Why I meditate? - Sharing personal insights & how you can meditate too, in latest blog post.

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Ah, doesn't it feel soothing to feel the sun on your skin again?!

That was the sensation this afternoon as I stood there in my front garden feeling the sunshine on my face...!  
That was my 5 minute standing meditation!
No, I choose not to sit down, nor did I choose to cross my legs and "empty" my mind. All I wanted was to be fully present & enjoying the physical sensation of the warmth of that glorious Melbournian sunshine on my face... Totally! Completely! For 5 minutes! Not more, not less! Simple as that! And you know what? I felt so refreshed and focused after.
Would you like to feel like that too?  Do you want to know more?  Yes?! That's why I summarized why I meditate & shared a few personal insights too. So that you can meditate and reap the benefits into your life too. 
Here's your latest blog post 'Why I meditate'.
Do try it at home & hit me with any questions or comments you may have! 

More Meditation exploration will be happening at our Meditation Workshop on Father's Day 7th September. Can't wait to share it with those who have already booked in.

Missed latest blog? Here it is again. PLUS a warming winter sequence to spice up your home practice and the full yoga timetable here to plan your week ahead!

On the radar on October, 19th:
+ singing bowl meditation, 1hr
+ singing bowl meditation PLUS yin yoga class, 2hrs
Bookings in class or via email bettina@theartofbalance.com.au

See you on the mat!

Breathing & Meditation workshop on 7th September, Fathers Day! It is going to be amazing!

RIP Mr BKS Iyengar. He has died on Wednesday, aged 95. His contribution to mankind is enormous. Read here how he has impacted my life.

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Stay warm & feel hugged!

Love, Bettina 
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