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Featured Machine: WEEKE, BHX-500, Cnc Machining Center   Featured Machine: ALTENDORF, F-45 ELMO 4 3800, Sliding Table Saw
WEEKE BHX-500 Cnc Machining Center
Year: 2008
  ALTENDORF F-45 ELMO 4 3800 Sliding Table Saw
Year: 2004
Featured Machine: BUTFERING, SBO 109, Wide Belt Sander   Featured Machine: BRANDT, KDF-520 Servo, Edgebander
BUTFERING SBO 109 Wide Belt Sander
Year: 2003
  BRANDT KDF-520 Servo Edgebander
Year: 2007
Featured Machine: HOLZMA, HPP-380/38/38, Panel Saw   Featured Machine: WEEKE, BHC 350 S/2, Cnc Machining Center
HOLZMA HPP-380/38/38 Panel Saw
Year: 2007
  WEEKE BHC 350 S/2 Cnc Machining Center
Year: 2004
Featured Machine: HOLZMA, HPL-380/43/16, Rear Load, Automatic Panel Saw   Featured Machine: BUTFERING, STO 209 RL, Wide Belt Sander
HOLZMA HPL-380/43/16 Rear Load, Automatic Panel Saw
Year: 2005
  BUTFERING STO 209 RL Wide Belt Sander
Year: 2002
Featured Machine: HOMAG, BOF 311/40/R OPTIMAT, Cnc Machining Center   Featured Machine: HOMAG, FL 20/07/25, Double End Tenoner
HOMAG BOF 311/40/R OPTIMAT Cnc Machining Center
Year: 2005
  HOMAG FL 20/07/25 Double End Tenoner
Year: 2005
Featured Machine: HOMAG, CHF 325 / 3200, Panel Saw   Featured Machine: KENTWOOD, M 609, Moulder
HOMAG CHF 325 / 3200 Panel Saw
Year: 2004
  KENTWOOD M 609 Moulder
Year: 2007
Featured Machine: ALTENDORF, F-45 ELMO 3, Sliding Table Saw   Featured Machine: WEEKE, Venture 5, Cnc Machining Center
ALTENDORF F-45 ELMO 3 Sliding Table Saw
Year: 2002
  WEEKE Venture 5 Cnc Machining Center
Year: 2006
Featured Machine: BUTFERING, Classic 313-RRE, Wide Belt Sander   Featured Machine: FRIZ, PUM 120/30/WH/R, MISCELLANEOUS MACHINERY
BUTFERING Classic 313-RRE Wide Belt Sander
Year: 2006
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