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Here's the best bites of February.

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📰 Social Media Talking Points:
  1. Meta Launches Facebook Reels to all Users. 
  2. Instagram quietly limits ‘daily time limit’ option.
  3. TikTok may introduce longer videos.
  4. Twitter users might be able to leave toxic conversations.
  5. Facebook columns for Groups now an option?
  6. Pinning comments on Instagram Reels?
  7. Twitter Circles - still in the works!
  8. Creators on LinkedIn are being shown more love.
  9. A new video uploader in the works for Facebook?
  10. Meta Publishes Evolving Conversation trends.
'Must-reads' over a brew:
🤳 A War in Europe Is Being Documented One Social Media Post at a Time
🥰 Seven Tips on Providing More Support for Your Social Media Team
🥴 What do you Meme?!
🐅Heineken celebrated #ChineseNewYear with this simple yet effective visual, clearly marking the day whilst showcasing the product, without being too 'in your face.' A clever and eye-catching visual. 

🍻Heineken’s Instagram profile shows off the brand’s unique personality along with authentic Heineken drinkers' stories. 
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🤔Balenciaga deleted all of its feed content and replaced it with one Kim Kardashian campaign post. *Update - it's now just a white, blank post.

❌This isn't the first time they've done this. Balenciaga made a bold statement in 2021 by deleting all of its social media posts ahead of its first haute couture show in 53 years, with no official explanation. 

🎨Its creative director, Demna Gvasalia's views on social media may explain the approach: “I think social media is boring, and dangerously addictive for some, as well as super manipulative… We need to find new ways of using it that are less harmful to society.”
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🙂 Anddddd breathe. Here's Calm using emojis to spark a sense of relatability with its users. They also know emojis increase engagement rates.

🧠 It's been said that 'Calm wants to be the Nike of mental fitness.' Calm’s strategy is orchestrated to build its identity over the long term through relatable and engaging content. This is one component of its brand that doesn’t simply sell mental health but is also invested in defending it.
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🐔 Nandos Malaysia jumped on #TheTinderSwindler meme by mimicking how the scammer reached out for funds, whilst making it relevant to its brand.

🧠 Marketing director Chai Hui Fung told A+M publication that Nando’s is a brand that likes to inject fun into its communications while speaking out on issues that matter to the people. "We’re always looking to do so in a light-hearted yet meaningful manner. We believe that this is an issue that should be made known and spread the reminder to be careful of people you meet online," she added.
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🇺🇦 Ukraine tweeted Twitter Support to try and get the 'Russia' Twitter account removed. 
💬 Sentiment can be summed up as: "How does that make any sense? What do the russian citizens have to do with what’s happening? Cut them from international social media and leave them only with russian ones? The ones under the Russian jurisdiction that can be influenced by their government? See what Im getting at?"

🤳 Aside from these tweets, the rest of the world is currently watching it all unfold through the lens of Twitter and Tiktok.
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🥞 Denny's Diner appears to be refreshing its 'look and feel' on social. It recently deleted all of its posts and replaced them with some 'teaser' content for its new 'Open for Anything' campaign. 

✌The 'anything goes' approach in its feed reflects its campaign, 'Denny's is the place that is always open for you to be who you want, with the people you want, over the food you want…whenever you want. We celebrate the inherent creativity of our food and the uniqueness of all people.'
🧐The feed *used to be* packed full of weird, ridiculous and ‘WTF’ images of food – from a piece of bacon riding a horse in the style of Braveheart to a family portrait with ‘breakfast heads.’ 
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✈️ Ryanair social posts are ALWAYS so quick with 'newsjacking,' even if they do make people feel uncomfortable. The brand is known to troll big figures, from Trump to Novak Djokovic. It was only a few months ago when Ryanair trolled the UK government over officials breaking their own pandemic rules.

🥴After Ye's string of tweets, memes quickly flooded social media poking fun at his erratic behaviour. Some viewed his potential breakdown with more sympathy with “PrayforYe” going viral on Twitter.

🧠This 'jab' at Kanye didn't land well with everyone, with some saying that the brand is making a mockery of mental health, for social media Klout. 
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🚀 NASA's tone of voice is fun, informative and most importantly, non-technical. Take a look at the caption - one for the millenials who recognise the 'OutKast' tune from 2003.

🙌The beauty about Nasa's social content is that it makes it available for anyone – whether it's a child playing with toy rockets or a professor studying astronomy. Accesibility is the *chef's kiss* here.

💥Content is always educational and presented in an off-the-cuff style.
🕴 Who said LinkedIn doesn't know how to have 'fun' on social?! Here they are tapping into the 'Big Jet TV' trend after Storm Eunice hit the UK, making it relevant to its users through an engaging and casual tone of voice. 

🛫The Big Jet TV YouTube channel was trending on social media after thousands of people tuned in to see how planes landed during the *very* turbulent storm. 

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