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Hello from sunny Cairns,

where I rejuvenate with my family this week.  And before you think "lucky her", let me tell you that the challenges are endless here even before leaving Melbourne.  There was the FOR to deal with - FEAR of Relaxation.  What if I relax so well that I don't want to come back or will find it hard to get back into my Melbourne routine and life.  And the FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out. What if something earth-moving happens in Melbourne while I am in Cairns?  Ah, the agony.  And having to let go of parts of my work - I love my work.  Can you relate to this?  What happened here is common for all of us in some way, we are living in the future, where we are simply caught up in our thoughts.

What helped me out was a simple way to bring my thoughts & feelings into the present, where life happens. Click here to see if it will help you too. A simple breathing exercise is what helped me with present moment mindfulness too, and I used it for my fear of flying, and the unsteadiness of going out on a boat, and when the kids and husband combo all got a bit too much.  Here it is...  Hope it will help you too.  Even if you're not away on holidays :).


For more inspiration pop over to the blog 'Tripod Headstand - Your Ultimate Tutorial'. Or a more humorous read 11 things you didn't know about me 

Classes continue throughout the school holidays this week. You are in for a treat as Jen is teaching all the classes until I return on Saturday, 11th July.  We are so lucky to have her.  Thank you Jen.

Enjoy your practice and the school holidays.

With all my gratitude,  
Bettina Pfannkuch

PS: are we social off the mat yet? and instagram @theartofbalanceyoga


Monthly Meditation Workshop.


Allow yourself to have a restful and restorative 90mins. Our monthly meditation workshops, info here are a kind & permissive way to explore different ways of meditation and mindfulness for your day-to-day life. Learn mindfulness & meditation techniques that can be incorporated into your daily life, helping you to learn to calm your mind and relax your body.

Waitlist only for this event.

Be in touch via, or ph 0424 620 539 if you'd like to be waitlisted. Thank you.

'Free Yoga Class until 31 August'

If you are new to the studio, you are invited to attend any yoga class on the timetable with our compliments. If you have been wanting to start yoga practice to alleviate your health concerns or simply because you are curious to find out what it is all about, then now is a great time to start.  For you, as a first time visitor to the studio, your first yoga class is free.  This winter warmer special is valid until the 31st August. 

As an existing yoga practitioner why not bring your friends, family members or neighbours along to share with them the magic that happens on the mat.

Book via email for your first class. Thank you. Looking forward to practicing with you soon.

A new offering is on the horizon!

As every year at the end of winter, you will be treated to a new offering on the timetable. 

This new experience is going to allow you to delve deeper into what you can become with The Art of Balance.  You are going to love it.  Watch this space for your special newsletter subscriber treat.

So exciting, I can not wait to tell you more.

Stay excited. xo
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