PSSST! I've got some Fancy Lady Industries news for you!
Dapper bows for the dapperest!

Dapper bows add instant fance!

Mirror fat necklaces.

Mirror fat necklaces back in stock.

Hi! Hello! Welcome!

Thanks for joining the Fancy Lady Industries mailing list. I'm excited to be putting a bunch of plans to work in 2012 and I'm super grateful for your continued support and interest in my creative practice and activism. In the coming year I've got so many new ideas for jewellery and other wearable accessories, art prints and paper goods as well as other bits and pieces all centred around my exploration of feminism, gender and body image.

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Vain laser cut acrylic necklace.

Yr so vain, I like it.

What's so wrong with being into yourself? You've been waiting to get one of these around your neck and they're available for sale right now!

Ugly femme postcards.

Ugly femme pride.

Shout out if you're not pale & smooth skinned, able bodied, straight haired, thin, with symmetrical features! Four illustrations of my ugly femmes on postcards ready to send out or keep for yourself.
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