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Organically fed and naturally raised pork, chicken, and farm fresh veggies for Thanksgiving? Yes. 

Root 'N Roost Farm porkAfter many hurdles with USDA inspected facilities, our farm fresh pork is now available! We have cuts of 1" thick chops, loin, shoulder, ribs, and 1" thick ham steaks for $4.50 / lb, and sausage for $6 / lb. and bacon and cured hams will be ready in two weeks. You can't beat those prices for locally and organically grown pork! We also have a select number of organically fed and raised whole chickens available, average weight of 3.75 lbs, at $6 / lb. Our animals are all fed organic feeds by Poulin Grain of Vermont, raised humanely and naturally on pasture with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMO/GE feeds!  Considering the rise of antibiotic use in animals feeds in our nations food "system" causing a rise in antibiotic resistant strains of infectious bacteria which in turn is causing a rise in human health risks and death, we're proud to produce farm fresh food that breaks that vicious cycle!

Order your "Bountiful Thanksgiving Bag" Now!
We're taking orders for "Bountiful Thanksgiving Bags" containing the following items for only $25! ": 5 lb potatoes, 2 winter squash (butternut and/or spaghetti), jerusalem artichokes, carrots, garlic, two kinds of greens for salad and/or cooking, cilantro and/or parsley. That's a great deal for an awesome Thanksgiving meal! Please give us at least 24 hours notice for your Bountiful Bag order pick up by contacting us by email or phone at 845-292-9126.
Turkey Orders: We apologize profusely but our Thanksgiving turkeys have not grown as big as they need to be, so they are being rescheduled for distribution around Christmas, sorry! If you order any or are a Meat CSA member, you can opt out and receive a cash return or wait for them and pick up the weekend just before X-mas. Please contact us to pick up yours before Thanksgiving.

Duck: All duck has been reserved, 
has been ready for a few weeks now, and we don't have any more available unfortunately. If you ordered any, please contact us to pick up. If you are a Meat CSA member, you can pick up your duck with your pork and chicken on Nov. 24th of thereafter, and your turkey will be ready just before x-mas!

Root 'N Roost Farm StandFarm Tours are now by private appointment only and are $5 per person, minimum of $20, with kids under 3 free. Please email or call us at 845-292-9126 in advance to reserve a time for a farm tour any day of the week. Tours take about an hour and you get to experience all aspects of our farm, see our over 100 farm animals, bees, and gardens. Call or email now before the snow falls!

Organic Chicken available soon!Chicken available the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov 24th). Turkey and Duck are SOLD OUT.
You may have missed out on our turkey and duck, but we have whole organic roaster chickens available again now. Our chickens are fed Organic Poulin Grain and are pasture rotated for the absolute best health and final flavor. We never use antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO or non-organic feeds, and treat all of our animals humanely! Chickens are sold whole only and are $6 / lb.

Reserve yours now before they're all gone!

Wholeshare bulk buying clubWholeShare info and reminder!

Are you looking for more local, regional, non-gmo sustainable/organic/natural products? The ordering cycle is just around the corner! Our Wholeshare online bulk food club is a great way for you to get even more healthy options that you can't find in local super markets! 

Wholeshare is a really amazing way to shop from the comfort of your home!   It's FREE and as simple as 1-2-3.
Click this link and join our group - FOR FREE!
2. Browse through the OVER 3000 local and regional items. You can join or create a "split" of bulk items (e.g. grains, pasta, meats, canned items, juice, etc...) or just buy individual items without splitting them.
3. Pick-up the items you ordered when you get your CSA share at our farm.

Contact us with any questions you have.


Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and Thank You for your continued support!

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Thinking about Thanksgiving yet? Well, NCK is offering a variety of accompaniments for your Thanksgiving Day meal, including pumpkin piehoney maple pecan piecoconut custard pie, and other delectable treats!. Think holiday favorites made healthy (and delicious of course ;) The most wonderful part...even though we will all dine at different tables this holiday, we will collectively share in the bounty together plus a piece of NCK will be at your table to share with your loved ones. 
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Current Pick-up Locations in Narrowsburg, Bethel, North Branch, Youngsville, Liberty, Hawley & Honesdale, PA. Free office delivery available.
NCK proudly sources organic, non-GMO and naturally gluten free ingredients from regional farms and food producers rooted in organic practice. Additional ingredients are sourced from small businesses and independent national brands participating in sustainable business. Artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, additives, refined sugars and flours are never used for an Eat Better Feel Better approach to living.
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CSA Info:

Community Support Agriculture is a farming program that connects consumers directly with our farm. You pay a one-time share fee at the beginning of the growing season to help us offset season start-up and operating expenses (seeds, tools, materials, labor, etc...) and in return, you enjoy a weekly distribution of farm fresh produce throughout our CSA season at a reduced price! Check out our website for more information.