Platinum 3776 Maki-e Karakusa, Blackstone Inks & More!
WOW! The Platinum 3776 Urushi lacquered Maki-e Karakusa takes our breath away! Features vine-like engraving over the ocean celluloid body and section, a silver powder filling with Urushi Lacquer, and a smooth-writing 18k gold nib available in Fine, Medium or Broad!
The Platinum 3776 Urushi lacquered Maki-e Poppy shows a beautiful Poppy flower with abalone chip accents and features Platinum's Slip & Seal mechanism and a smooth 18kt gold nib in fine. A dazzling daily writer!
Blackstone Inks brings us four Barrister colors: Purple, Blue-Black, Brown, and Red! Pick your favorite reusable 30 ml bottle or take home a set of samples to discover your favorite!

Arriving this week! The Retro 51 Cioppino Rose Gold was inspired by a trip to an old Italian fishing village! This gorgeous rollerball features rose gold accents and a glittering seashell barrel! 

Arriving this week! The Retro 51 Smithsonian Vega Rollerball has "rivets" acid-etched into the metal barrel with bright red lacquer finish and is printed with Vega's original golden pinstripes. Perfect for flight enthusiasts!

Arriving this week! The Retro 51 Smithsonian Dino Fossil Rollerball features a stonewashed copper barrel that gives it a recently unearthed look that dinosaur lovers will adore! The dinosaurs wrapped around the barrel are sure to make you roar! 

Montblanc Inks have been restocked! Corn Poppy Red, Lavender Purple, Irish Green, and more! Enjoy a selection of gorgeous, well-behaved beauties!
Tomoe River A5 Loose Sheets in cream or white are perfect for correspondence, doodles, and getting the most out of your fountain pen inks!

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