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Dear friends,

We would like to seek your action again to support our indigenous brothers and sisters in Northeast India who are still currently protesting the militarization of Ukhrul, Manipur India. Last Saturday, 2 protesters were killed while at least 35 others were seriously injured after state forces opened fire on a peaceful protest.

To support, may we kindly request you and your organizations to send letters to the government and national human rights commission in India. We have prepared the following sample letter to state authorities in India to intervene in the worsening situation in Ukhrul. You can use this and send your letters by email or fax to the list below. Let's flood their offices with our letters to put pressure and for them to act immediately. Kindly cc the following when you send your email so that we can also monitor our action: Richard-richard@aippnet.org ;Ningreichon- ningreichon@gmail.com.
For email and fax of concerned offices in India:
National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg
New Delhi 110001
Fax: + 91 11 2338 4863
E-mail: chairnhrc@nic.in <mailto:chairnhrc@nic.in>
Mr.Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister Office
Room number 152, South Block
New Delhi, INDIA
Fax: +91 11 23019545
E-Mail: pmosb@pmo.nic.in <mailto:pmosb@pmo.nic.in>
Mr. Vinod Kumar Duggal
Governor of Manipur

Raj Bhavan, Imphal (INDIA)
Fax: + 91 385 222 0278
Phone: + 91 385 222 0009
Mr. Okram Ibobi Singh
Chief Minister of Manipur

Chief Minister's Secretariat
Babupara, Imphal, Manipur, INDIA
Fax: +91 385 2221817
E-mail: cmmani@hub.nic.in <mailto:cmmani@hub.nic.in>
Mr. Shahid Ahmed
Director General of Police

Bapupara, Imphal, Manipur (INDIA)
Fax + 91 385 2223825/2221166
Phone: 91 385 2451166/2220289
E-mail: dgp.mnp@hub.nic.in <mailto:dgp.mnp@hub.nic.in>
 September 3, 2014

*Subject: Human Rights Violations re Imposition of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code and Heavy Deployment of Armed Forces in Ukhrul District Headquarters, Manipur, India*
(We/I) (are/am) deeply alarmed at the recent turn of events in Ukhrul District Headquarters, Manipur.Based on news reports and information from our network in Northeast India, (we/I) have learned that two people died and at least 35 others were injured on August 30, 2014, when elements of the Manipur State Commandoes and Indian Reserve Battalion opened fire on a peaceful massrally against militarization and the imposition of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code and heavy deployment of state forces in Ukhrul district Forces, Manipur, India besides other assertions.According to the report, Ramkashing Vashi and Mayopam Ramror died from gunshot wounds as evidenced by a preliminary post mortem report of forensic specialists and doctors from the Ukhrul Hospital.The bullets are reported to come from the use of high calibre
live rounds of the counter insurgency forces.

This recent incident is just the latest in a series of violations and events documented since the extrajudicial killing of Mr. Ngalangzar Malue, a member of the Autonomous District Council, last July 12, 2014.
(We/I) would like to draw your attention to the attached petition submitted to the Home Minister of India by the Naga Peoples Movement on Human Rights (NPMHR) and the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) with support from numerous indigenous and human rights organization across the world calling on the lifting of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Court Code and the withdrawal of troops from Ukhrul District Headquarters.
(We/I) are concerned that the increasing tension in Ukhrul and the seeming lack of appropriate responses especially to the recommendations put forward will lead to more human rights violations in the district.

(We/I) therefore call for urgent attention to this issue to prevent the escalation of violence and bring back normalcy to the lives of our indigenous brothers and sisters in Ukhrul, Manipur, India.
(We/I) further call for an immediate investigation of this incident and the preceding events and mete out appropriate actions to afford justice to the victims.
(We/I) reiterate our recommendations for the revocation of Section 144 CrPC and the withdrawal of the Manipur Police Commando (MPC) and Indian Reserved Battalion (IRB) from in and around Ukhrul District, Manipur.
(We/I) also call on the Government of Manipur to apologize to the indigenous peoples of Ukhrul District, Manipur for its arbitrary actions causing deaths and social trauma.
Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your positive action to our recommendations.
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)
Research and Communication Development Programme

Our mailing address is:
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
108, Moo 5, T. Sanpranate, A. Sansai,
Chiang Mai, 50210