all classes, as I take my family up to Cairns. You know Jen from teaching the Saturday classes and coming to her own practice Thursday nights/Friday mornings. You are in for a treat.  A bit about Jen here and further below.


Safe travels if you are going away. Otherwise, see you on the mat to keep the winter ills at bay.

Bettina Pfannkuch

PS: are we social off the mat yet? and instagram @theartofbalanceyoga


Monthly Meditation Workshop.


Learn mindfulness & meditation techniques that can be incorporated into your daily life, helping you to learn to calm your mind and relax your body.

Allow yourself to have a restful and restorative 90mins. Our monthly meditation workshops, info here are a kind & permissive way to explore different ways of meditation and mindfulness for your day-to-day life.

Please sign-up in class or send me an email, or text ph 0424 620 539 if you'd like to attend. Thank you.

'Tripod Headstand - Your Ultimate Tutorial'

This precise, calm, strength & stamina building yoga pose is one that can be built up to in a number of safe steps.  My latest blog post shows you how to.  As you are familiar with it from yoga class, this guide will help you refine and further your practice when you're not in the studio with me.

Build up slowly, keep your breath steady, smooth and deep.  Enjoy the magnificence of your body and the powerful mind-body connection regardless of what stage you are at.

Celebrate & let me know how you are going with it. Again, read it here...

Meet Jen, yoga & dance teacher par excellence!

One of the first things you notice about Jen is her smile. Always!  As we have a number or Jens, Jennies and Jennys, to clarify she is often referred to as "the one that always smiles".  Jen is a skilled yoga & dance teacher and has been practicing with me for a long while now. We are lucky to have her teach every second Saturday as well as fill in when I'm away, like in the second week of the school holidays.  I know you will enjoy your practice with Jen.  Thank you Jen, your smile, enthusiasm and dance-inspired teachings are much loved & appreciated by all.  Click here, on the pic or on the heading to get  to Jen's website if you wish to find out more about her & her teachings.
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